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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Points nationalists: as the attack in Paris will affect the presidential election

Europe has long lost the reputation of a “safe Harbor”. From one European capital, coming from the other gloomy news about the next terrorist act. Paris, Brussels, Berlin, London, Stockholm… And here again a terrorist attack in the French capital – in its very heart, on the Champs Elysees.

Paris is no stranger to such tragedies, but this time the heinous crime was committed under the noses of 50 thousand guards, who patrolled the streets on the occasion of the upcoming vote on Sunday will host the first round of elections of the President of the Republic.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

Despite the atmosphere of fear, established in the French capital, April 23, citizens will still have to come to the polls and vote for a new President. In favor of whom they make a choice, to again feel safe?

…Thursday, April 20, at about 21:00 local time Champs was announced by the sound of gunfire. The car the attackers drove to a police bus, the terrorist opened fire with a machine gun on the guards, killing one of them on the spot and injuring three (one of the victims — a tourist from Germany, accidentally hit by the bullets). Opened fire, police shot and killed the perpetrator.

Responsibility for the attack was claimed by banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”. In a statement the jihadist message, says that the attack made Abu Youssef, nicknamed the Belgian. However, according to the interior Minister of Belgium Jan Jambon, the 39-year-old attacker was a citizen of France. In Belgium and France, detained several suspected associates of the shooter.

The shooting caused panic on the Champs Elysees, which is always full of tourists. “I heard the shots and went to see what happened. I saw on the ground two bodies and the people who screamed and fled, — quotes the TV channel France-24 words of one of the witnesses. — I was scared. I didn’t pay the bill”.

Paris terrorist was long known to the police. As informs si-EN-EN, his name was listed in the so-called “Dossier’s”, which logs suspected of having ties with jihadists. According to unconfirmed reports, 39-year-old shooter one time is under the supervision of psychiatrists, and in 2005, received 15 years in prison for attempted murder of police officers. But then it somehow dropped free. In February of this year, arrow was also arrested on suspicion of preparing an attack on the guards, but quickly released for lack of evidence. This fact angered the Secretary-General of the French police Union “Alliance” Loïc is Lecouple, who blamed the judicial system of the country.

“The government is fully mobilized. Nothing will obstruct the democratic process in our country, — said the French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve. — We need not to succumb to fear, intimidation and manipulation because it will play into the hands of the enemy.” It was announced that security in Paris will throw all the police forces, including elite units.

The shots on the Champs Elysees occurred just at a time when TV ended the third round of the debate 11 presidential candidates. Learning about the incident, the main contenders for the chair of the President and Emmanuel macron, marine Le Pen and françois Fillon, has canceled his campaign events. But their statements are not spared the tragedy side. The leader far right “National front” marine Le Pen said that the government should immediately restore the borders of France within the European Union and deport anyone suspected of terrorism. She stressed that new attacks are possible and the French should be watchful because the time of innocence is over.

Le Pen can win from attacking police. Because she had long called for the most stringent measures against terrorism suspects and to ban immigration from Muslim countries, which it sees as a threat to security and national identity of the French.

But the candidate from right party “the Republicans” françois Fillon did not miss the opportunity to score political points. He is known as a staunch conservative and shares some of the ideas Le Pen, for example, of limiting migration. “Radical Islamism feel the strength of our values and the power of the spirit. This is war, and we have no alternative. Either we, or they, — he stressed. — Battle for freedom and the safety of France must be a priority of the next government. And this will require firm determination and cold mind.” Undoubtedly, Fillon sees himself in the role of head of state.

But race favorite Emmanuel macron among those whose positions may be affected by the attack. It is known as a supporter of globalization and europeist, and against migrants was expressed in different ways, but never in an unequivocally negative way.

“In 2012, in France, too, there was a terrorist attack before the election — reminded in the comments of the “MK” the General Director of “Center of political technologies” Igor Bunin. — And in that time he did not affect the voting results. Now Fillon and Le Pen are trying to use the attack in order to boost their ratings. They say that people from so-called “Dossier’s” it is necessary either to expel or to plant. We are talking about approximately 1,700 people who are under suspicion. This is not necessarily the terrorists, there are a lot of people just fly to Syria or go on Salafi sites. Such an offer in France still can not accept. As for the main candidate of the Macron, which polls give 24% in the first round, it is, of course, condemned the attack, but he felt that such a measure is unnecessary.

It is possible that due to the terrorist attack, Le Pen and Fillon will receive an additional one or two points, and some of them pass to the second round. But macron, most likely, goes there. And whoever went along with him, winning the Macron is still provided. The Fillon such a way that in the second round for him more than 25-30% of the electorate do not vote (politician suspected of corruption — “MK”). The same can be said of Le Pen”.

The expert also said the latest poll numbers. According to him, marine Le Pen could score in the first round about 21.5% of the votes, françois Fillon, about 20%, and Jean-Luc Mélenchon was approximately 18%.

From the file “MK”: the terrorist ATTACKS IN EUROPE IN 2015-2017.

7-9 January 2015 – a series of terrorist attacks in Paris – including the attack on the edition of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and a kosher food store. A total of 22 people are killed.

13 Nov 2015 – coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris (the attack on the “Bataclan”, the stadium “Stade de France”, etc.). 130 people were killed and seven attackers.

22 Mar 2016 Brussels (Belgium) is arranged three attacks of suicide bombers (the airport and metro). 32 people were killed and three perpetrators of the attacks.

On 14 July 2016 during the celebration of Bastille Day, a terrorist crashed a truck into a crowd of people on the promenade des Anglais in nice (France). 87 people were killed, including the terrorist.

December 19, 2016 – a terrorist crashed a truck into people at a Christmas market in Berlin. The victims of the attack were 12 people.

March 22, 2017 in London, the terrorist knocks the car of the people stabbed and a police officer has committed a terrorist act on Westminster bridge near the houses of Parliament. Five people were killed, including the attacker.

7 APR 2017 – in the centre of Stockholm (Sweden) a native of Uzbekistan crashed a stolen truck into a crowd. Four people were killed.

20 APR 2017 – attack terrorist armed with assault rifles at police in Central Paris on the Champs Elysees. One of the guards was killed, was murdered and the assailant.

The terrorist attacks in Paris. Chronicle of events

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