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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why choking attack on Navalny

Alexei Navalny is widely sweeping the country — walks, not much straining at that. To strain or even move their limbs, Alexei simply no particular need. All of it done by other people — people who genuinely consider themselves enemies of Bulk.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In April 2017, Vladimir Putin remains unsurpassed by the great Russian political Communicator — a leader who knows how to talk to people in their language. But the ability of the head somehow ceased to be transferred many of his subordinates. In the political apparatus of the Russian government broke something very important. At least in a situation of Bulk power have lost the ability to feedback, the ability to feel, “as your word will speak”, the ability to understand how to think and reason ordinary people.

A couple of months ago, I watched how a prominent Russian statesman said about the presidential elections in 2018 thundered on all of our political elite for the phrase: “We do not expect elections in the classic sense, but a referendum of confidence in the national leader.” Even then, my mind flashed a thought: the elections of next year will really be in first place another referendum on confidence in Putin. But not too many in our corridors of power of self-confidence, arrogance and complacency? After all, “a referendum of confidence in the national leader” could go very differently. Maybe without a hitch, as was the case with the last Duma elections. And maybe — despite the growing irritation and resentment of the masses.

After two months I observe that my instincts did not deceive me. The triumphalism and complacency played with our political elite a cruel joke. Absolute political record on these two dubious figures — this, of course, the current main target Bulk and current Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. In the answer Dmitry Medvedev on a question of the Deputy from the party of the Russian Federation Nikolay kolomeytsev, “What prevents you protected from the attacks of the Bulk?” drew attention to the following words of the Prime Minister: “I will not have specific comment on the false products of political rogues.” But I think equally or perhaps even more important phrase Medvedev, which followed: “And I believe my dear faction of the Communist party of the Russian Federation should refrain”.

I like this reply of the Premier was reminded of the famous debate in the British Parliament in may 1940 after a series of military defeats of the army of the United Kingdom. After several scathing speeches of their political opponents, the then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain said: “I Urge all my friends to support me tonight during the vote!” According to the memoirs of the then Soviet Ambassador to England, Ivan Maisky, “the ranks of deputies swept something strongly reminiscent of the Russian “Oh!”… On the agenda stood the terrible question, to be or not to be England, the question which demanded that each Deputy of a truly principled approach free of any personal moments, as Chamberlain found nothing better than to appeal to the friendly feelings of their conservative colleagues. This shocked many and once again highlighted the unsuitability of the Chamberlain for the role of Prime Minister.”

During the report of Medvedev in the Duma the question of the fate of Russia is on the agenda, of course, were not. However, after the advice of the Premier “distinguished faction” in the ranks of deputies-the Communists, too, had to “shoot something strongly resembling the Russian “Oh!”. Do the Communists something “should” Medvedev? Zyuganov’s party calls itself the main opposition force in the country. It is not required to protect the Prime Minister. Rather, it is obliged to attack it — after all, Medvedev listed the leader of the party, which is the main political rival of the KPRF! But what we see in practice? We see a nice get-together, we can see the full readiness to do “friendly request” of the Prime Minister.

The fact that the Communist party is “opposition” only in words and not in reality, no news, of course, is not. But in the context of the current political situation, this “nice get-together” actually works for Navalny is perceived as a confirmation of his thesis, “they’re the elite out there all at the same time!”. Or maybe I should write as “one evidence”? In his speech in the Duma Gennady Zyuganov said: “If you look at the public mood, some live on the Internet, the second live on television, and reality aimed at destabilizing events. And have a new “Fuhrer”. I have the right to talk about it, I saw the tragedy of the Soviet Union, saw the behavior of Yeltsin.”

You are right, Gennady Zyuganov, of course, have. But for pity’s sake, where do you see “the Fuhrer”? If I understand your hint, the authoritarian tendencies and the desire to break through to power at any cost, of course, present this man in the pronounced form. But is this a sufficient reason to call him “Fuhrer”? “Führer” is mass murder, this is absolutely a monstrous crime. To throw around such terms is, in my opinion, to score a goal in own gate.

The same can be said about trying to compare the Bulk with the “young Yeltsin”. If Navalny is “a young Yeltsin”, the current government is the party of the late period, so whether that happens? For the current ruling circles, this analogy is absolutely killer. And it is strange that they do not realize it. Of course, I understand what we are trying to convey, making such comparison, the mass adoration Yeltsin was followed by massive disappointment in Yeltsin. But it’s a massive disappointment came only when Yeltsin broke the Communist party and broke through to the pinnacle of power. Is it reasonable to compare yourself to a loser, and his political rival — with the winner?

And is it wise to use political techniques, which have proven to be ineffective and counterproductive is not even in the sunset of the Communist party, and during the time of the last kings? Gather students in the audience and accuse them that they “created for themselves a false idol” in the form of Bulk, as was done in the Vladimir state University, is a political “retro” in the worst sense of the term. This is “retro”, which smacks of obscurantism. It’s a giant “gift” Alexei Navalny. It is a sign of acute shortage of ideas, which seems to be raging in the Russian power structures that are engaged in political management.

Political resources the political resources of Navalny and Putin’s vertical of power is still not comparable. And I think that is comparable, they never will. The current ruling elite is not covered by defeatism top of the CPSU in Gorbachev’s times. However, the Bulk seem to be able to make a dent in the political armor of the Russian authorities — a gap which currently is only expanding.

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