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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Lukashenko’s address to the nation promised to teach Europe democracy

“Incredibly hard to win freedom. But it is difficult to defend it. Unity and the unity” — said the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has completed his two-and-a-half – hour message to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly. On the eve of the keynote speech of the President in the Belarusian mass-media there were rumors that dad is ready to launch a new “liberalization”. This caused great excitement, waiting for the sensation. But the sensation was only that Lukashenko urged not to listen to any monitors from the EU and IMF, and to do business. Europe dad is ready to teach the lesson of democracy. Because Europeans, in his opinion, already far from what they require from Belarus.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

The beginning of the President’s speech was troubling. “We are all witnesses of how the modern world is changing rapidly. Changing not in the direction of stability and security. Compounded by the well-known challenges and threats, there are new” he said. In a situation when bloc confrontation deepened, Lukashenka offers to bet on your hand. According to him, not everything works out well in the framework of the EAEU, prevents protectionism. “Protectionism in the framework of the EEU has led to a reduction in turnover within the community. So began the problems in our economy.”. Surprisingly, unlike in the past, his speeches, the old man never addressed neither to the problems of relations with Russia or to other issues of the EEU. Apparently, in the past months on this occasion, he said all he could. Now, tackling the difficult problem of the world, decided to focus strictly on Belarus.

The old man once again reminded that the main task of all enterprises and businessmen to convey the level of salaries of up to $ 500 per month. “Some responsible person call this number overwhelming. I want to warn of low morale and statements. Who can not lift — must go,” Lukashenka said. The second “obsession” father — to force to work all the unemployed in the country. “350 thousand people — what do we do with them? They must work because they create a huge problem especially in the law enforcement system” – the President insists. So, cancel the controversial decree on the tax on parasites can be expected. According to Lukashenko, the country already had the experience, when everything worked. It is the experience of the Soviet Union.

To previous experience sent to the President for government officials and in the matter of prices. Because, according to him, many Belarusians live in poverty, the main task for the various structures to control prices. “Do as you know. And don’t listen to anyone who will convince some liberalization. Liberalization is good for someone who has problems and who is not in the pocket good money. And we have millions of people who lot of money have” – said the old man. Lukashenko said that liberalism has turned even the United States: “the world has rejected liberalism. America refused it and the search for new ideas. We need to connect to this process.”Here’s to you and liberalization, which rustled the Belarusian media. Apparently, something not heard. The old man wanted to tell her something just not to be.

However, small businesses Lukashenko promised support. “In order to access cafe, you have to pass 12 treatments and 6 months” – he was indignant. And promised a new revolutionary law for businessmen. But before traders rejoice as followed by a sequel: “Went to the business will be responsible for the people…will be no Mercy for those who hide taxes, takes them out of the country…There is a violation of the law businessman – to him.”

According to Lukashenko, despite the many problems, Belarus can be proud of: health, education, sports, army…and democracy, in his opinion, in the country more than in the West. “Stop we urge. We have something, some water poured gas poisoned people? You did it!” – Lukashenko addressed their criticisms of the EU. The old man even willing to hold an open debate on democracy with representatives of the European media – “all of You – I am one!”. The last part of his speech Lukashenko dedicated to information attacks on the country. And advised the media to be more responsible. “It is difficult to smooth or embellish,” he said. In General, those who are waiting for revolutionary breakthroughs in the President’s speech, they did not. As said the old man, in difficult times, reforms are not engaged.

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