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Friday, February 23, 2018

New Forbes list: the Russian moneybags can two years to contain the

Forbes published its list of the 200 richest Russian businessmen. He demonstrates that neither sanctions nor low oil prices, nor the unending economic crisis does not prevent the domestic rich to increase the capital. In General, their status for the year increased by $100 billion and is now $460 billion, twice more profitable part of the Russian budget in 2017. In fact, the business returned their savings to pre-crisis mark of 2014. And this distinguishes them from ordinary Russians whose income for these years has decreased by almost 13%.

photo: Alex geldings

A good example of what the richest people of Russia has successfully overcome the crisis, is a significant expansion in the number of billionaires in the Forbes top. During the year the number of those who now boasts a ten-digit state grew by almost a quarter, from 77 to 96 people.

The most profitable business, based on the rating, in our country is the production and processing of hydrocarbons, and metals. Almost all of the most wealthy businessmen in some way connected with these industries. Growth of their income is quite understandable. The price of oil, despite a short fall in General over the past year increased by 20%. The same can be said about natural gas quotes, which is tied to the “black gold”. A similar situation exists on the market of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Zinc, steel, Nickel and iron ore have increased in price from 40% to 90%.

As for the specific names of the richest Russians, they have remained virtually unchanged since the beginning of the XXI century: all the same Michelson, Lisin, Mordashov, Fridman, Potanin, Usmanov… Change only slightly their position in the ranking, depending on the local success or failure in business.

Separately, you can note those businessmen, the formation of capital which is commonly identified with the proximity to state agencies and certain higher officials. They also didn’t waste any time. For example, Gennady Timchenko increased his fortune by $4.6 billion ($16 billion), and Arkady Rotenberg’s rating has risen from 36 positions, bringing its capital to $2.6 billion And despite the fact that both the entrepreneur is included in personal lists came under international sanctions Russians because of proximity to the leadership of Russia. At least as suggested by the Western detractors of our country.

Says Forbes, this is the truth. According to the publication, “SGM”, owned by Arkady Rotenberg has been awarded several large government contracts on a sole-source basis, totaling 555 billion. In turn, the structures of Gennady Timchenko, according to estimates by Forbes, has mastered more than 161 billion rubles in the implementation of government contracts.

However, as follows from last year’s report of the American Peterson Institute for international Economics, about two-thirds of Russian billionaires became the owners of their wealth because of political connections and proximity to raw materials.

Meanwhile ordinary Russians, who often live from paycheck to paycheck, far from success “gods” of the Forbes list. The rating from research firm New World Wealth, Russia ranks first in the world in the degree of income inequality. In our country, 26% of all national wealth belongs to the billionaires, and 62% of dollar millionaires. In turn, the real incomes of ordinary Russians over the years has fallen almost 13% and continue to fall. The average salary in our country is 36 thousand rubles. According to Rosstat, the poverty line is more than 20 million people in Russia.

Meanwhile, in aggregate the status of the 200 richest Russians amounts to $460 billion, or 24,26 trillion rubles. For comparison, the revenues of the national budget in 2017 is planned at 13.43 trillion rubles. In other words, two hundred of our compatriots could adequately contain the whole country within two years. I could, but will not. Therefore, according to the first Vice-President of the Center for political technologies, Alexei Makarkin, like the lists of the richest people in the country and the size of their States have long ceased to interest our fellow citizens. “In 1990 and 2000 businessmen were actively eager to the masses on TV. Tried to talk about how much they do for the state and for the General population. Now the reverse is the case. Entrepreneurs do not strive to make their names public. It is remembered only in the negative and scandalous situations. Separately, you can mention about Igor Rotenberg, son of Arkady Rotenberg. His persona surfaced after the scandal with the “Plato”, because of which domestic truckers had to go to meetings. However, it is unlikely such actions will lead to something concrete. Most likely, after some time, this story will be forgotten and the family of Rotenberg will continue to stay in the billionaires list,” — said the expert.

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