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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Media: scientists have figured out what is the nature of morning fatigue,

Very often people morning feeling much less cheerful than when I went to bed. While often this happens after a long sleep that is sleep deprivation similar phenomenon can not be explained. As reported by some media, American scientists were able to figure out what is the cause of morning fatigue.

photo: pixabay.com

Reportedly, the researchers announced that feeling tired in the morning due to changes, which often undergo natural human biorhythms in the current environment. The fact that circadian rhythms depend on, including the lighting, however, evolution has created such a mechanism, when the change of day and night was a process, to interfere in which is impossible. At the present day, thanks to the artificial feeling of the people can extend your daylight as much as necessary. The portal oane.ws citing experts say that, as a result, people are awake too long, and when they Wake up, their brain still contains a high amount of melatonin — the hormone that regulates circadian rhythms. This, according to experts, leads to the fact that for several hours after waking up people may continue to feel tired.

Reportedly, one can avoid morning fatigue, if you will go to bed at sunset, and the advantage in this case is declared to not be able to sleep a little longer, namely, the ability to maintain normal own “biological clock”. It is also recommended not to neglect the morning exercises, which is able to energize in the morning, and spend more time in the sun, which allegedly helps to restore circadian rhythms.

Recently, scientists representing the Ohio state University, concluded that preschoolers who daily go to bed at the same time, in adolescence better control over their emotions and less likely to suffer from obesity.


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