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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Scientists told how to protect young children from obesity

Preschool children who regularly sleep and eat at the same time, in the future are less likely to suffer from obesity. To such conclusion experts from the Ohio state University. In the study, they found out how connected the order of the day, emotional state and the future weight of the child.

photo: pixabay.com

Researchers gathered information on almost 11 thousand children who at the beginning of the study was approximately three years. In particular, researchers were interested in whether children go to bed at the same time, and there is a strict schedule in accordance with which they are fed. Also, experts have found, if parents restrict children’s access to TV to an hour a day or less.

Subsequently, the researchers have traced how the changed weight of children to the age of eleven and tried to understand if it was something to do with the above factors. As the authors of the study, such a relationship is to find really managed.

Routine and limited time to watch TV, according to experts, beneficial impact on the ability of children to control their emotions — at least, more “strict” parents rarely said that the closer to adolescence their children were inclined too upset or to show other overly vivid emotions on trifles or without apparent cause. That is, according to the scientists, could indirectly protect children and excess weight — at least, those from young study participants who were the most “balanced” at the age of three, less experienced obesity to eleven years.

The results are presented in the pages of scientific journal, International Journal of Obesity. Scientists also remind you that healthy sleep is essential to humans and especially young children on a huge variety of reasons.


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