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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Paleontologists have identified in humans and mammoths similar disease

Studying the remains of mammoths, about 12 thousand years ago lived on the territory of Yakutia, the experts found that these animals suffered from diseases related to the skeletal system. Many of the identified pathologies in a certain situation can be characteristic of man, but the ancient animal traces of them still to watch ever.

photo: pixabay.com

The detected anomalies scientists, including call nonclosure of the transverse holes of the cervical vertebrae and the disease known as “sostavnaya mouse” or “rice grain”. Animals suffering from it, in the cavity of the joint is freely separated is bone or cartilage that leads to pain and overall discomfort. Also, the mammoth was discovered, and other diseases caused by metabolic disorders due to lack or excess of vital macro – and micronutrients, including osteoporosis, osteofibrosis, articular destruction, and so on. The reason for such pathologies experts called mineral starvation resulting ecological changes on the planet.

Practical benefits of new research for people may be the understanding, what problems can lead to the above-described problems of the people. This, in turn, would create a more healthy diet.

It is known that the extinction of mammoths about nine thousand years ago “contributed” as human hunters and changing climatic conditions, however, are still not entirely clear what was the relation of these factors. A new study suggests that to a large extent the extinction of the giant mammals was due to natural causes.

Earlier this year, experts from Harvard University said soon they hope to get a hybrid of elephant and mammoth that would be a step to “revive” the ancient giants. However, let the experts and said some of the achieved interim success, many different reasons to refer to such projects rather skeptical.


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