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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Media: scientists from Singapore I believe I have found the cause of recurrence of cancer diseases

A group of scientists from Singapore believes that it has established the reason why even after the removal of malignant tumors after some time there is a relapse of cancer. According to the newspaper, The Straits Times, experts from Nanyang technological University believe that healthy areas are exposed to hydrogen peroxide, a substance produced by the affected cells.

Scientists have found that cells in a normal state, the substance is produced in a minimum volume, and in cells affected by cancer, is increased by 5-10 times. As noted by associate Professor of the School of biological Sciences University Andrew tan, a sharp release of substance turns the neighboring healthy cells into a disease. In the end, this leads to a Domino effect, since cells which are considered to be more healthy, begin to sharply increase production of hydrogen peroxide. According to the scientist, this effect can occur at a distance of 7 cm from the place where originally housed the tumor.

A representative of the University also said that for scientists for a long time it was not easy to establish such reasons, because hydrogen peroxide is almost not retained in the human body. “The release of a substance affects the cells, and then it disappears, so many studies could not establish the cause,” said associate Professor tan. According to previous studies, he said, it was believed that the produced substance just destroys healthy cells.

According to him, the discovery will allow much more accurate to rely on the doctors how much tissue must be removed to prevent recurrence. At the same time, he said, scientists continue research to establish how it is possible to prevent the release of hydrogen peroxide, because not in every case, it is possible to remove not only the affected cancerous cells, but surrounding healthy areas.

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