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Monday, February 12, 2018

Putin has found a replacement: what the speaker Volodin

At a meeting of the Committee “the Victory” Vladimir Putin unexpectedly learned that his place claims speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. About it stunned the President said the head of the public organization of soldiers-“Afghans” Andrey Chepurnoy, referring to the letter Senator Franz Klintsevich. According to Chepurny, Klintsevich expects to receive from Volodin “vast powers” that will allow all “disagreeable to dig and roll alive.”

Already long ago the ancient walls of the Kremlin witnessed a showdown on such a high level.

photo: kremlin.ru

The topic of the thirtieth anniversary meeting of the Committee “Victory” if and included the disassembly, first of all with the falsifiers of history. Vladimir Putin in his opening remarks said that there are several approaches to historical events of the distant and near past. In Russia, he said, “there is open discussion of controversial issues the history of the Second world war, but other eras”. “Our position is that history, no matter how difficult and controversial it may be, is not to embroil the people, and to warn them of mistakes,” — said the GDP.

However, in other countries, history is increasingly becoming an ideological and political instrument, with which in the public mind formed the image of the enemy. “In recent years, the historical theme has become a target unleashed against our country large-scale information campaign aimed at deterring Russia and undermining its credibility in the international arena,” — said the participants of the meeting, Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin. Particularly worrying, according to him, the cause of the continuing attempts to revise the Charter of the UN and other documents the outcome of the Second world war and put an equal sign between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union under Stalin’s leadership. “The response to this hostile line is in focus of close attention of the foreign Ministry”, — said Karasin, noting that Russian diplomats annually initiate the adoption by the UN General Assembly resolution against the glorification of Nazism and neo-Nazism. Last year it was voted by 136 States. It was opposed by only two delegations — Ukraine and the United States, and 49 countries abstained.

Vladimir Putin stressed that the falsification and manipulation of historical facts to create an image of the enemy carries huge risks for the modern world order. “It is particularly dangerous course taken in some countries on the glorification of Nazism and justification of Nazi collaborators. It not only offends the memory of victims of Nazism, such a policy is fuelling xenophobic and radical forces”, — said the President. According to him, Russia must fight for the historical truth by all available in the international arena ways. It is very important to open the archives. That they contain historical documents to refute any fraud. Putin ordered to publish archival documents on the discussion on the special portal, and that it is available to young people, and to disseminate them through social networks.

Journalist Margarita Simonyan shared with the participants considerations as to make true the story of the war “more stylish and modern.” To do this, she said, are “fashionable and stylish things”, as “viral videos” that contains information on who really won the Second world war (polls show that 50% of Europeans believe that it was USA), 3D reconstructions of major battles, and the format 360 degrees, allowing the viewer to feel involved. “All this attracts a younger and modern audience,” said Simonyan, suggesting the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to actively use multimedia products to promote.

The Committee meeting went on as usual and planned in Vladimir Putin’s key until the word has asked the Chairman of public organization of soldiers-“Afghans”, “Disabled war veterans” Andrey Chepurnoy. About the falsification of history and the pressure on Russia to say anything he did not, but reported about the pressure exerted on the structure by Senator Franz Klintsevich, who heads the Russian Union of veterans of Afghanistan. Chepurnoy has complained that for three years Senator, “using its administrative resources, is trying to destroy the organization, to seize property, make a split in the veterans’ movement.” With the filing of Klintsevich, according to him, was organized a number of checks “Disabled veterans” that significant violations, furthermore, he is trying to pressure the organization through letters to its regional structure.

— The most glaring is that in this letter Klintsevich called the successor Vyacheslav Volodin of the Russian President and writes that when Volodin comes to power, it will give him immense powers, in the ringing silence told Chepurnoy. — And the (Klintsevich) all objectionable, just buried and rolled up alive. But we will not surrender! We are ready to fight to the death!

At the end of his emotional speech Chepurnoy asked the President to protect “war Invalids” from the attacks. “People don’t understand what they throw mud,” he added. Vladimir Putin took some time to digest the information. It’s not every day his face, name a ready successor! Yes, even before the presidential election.

— I think the “Afghans” will not be intimidated by any statements such as “roll up” — finally, he said. — Secondly, the successor of the President only defines the Russian people, through democratic elections, and no one else. And third, the first time I hear that there is some kind of conflict in your environment, but I’ll try to figure it out.

Obviously, this promise, GDP is expected to close a delicate subject, but there it was. To stand up for Klintsevich inappropriately decided by the head of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma Vladimir Vasiliev. He said he was aware of the situation and all the actions of a Senator (according to “MK”, Klintsevich and a number of deputies initiated an audit of the use Chepurny budget funds intended for the rehabilitation of soldiers-“Afghans”) are perfectly justified. “It was an attempt to make the process of money distribution more transparent”, — assured the President Vasiliev.

— Okay, we will work on, hurriedly muttered GDP. — We have talked with Sergei Kiriyenko (Sergei Kiriyenko). He’ll do it.

However, after a public showdown the desire to continue the discussion on high, no one already had. As for Vyacheslav Volodin, according to witnesses, at the international meeting in the state Duma he came for a funeral — with a completely stone face.


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