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Sunday, March 18, 2018

A physicist told, under what conditions might the existence of ancient alien civilizations

If galaxies in the early Universe there was a civilization of intelligent aliens, they could survive to the present day. With such an assumption was made by the physicist Jay Olson from Boise state University in Boise. According to the scientist, that the aliens would reach the level of development that allows them to escape even in the event of destruction of his native galaxy.

photo: pixabay.com

Many scientists believe that earthlings may not be the only intelligent inhabitants of the vast Universe, as many star systems among the hundreds of billions of galaxies there could be planets with conditions similar to earth. However, some suggest that if some alien civilization existed from the time when the universe was much younger, they could during that time to settle on her. Thus, as the existence of aliens and their absence can be considered paradoxical from the point of view of modern ideas about the Universe and the principle known as “the Fermi paradox”.

As one of the possible explanations of the Fermi paradox, proposed the idea that hypothetically existed supercivilization in the past could be lost as a result of certain disasters on a galactic scale that could occur during the early Universe.

However, Jay Olson suggests that aliens, if their technology had to advance far enough, could have time to “evacuate” from their galaxy even if it was destroyed, reports Lenta.ru. However to do this, the aliens had to build a type III civilization on a scale Karandasheva, that is, the level of energopotreblenija should be comparable even with the energy of an entire planet (which corresponds to the first type) or stars (second type), and the whole galaxy. It is worth noting that to date, the earthlings have not reached even the first of type on this scale (today this figure is estimated at about 0,73).


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