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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tomorrow night the Earth will approach a dangerous asteroid

The asteroid called 2014 JO25, the length of which is estimated at 650 meters, in the night from 19 to 20 April will be at a record close distance from Earth. Flying in the direction of our planet, a celestial body included in the list of potentially dangerous space objects, but experts urge earthlings to panic.

photo: pixabay.com

To ensure that the asteroid was recognized to be potentially dangerous enough that he flew from the Earth at a distance of “only” twenty times the average distance to the moon. In this regard, experts note that this status does not mean that the probability of collision of an object with a high Ground — it just means that professionals need with a little more attention to monitor it in the long run.

As for 2014 JO25, by calculations of experts, at the point of closest approach distance between the asteroid and Earth will be about 1.77 million kilometers, meaning it will be about four and a half times further away than the moon. This will happen about two o’clock, and it is likely that at this time the heavenly body can be seen even in small optical telescopes.

The trajectory of the asteroid, as reported by experts, have been well studied, however, in some other respects he has studied only quite approximately. As stated in the press release published on the website of the American space Agency NASA, its length is about 650 meters, and the sunlight it reflects is approximately two times better than the Moon.

The official website of the Slooh Observatory, which monitored the asteroid during its closest approach with the Earth will be running video feed.

Although since 2013, scientists make much effort to identify near-Earth asteroids and comets, even now, sometimes it is possible to detect only the “last moment”, as, for example, it happened with the asteroid 2017 BS32, recently flown at a distance of about 161 thousand kilometers from our planet.


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