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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Biologists caught and captured on video giant clam worm

An international group of scientists managed to discover and explore the giant ship of the worm species of Kuphus polythalamia. About these living beings, which, strictly speaking, are not worms, and molluscs, has been known for centuries, but until now, experts came across only their shell remains, now in their possession was a live specimen.

photo: youtube.com

“Normal” ship worms got their name because they occur on ships and feed on wood. At the same time, the place of residence and diet their giant counterparts has hitherto been little known. Scientists claim that they discovered the body could be called “unicorn among the molluscs”, as has long been the hope of catching them was perceived by the scientific community as almost an impossible dream.

Guess where exactly you should look for giant clams, microbiologist Margot Hagood from the University of Utah and her colleagues helped the Philippine documentary film, which can be seen in the shells of shellfish in the mud of the lagoon. By focusing your search on this site, the experts were able to detect the shell, inside of which was a live worm. Its extraction process was recorded on video, which was subsequently published by the experts on the Internet.

Further study discovered individuals allowed to determine that the source of their power is the hydrogen sulfide produced by rotting into the water of the wood. The body of the giant ship worms size can exceed a meter and, while simple ship worms are often reminded of these worms, including and color (they come in pink, beige or white), their giant relatives were black.

On the results obtained, the experts said in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Scientists suggest that the obtained results will allow, in particular, to get a better idea about the fauna of the Philippines.


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