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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Secrets of French love: Makron married his school teacher

In the first round of the presidential elections in France are likely the next President will be 39-year-old Emmanuel macron. The President of France was not yet. The youngest,. Representing not socialists and center-right (he said that his party – and for left and right). And married to a woman older than his 24 years.

photo: AP

If (or when, most likely) Emmanuel macron will be the master of the Elysee Palace for five years, France will get probably the most unusual “first Madame”. The politician’s wife older than him by almost a quarter of a century: he is forty, she is over sixty and she has seven grandchildren.

Some of the details of an unusual love French policy opens the book, the journalist Anne Fulda “Emmanuel macron: the Perfect young man.”

It all started while studying the Makron at the Jesuit school in Amiens. As told years later the woman, she had already contributed Emmanuel among his classmates: he was not like other teenagers.

The guy suggested the teacher Brigitte, who led the theater group, write a play together. “We wrote, and little by little I was completely captivated by the mind of a boy,” recalls the wife of Macron.

The teacher of literature Brigitte Tronie (husband Osier) from the family of the famous Amiens pastry was a married woman of forty, a mother of three children (one of the daughters, Laurence, was even a classmate of Makron, in mass media), when 16-year-old Emmanuel promised to marry her. His parents, of course, was shocked by this love of a boy to an adult lady – first, they generally believed that the “dries” the daughter of a teacher. And when I realized what was happening, then tried to end the affair.

We couldn’t believe it – shared last mother Makron. – It is clear that when Emmanuel met Brigitte, we could not take and say, “Yeah, that’s cool!”

And the father of Macron even demanded me to leave the boy alone until he was 18 years old.

I can’t promise you anything, ‘ replied the woman.

Sixteen of Macron parents sent to study in Paris – when he promised Brigitte to marry her.

“We called each other and spent hours hanging on the phone, he told the woman. – Step by step he conquered all my resistance, an amazing way with patience.”

Roman continued. Macron graduated from University, became an investment banker.

She Brigitte did not disclose when the mutual passion of a Platonic stage grew into a great love: “no One will know it. It belongs to us. And this is our secret”.

Only in 2007 came to Emmanuel in Paris, Brigitte, who divorced by the time from the first husband, she married him. “We are not a normal couple, but we exist,” he said. At the wedding macron thanked the children of his beloved for the fact that they accepted their relationship (by the way, his stepdaughter, Tiphaine and Laurence Osher, took part in the election campaign of the leader of the party “Forward”).

When the star of the Makron began the ascent on the political horizon, became a public figure and Brigitte. For the first time under the camera press they stepped out together last year, appearing at dinner with the king of Spain. Pictures Brigitte Tronie – good looking tanned blonde clad in a swimsuit, a dress above the knee like more not for former teacher, and a model appear on magazine covers and in gossip columns.

– Nobody says that it is unusual, if the difference (between a man and a woman – “MK”), aged swap – sure macron. – People find it difficult to accept something sincere and kind…

It’s hard to say, would the French politician in their own words to throw a pebble in the garden of Donald trump, who is 24 years older than his wife Melanie. But by comparison nowhere to go.

PHOTOS Young him and his older wife: presidential elections in France


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