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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The intrigue of the launch of “Soyuz-MS-04” why the crew escorted the billionaire Simonyi

Roscosmos again, as it was in Soviet times, was sent to the space station a Soyuz spacecraft with two cosmonauts on Board. Russians Fyodor Yurchikhin and NASA astronaut Jack Fischer started on April 20 to the International space station the expedition 51/52 on the spacecraft “Soyuz-MS-04”. A third chair instead of the second Russian crew member held the truck 70-pound container. There are two relative novelties — the crew instead of the two days was delivered to the ISS according to a shortened 6-hour pattern on the ship that the astronauts gave the first name — “Argo”. The day of the start, at 16.23, “Argo” successfully docked to the ISS.

photo: Ivan Skryplev

So, the dream of space tourists, for whom “Unions” again free space (a few years ago the provision of travel services was curtailed because of lack of space). Now the Federal space Agency may in addition to make a delivery to the ISS of travelers at $50-60 million by the Way, curious fact: at Baikonur while the wires of the astronauts to the launch pad has been spotted two-time space tourist billionaire Charles Simonyi. So he was not there, unable to get into flight and urchihin, again aiming for a third seat in the following vehicle “Soyuz MS-05”? However, if there is not wanting among tourists, it can be sold to an American or European astronauts. Thus, their crews in orbit will be presented with three or four members, and the Russian segment by two cosmonauts. In fact, this situation is not at all pleasing to our industry professionals. Because the reduction of crew members of the “Union” had to resort not from good life, and due to the significant, nearly 30 billion, with cuts in the Federal space program for 2016-2025. Constantly shifting at a later date launches Multifunctional laboratory, node and Scientific-energy modules, in the absence of which, in the opinion of the head of manned programs of Sergei Krikalev, three Russians to keep on orbit is impractical. With his opinion, not everyone agrees — in orbit already running a lot of experiments on which the four hands will be missed. Astronauts joke that they will have to include additional high-speed reserves to keep up with everything. At least until the fall of Russia will be presented at the ISS in the proud minority.

But to fly to the ISS crews will be fast. So, the ship “Argo” coped with this task in just 4 turns around the Earth instead of 34 that took him only 6 hours instead of two days. This shortened scheme already practiced by the ballistics RSC Energia since 2013, the ships of the previous series. New modification of “Soyuz-MS” and demanded testing of all systems, and therefore three first flight on them was long.

As told “MK” the flight Director of the ISS Russian segment, the first Deputy chief designer of RSC “Energia” Vladimir Solovyov, the specialists have long had the task to make the flight to the ISS more comfortable. Because after days of staying in the narrow compartment of the “Union” where each is given no more than 0.5 square metres of space, the crew members, there comes a strong tiredness, which is mixed with the acute phase of adaptation to weightlessness, they have deteriorating coordination, there is depression. To avoid this, and came up with a shorter flight pattern.

Aboard the International space station, Yurchikhin and Fischer met their fellow Russians Oleg Novitsky, American Peggy Whitson and Frenchman Thomas Sands. The crew of expedition 51/52 have to work on the ISS for 136 days and carry more than 50 unique experiments. Among other activities Fyodor Yurchikhin for the first time will play a role in space — he has the height of 400 kilometers to voice the hero of the animated film Studio of the Russian space Agency “About Yura and Nura” promoting the profession of astronaut.


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