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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The founders of the world music genre was supported by Russian musicians

Ethnic songs — a special story related to rituals, the power of the ancestors and some magic natural energy, passing from generation to generation, from generation to generation. Having been, for example, at the largest festival of Peter Gabriel’s Womad, which is listed in the Guinness Book of records, where musicians from all over the world, playing national music, involuntarily begin to believe in their supernatural power. To experience something like that it was possible for the presentation of a new clip of Oyme “Vaya”.

Photo: Maria Reveka

The team from Mordovia came on the scene in 2011. Translated from Erzya “oyme” means “soul” more than symbolic, because in every song the group was his experience, at the same time unique and close, understandable to everyone. Erzya — ethnic group Mordovians. The lead singer of the band BlackBerry Spirkina — Arzano and also an ethnographer, so that the recess in unenlightened surprise many listeners of the national creative wilds justified. On stage she’s like a witch. It seems that in every gesture a spell, and every sound — the conspiracy. In General, formication. All this, of course, makes and carries you to listen to the show in one breath. Musicians comment on the name of the group, describing it: “Like a soul is multifaceted and controversial music of Oyme”. The repertoire — folk songs and lamentations in the Mordovian languages, in addition to the Erzya, Moksha and sochanska. Folklore — the indestructible basis. And everything rests not only on an unusual, bright singing, but the instrumental tunes on authentic instruments, ethnographic expeditions, through which members of the group began to engage in the reconstruction of ancient rites and rituals, costumes, instruments. Directly in the sound it is intertwined with elements of electronic music and even rock: a field experiment infinitely.

The artist had to “wobble” and try before they inspired discerning audience. At the beginning of the ladies seemed detached from everything around, even when the instrumentalists played a party in which the singers could dissolve, in this case the plastic staging of the show. But then the singer lit up, went and showed the audience what they’re capable of actually causing the whole room to dance. At some point on the site there were a guru of world music — the band Deep Forest. The direction in which they continue to evolve for many years, called toelectronics, although it is difficult to define a clear stylistic boundaries, so multi-faceted work of these artists. Still debate who first created the distinctive world music Peter Gabriel or is it Deep Forest? Fans here have disagreed, but the musicians themselves don’t conflict with each other, not compete for the palm and just do their beautiful thing.

Oyme at the time, like mastodons, Deep Forest, and so was born a curious collaboration. In may 2016 Oyme took part in the Russian round of international artists ahead of the release of the new album “Evo Devo,” in which girls perform “Oyme”s Song” and “Simply Done” recorded with Deep Forest. Without them the presentation is not done, as no one in tandem with singer Dina Joe. The result was a dangerous mixture of ladies from Mordovia sang with the singer from Kazakhstan to the song “Karelia”. However, the mix of cultures — a typical story for this musical direction. Dina with Blackberries, have very different personalities and temperaments, nothing like each other, perfectly ripe on the same site, demonstrating without scruple, in his own way. Dina from the first note included in what is happening, is dissolved in the music and takes from it the energy which then transfers to the audience. BlackBerry is in this sense more like an actress playing a role, but the more you watch her, the more you feel how intuitive her actions on stage, her game. Clip “Vaya” was the icing on the cake, the main focus of the program, demonstration of the ability of the group — as closer. This is a very beautiful, high quality, textured and conceptual video, which, according to BlackBerry, combines “industrial” male and “natural” women (the shooting took place in an abandoned factory, and on the banks of the river, and in the fields — the location has varied). It was the debut for the young Director Maxim Bykanov taken under the direction of Alexei Dubrovin and Elina Glazunov. The star guest took part in the shooting, was the choreographer and dancer Mario Forelli from Cirque du Soleil. In the clip the girls sing and dance within the fire circle, the soloist is immersed in water, removing the light white dress. There is still a lot of interesting things. Something video similar to animated picture — especially in a recent issue of “revived paintings” became a new fashionable trend in the capital, but there is still another story to which is added the unusual music and energy.


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