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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Scientists have named the top 5 threats that can destroy humanity

Scientists have compiled a list of threats that can destroy humanity or the whole planet Earth.

It is reported that on the first line of the rating of scientists is the possible fall of a large meteorite. Not long ago, experts reported that closer to the Earth large celestial body. One of them reaches a diameter of 60 kilometers. When confronted with Earth he will destroy the planet.

In second place is the threat of solar flares. Shining one may die or burn the Earth with radiation.

In third place – a possible change of magnetic poles of the planet, which will lead the Earth from its orbit in the Solar system. The fourth line took the global warming, which has already begun its destructive action on the Ground.

On the fifth line is the threat of destruction of humanity by biological weapons. But in this case people will kill themselves with their own hands.

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