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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

“Rush and bustle” Putin criticized the Russian Parliament

Vladimir Putin at the Council of legislators had sent a strong signal of support to the Vyacheslav Volodin, whose positions are visibly shaken after the scandal at the session of the organizing Committee “Victory” last week. “We understand each other” — pointedly said the President, after hearing the report of the speaker about how the leadership of the state Duma intends to improve the quality of adopted laws.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The Board of legislators created five years ago to improve cooperation between the Federal institutions and regional deputies, on the eve of the Day of parliamentarism traditionally gathered in Saint-Petersburg. At a meeting with President Vladimir Putin planned to discuss issues related to the improvement of the legislative base in the field of anti-corruption, public policy, trade, and import substitution. But the President started at the other end.

In General, praising lawmakers for their effective work, the head of state lamented that the main problem to solve still failed. Annually, the state Duma and the Federation Council (not to mention regional parliaments) punched a lot of laws, which, because of their poor quality do not have enforcement.

— Persist haste, undue rush and even vanity, — said Putin.

— We think in a primitive way: let us assume, and then make the necessary adjustments. But in the end, these adjustments continued for several years, repented along with all the President, who is known to endorse by his signature the work of legislators.

From a human point of view to understand the authors of the legislative initiatives he felt: “Everyone wants to look decent and naprinimali decisions that tomorrow’s manna will fall”.

— I will not fall, — Mr Putin said. — This miracle is not going to happen. Decisions must be verified, based on reality, on our capabilities and the needs of society.

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has declared that completely agree with this criticism: the quality of the laws depends on the timing of their adoption and depth of study. The quality of the documents, he said, arrive from the President and the government, because they used a solid base of ministries and departments, as well as expert evaluation. “They are head and shoulders above the initiatives that are prepared by the deputies,” — praised the Kremlin lawyers speaker, noting that the leadership of the Parliament will strive to remedy the situation. For these purposes, created the Center for legislative drafting, to prepare, develop and properly execute the ideas of the parliamentarians.

Volodin said that “giving our legislative framework of greater stability and consistency” has decided to abandon the endless edits codes. Any changes in them from now on will only be made in the form of separate laws. In addition, the leadership of the state Duma agreed with the government that the second or third reading it will provide the draft regulations, which are necessary to take the bill into effect.

— It is not always possible to prepare the entire package of normative acts, because in the process of discussing the bill may considerably change, — Putin intervened.

— Of course, not the package itself, but only information about how the government sees it, — readily agreed Volodin.

— Well, — nodded GDP and after a pause he added: — We understand each other.

The topic of corruption at a meeting with the President in the end was raised by the Chairman of the Parliament of North Ossetia and Alania Republic Alexey Machnev. He said almost the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov. Noting that the fight against corruption is not one-time actions, and systematic work at the state level, macnew stressed that it is in any case should not turn into a show.

Without naming names, the MP criticized the “individuals” who use the fight against corruption in order to “make boom,” “earn political dividends” and “to divert the population from the specific problems”. According to Machnev, to deal with such “Pravoberezhny” need using information resources, by showing the population what they are doing in reality.

You have to learn to distinguish between fighters with corruption from those who use the subject as a tool of political struggle and self-promotion, ‘ agreed the President. What ends this self-praise, he said, it is well known the example of neighboring Ukraine, if before the setbacks there was 50%, now, according to Putin, 75%.

To various adventurers have not used anti-corruption issues for their own purposes, we need to show the public that the government itself is able to deal effectively with corruption, — stressed the head of state.

Meanwhile. Later, taking part in the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Russian geographical society, Vladimir Putin proposed to celebrate in Russia day of the geographer, to establish the title of “honored geographer of the Russian Federation” and to restore the teaching of geography in high school. In his opinion, the study of geography helps to bring in people patriotism.

Saint Petersburg


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