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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Congratulations with Easter verses: fancy.

Congratulations with Easter, which we sent to family and friends, typically, are diverse: “Christ is risen!”. But if you want to congratulate with this holiday especially, there arise certain difficulties. If beautiful Christmas poems very much, that Easter is much less and they are probably not celebratory, and pensive.

Even a comprehensive Network almost makes poetic greeting texts for Easter – only spiritual, and reasoning… We decided to fill this gap and invited contemporary poets to write their congratulations.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Even a comprehensive Network almost makes poetic greeting texts for Easter – only spiritual, and reasoning… We decided to fill this gap and invited contemporary poets to write their congratulations.

Poems for Easter is a special topic. Still about the Holy need to write brilliantly, or not to write at all. No wonder because even in the classics there is not a lot of “Easter” poems and those more philosophical, that is to say spiritual and not greeting.

Sergei Yesenin, for example, simply described the “Easter Blagovest”:

Rushed strikes

To the blue heaven,

Loudly is heard

The voice on forests.

Silent valley

Drives away sleep,

Somewhere on the road

Stops ringing.


Echoes of classical and contemporary poet Nikolai Kalinichenko:

For coloring eggs for Easter preparing the mixture.

We sometimes forget

We have this weakness

That the stone was rolled away and he’s not here anymore.

Well, we… We were…


But the co-author of songs of Alexander Marshal poet Sergey Efimov connects the Resurrection of Christ with the fate of Russia:

My Lord Christ is Risen!

Forgive enemies insults.

Bright holiday and happy,

Happy Sunday.

Death death the Messiah

Left as a chance for us, the sign.

Live, Holy Russia,

You gave It salvation.

Perhaps these lines is already possible to write on a greeting card. If your destination is a patriot and generally a serious person or just a head.


Poems of our contemporaries Tamara Potemkina more “universal”:

This day happened in the world of the miracle:

“There’s no body, Jesus Christ is risen!” –

Myrrh-bearing women there

Bring good the news.

And to all who doubted before,

If the revelation came,

Understood that their vain hopes,

And good is always stronger than evil.


Rock musician Viktor Noise react to the Easter theme very seriously (although in the text there is the word “lightness”):

He’ll be back again – it is impossible otherwise.

And, still wailing, all went to sleep.

Transitions of dreams we are, in anticipation of the meeting,

Proving eternity, we quietly breathe…

…We will not be silent, just looking at the tears –

Be all hype, just like you want.

Will be able to sing, to speak, to forget his memory

Remember, rowdy and talk to him.

And as soon as I Wake up, he will say: “see,

Proving eternity”, and go to sleep.

These days without him, everyone will remember what it means:

“Impossible otherwise”. He would return again.


The poet and the showman Maximilian Potemkin, famous for his defiant, on the verge of a foul, poems, in honor of Easter, creatively reborn and wrote a poignant, very modest poem, never even daring to use the words of the Savior, and only by speaking It:

I saw a tree in April…

Suddenly umalusi snow

It’s you actually.

I also did not have time for century.

Not in this case. Darkness and rati

Such loans have the nature…

I saw a tree. In the square

Yard it is one of the flesh.

And the left barrel is godlike

And right up to the navel stump.

I couldn’t do it. I am not able

To change his mind on the act.

It is among the gnarled copies

In the shade, on a chain of concrete

Do not focus in a kaleidoscope –

Eroticasexy icon.

Dark. Dark. Silent swing.

We all need love and affection.

I saw a tree in April

Two minutes later, Easter.


From Mikhail Zubov was not very deep, but rather popular prints, which, however, it is possible to use fragments for congratulations:

April the quirks of random joy

The silent song of heaven,

Love with a cautious glance.

The Savior was resurrected.

We met strangely, and we don’t like,

But the souls of each other beckon.

It doesn’t matter that I was a stranger,

Give me a hug, sweetheart.

I’m forever looking for your hand

Casting beautiful princesses

Today forgive. Forgive me for the separation.

The Savior was resurrected.

I’m sorry I met you only today,

And your first ball overslept.

Don’t need stories. It was like,

So it was a sad ball.

The higher today’s random joy

The sincere song of heaven.

The brighter the rays cautious glance.

The Savior was resurrected.


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