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Monday, February 19, 2018

Trump no longer controls America

Трамп больше не управляет Америкой  

A US strike on Syrian airbase finally put an end to the attempts by Donald trump to conduct an independent policy. Over the past less than three months from the day of the inauguration of the Washington establishment won the forty-fifth US President, previously called for the joint fight against terrorism and to cease interference in the Affairs of sovereign States. Trump lost, however, not only he.

Remember this date – April 7 2017 or, if we take Washington time, 6 APR. No, not because US this day (or rather night) was dealt another blow to a sovereign nation on trumped-up reason – they did it before, and apparently will continue to do it while you can. And not because American attack on Syrian air base brought our planet to the Third world: now is not the 60-ies and to destroy the Earth for the sake of ideological principles, no one will.

“Forty-fifth President of the United States raised both hands and crawled on his knees to severe men and women accustomed to determine US foreign policy, with the words “what’ll you have?”

Everything is much simpler and easier. April 7 (sixth Washington time) was absolutely, crystal clear that the crusade of Donald trump at the Washington establishment failed completely. Forty-fifth President of the United States raised both hands and crawled on his knees to severe men and women accustomed to determine US foreign policy, with the words “what’ll you have?”.

– And were pleased the strike on Bashar al-Assad, whom thou, obnoxious Donald, refused to overthrow, and generally called a fighter against ISIS* and not the devil incarnate.

– Suit yourself, called the devil and strike apply!

– Obey.

Of course, it sounded and it looked a little different, but the bottom line was just that. Trump with his particular vision of foreign policy, ideas of non-interference in the Affairs of sovereign States and focus on American interests, with whom he was in power, admitted his complete surrender and disarm in the face of the party and the government.

It is difficult to say what exactly inspired the 45th President still make the decision to strike on Syria on the basis of the data, the plausibility of which is not very different from the memorable vials Colin Powell, which he was shaking at the UN on the eve of the attack on Iraq that destroyed the statehood of this country and created manured soil for the creation of ISIS. Whether it was the threat of impeachment or more serious threat? Or the desire to prove to the world “I’m not Pro-Russian!”. Or something else.

By the way, in contrast to Iraq, where terrorists have used military operation of the USA immediately, in the case of attack on Syria IG instantly showed what happens with the weakening of the ruling regime – they attack in HOMS province, where was located the bombed-out base, almost coincided with the American attack.

It is not surprising that Saudi Arabia endorsed the attack of the Americans on Syria – the Saudis are ready to do anything for the overthrow of the “heretic” of Assad. Approval of Israel looks much more strange – if the IG will go to their edge, all the previous intifada, and wars with the Arab world may seem childish.

Even one of the bright representatives of the Obama administration, as Jen Psaki, endorsing the “Epiphany” of trump, in General, were dissatisfied with former state Department spokesman pointed out that trump had acted without legal basis, not conferring with Congress, not coordinating their actions with partners and allies. Psaki also criticized the President for what he spoke to US citizens, to inform them about the upcoming attack, as they should know what I signed up for. She said that one military power in Syria is not enough. And started wondering whether the President of the United States diplomatic plan, with respect to the line of contacts with Russia, do they understand what will be the reaction of Russia and Iran, and the airstrikes are part of a long-term military operation, including ground?

Trump’s statement about the attack on Syria is replete with slezovydelenii turns like “Assad stopped the lives of innocent men, women and children, it was a slow and cruel death for many, even beautiful babies were brutally murdered during this very barbaric attack”.

But the answer to the question “what next?” there really isn’t. Whether the United States continue to destroy the military infrastructure of Syria, thereby condemning thousands of people, including the lovely babies in a variety of types of death at the hands of Islamic state terrorists? He intends to do in Washington, if a “mistake” will strike on the Russian base? And, most importantly, who will confront ISIS in Syria, if not Assad? Because in Iraq it is obvious that neither is inherently weak Baghdad government nor the Kurds are not able to defeat ISIS, and the attacks of the Western coalition did not lead to anything except to the mass deaths of civilians, including beautiful babies.

However, hardly anyone in the US in reality cares about beautiful babies from other countries. Challenge the Washington establishment and to remain the sole superpower. The task of the military industry and their lobbyists – a new profitable orders. The challenge trump to stay in power at any cost.

The movie “wag the dog” where the President of the United States in order to divert attention from a sex scandal, starts a war in Albania, has already proved prophetic – literally in those days, when he was released in Washington, the scandal of adultery of bill Clinton, and a year later began the bombing of Yugoslavia.

Now a sex scandal there, there are allegations coming to power with the help of “Russian hackers” and many peace offerings in Iraq, but the technique of distraction has not changed is the war.

Moscow is so far quite reservedly another, it is difficult to say which account, the US military intervention in the Affairs of a sovereign state: Vladimir Putin did not personally make a statement, the press service of the Kremlin issued the following official statement:

The Russian President says U.S. strikes on Syria aggression against a sovereign state in violation of international law and under false pretenses. The Syrian army has chemical weapons stockpiles, the destruction of all stockpiles of chemical weapons from the Syrian armed forces were otfiksirovat and confirmed by the OPCW is a specialized unit of the United Nations. Thus, according to V. Putin, the complete disregard for the facts of use of chemical weapons by terrorists only exacerbates the situation significantly.

Washington’s [a US strike on the airbase in Syria] causes substantial damage to Russian-American relations, which is in poor condition. More importantly, this step does not bring us to the ultimate goal in the fight against international terrorism, but rather creates a serious obstacle to the creation of the international coalition to counter it and effectively counter this evil world that the President of the United States Donald trump proclaimed as one of the main objectives during his campaign.

Vladimir Putin sees in the strikes on Syria by United States attempt to divert world attention from the numerous victims among the civilian population in Iraq“.

Oil after the us attack has risen – as it is always more expensive during the world instability, financial markets subsided in the same way.

The world is waiting for Russia’s reaction and response of the United States – that Washington plans to do next. One thing is clear – the performance of their campaign promises Donald Trump is not achieved. Decisions will be made not – he will only do what he says.

And the extent to which bitterness may come from the situation until the, hopefully, imminent discharge, at the moment very difficult to say.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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