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Monday, February 19, 2018

A truce in Donbass was over: the parties podschitivala loss after a night battle

Easter truce in the Donbas ended. In hospitals of Donetsk last night carrying the wounded from under the Avdeevka, in the armed forces of the breakaway Republic is dead. The losses here say sparingly, but the fighting will not hide again killed one of energomodul supplying electricity Avdeevka and Donetsk filtration station. The press center ATO morning of April 21 reported two killed and eight wounded soldiers of the APU in the last day.

photo: youtube.com

The area of the ATO lives the feeling of aggravation. In Donetsk and Mariupol, for example, simultaneously talking about the “enemy” in the area of Shirokino. But while the majority of artillery shootings are not on the Mariupol and Donetsk directions. But while the Donbas is absolutely no fighting weather. The trenches covered a cyclone with torrential rains, turning into wet snow. All waiting for the war, but later next week, when the fields get dry and a little warmer. Closer to the may holidays.

Why war is necessarily aktiviziruyutsya to explain no one really can – all nod to the opponent who must “will to attack”. Of visible preparations for the offensive, I like moving on both sides of the front line journalist do not see in principle. On the Ukrainian side there is no curfew and the movement of large colon technique does not hide, and the sources in the headquarters clearly state that the “big attack” is not expected in the next year at least – first and foremost, for political reasons.

Although the former commander of the brigade “East” and the head of the national security Council DND Alexander Khodakovsky, these motifs are just sees. “The motive we have, we die, said a film to the correspondent of the MK – I prefer to do it in a dignified manner. . There are only two ways: either with complete peace and isolation from the Ukraine, or war. For full peace Ukraine will not go because of her “all happy”. We are not satisfied! Last week when I lost some people just because we have peace, and we do not give BK (ammunition – approx. MK), and Ukraine, the world is not written, led me to think that in such hands we’re beat, so it is better to decide to answer, yet there is someone”.

The situation in Donetsk and, especially in Lugansk and small towns, do not the most iridescent. People in the mass, no money, no job, mine does not have sales, plants while standing. “Workers of the metallurgical plant EN masse to take a vacation for three months and trying to leave and gain a foothold anywhere in Russia or Ukraine. Experts still somehow held, and the rest of you. We have other work in the city really is and is not, and should plant,” – said MK employee Alchevsk metallurgical plant Andrew. In Donetsk the other day almost came to a protest meeting of miners of Zasyadko coal mine, one of the enterprises which introduced “temporary state administration”. A mob of miners quickly tried to calm the Ministry of coal of the DNI, and the nearby Lenin square “tactically” won the sports competition.

In Kiev, too, their aggravation. Despite the apparent lack of preparation for the great offensive is actively discussing the Law “on collaboration”, which should limit the rights of people mired in “cooperation with the occupation administration” in a time when LDNR will go APU. Lawyer friend, the official assistant of the national Deputy member of Mariupol yesterday told me how he brought in another bill on this subject for examination .

“You know, this bill they proposed to prohibit the interest charges and debts with overdue utility bills on the temporarily uncontrolled territories when you return to the Ukraine passionately explained to me by a lawyer – People in the rank of heads of committees was very proud of his opus, not realizing that Ukraine cannot be in the present legal situation the legal successor to the DNR and to “forgive” there is at least some debts!”

When legal arguments have not worked, my friend just opened the website of Donetsk city Council and showed the MPs figures are the current utility rates in the breakaway Republic. Gas, for example, in terms of the hryvnia was worth 900 hryvnias per 1000 m3, and the tariff for the population now is 7000 hryvnia for the same amount. And all other rates too, the difference is 8 to 20 times! In winter, large two-bedroom apartment in Donetsk, my friends, along with the heating cost per month is less than 1500 rubles. Such prices for communal now not only in Kiev but also in Simferopol and Moscow. But with a pension of 2600 rubles, and these prices are a burden.

In the neighboring Donetsk Mariupol their problems. The Council in its decision turned off “to save” heating before the cold weather, since April 1 and, at the same time, “before the new heating season,” turned off the hot water in homes. The city Council is completely controlled by the Opposition bloc, and the administration of the city consists entirely of the former managers of the companies of Rinat Akhmetov. At session of city Council on April 19 to discuss the water did not. The head of the faction “Opposition bloc” Andrew Fedai came to the podium and read out a message of his party, demanding to protect the celebration of victory Day and the 1st of may.

What kind of hot water? 20 APR extra hosted a meeting of the organizing Committee of the Ukrainian Patriotic rally. The rally is scheduled for April 30 and it will be announced fundraising for a suitcase and a ticket to Andrew Feday. The organizers haven’t decided where ticket – in Donetsk or Moscow will buy the offending opposition.

Pedi and he regularly goes on the Ukrainian rallies as well as in the spring of 2014 regularly walked with colleagues to Pro. His statement, observers tend to associate with the change of the position of Rinat Akhmetov. It is alleged that after the announcement of the blockade of Donbas and the introduction of temporary administration on its businesses in the breakaway republics, Akhmetov “beat pots” with Petro Poroshenko, and ceased to divide the “Opposition bloc”. Now the Ukrainian opposition is again solid, going in may to hold a Congress and immediately announced the party “mobilization”. The events in Mariupol the first sign of the coming hot may.

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