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Monday, February 19, 2018

Actress crystal with metallic notes: Svetlana Nemolyaeva celebrates anniversary

Svetlana Nemolyaeva… Beautiful, graceful, fragile, just the crystal. But we all know that happen, it will be strong and courageous. And her soft voice that no other can not be confused, suddenly acquire a metal finish. She is a great actress with a unique personality. Lyrical heroine, who manages to be both touching and funny. To tears… And tomorrow the stage colleagues and any other responsible person utter her many wonderful words — because anniversary! And she this evening will take the stage and play the main role in the premiere performance, given in her honor.

Photo: press service of the Theater Mayakovsky

But in addition to the high professional status of people’s artist was a mom, and grandmother. And her house is otherwise nannarone not known. For what? And anyway, what she’s like off stage? About his famous grandmother “MK” says her granddaughter is a young actress of Theatre of a name of Mayakovsky Polina Lazareva, ably continuing the famous acting dynasty.

— Pauline, tell me to work on stage with grandma and difficult or, on the contrary, couldn’t be better when your around?

— Work together with grandma is a pleasure, although at first I had some concerns. Yeah, we’re playing together in the play of our artistic Director Mindaugas Karbauskis “Talents and admirers” (Pauline plays a young actress Negina, and Svetlana Nemolyaeva — her mother, a simple woman Panteleevna the blast Furnace. — M. R.). But there I was introduced (Prime Minister released Irina Pegova), so the full rehearsal process itself we have not been together.

— Is it all so smoothly proceeded under the wing of my grandmother?

Well, the problem was that the “Talent” that the “Mad money”. We have there a scandalous scene — we fight all the time, Yes, I did yell at her there and attack. And I was scared to miss grandmother’s hands, she’s such a dandelion. But then got a taste and now with great pleasure doing it. Although in reality, this never happens conflicts, and in this sense it is difficult to draw for the role of negativity from my own life experience. In General, to cope with all the difficulties I helped the grandmother. Still after each performance, she examines in detail what I did well and what needs more thought. In this regard, I can only envy that I have such an outstanding acting coach!

— But you already felt that the acting profession is the competition, jealousy and it does not distinguish between relatives? I know cases where the wife of bill, however, behind the curtain, her husband a bouquet of flowers. And just for the fact that he, and not her bows more colors got.

— No, we never have. We in the family are really rooting for each other, experiencing, and flowers… this is the last premiere had a lot of our friends because they brought so many colors, at least on the market in Kiev then come.

But… but we serve with grandma in the theatre, I try to evolve separately, on their own and not to give reason to reproach myself that I’m “grandma’s boy”, “child of talented parents” and that in the premiere performance of “Mad money” (Svetlana Nemolyaeva plays Cheboksarova and Polina Lazareva — Lydia. — M. R.), timed in time for its anniversary, one of the main roles again entrusted to the nearest relative of the hero of the day, that is me. By the way, it’s funny that our Director Anatoly Sulev, when they brought the roles Mindaugas Karbauskis, didn’t know we’re related. Of course, it’s hard to believe, but hearing it was still very nice.

In the end, each with their systems are struggling on their own. I understand that all the talk about a dynasty, the names and other things will haunt me forever. So try not to dwell on it and prove its rights in the troupe work, but it’s not a quick process. Yet the same fate, I think, favorable to me and I have the opportunity in the theater to try.

As for rehearsals, “Mad money”… Yes, it was very exciting and unexpected from the first readings. In addition to that Nemolyaeva is an outstanding actress and an amazing partner for me in the first place, she’s my grandmother, and work together we are very comfortable — I have already said. We have a great relationship, we spend a lot of time together, and I think our closeness works on show: we got to know each other and feel.

— Do I understand correctly that the problem of fathers and children is not a problem and you, in General, does not apply?

— It so happened that we had a strong family and to all of us home circle is very important. Of course, sometimes conflict, and some debate (sometimes quite loud, because like all well-trained voices and bright temperament), but in a global sense, we have never had a problem of fathers and children or difficulties of the relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law or daughter-in-law. It is a great happiness when there is such a deep rear, where you quickly put your head, if suddenly entered. Truly rejoice for your successes and always will support in difficult times.

— In General, the actress is a good grandmother? Because this profession involves a preoccupation with himself, his inner world, and then — child: boil the porridge, feed him, walk with him. Your first impressions about my grandmother? What do you remember?

— When I was born, we all lived together, and waking up the first thing I ran to grandma. Despite the actor’s lifestyle, which involves evening activity, she’s a real lark and always gets up very early. So no matter how much I jumped, always found her awake and active. She was already exercising or playing solitaire. By the way, and now these old wives ‘ habits haven’t changed, but that’s the cards she lays now in your iPad or phone. What a joke at home we call her nannarone.

— I want to say that Svetlana with gadgets?

Well, maybe not quite “you”, but she reads news on the Internet, able to send me text messages. Sometimes, it suddenly get this: “can’t talk, I’m driving”.

— Still driving?

— No, her phone is pressed the message template. She from the Internet to get the information on your decoupage. She is a child very well painted, the parents dreamed that she went for art, but she went to the artist, and nobody regretted. Yes, she still makes the decoupages — my family all the cabinets in flowers and roses.

— What is the quality you seem unattainable?

— Grandma always looks good, and for me it is a model of femininity and professionalism. Despite the apparent fragility and Evanescence, she has an iron will and a steely character. For me it is a combination of well, quite incomprehensible, but nevertheless the way it is.

— When you first saw grandma on stage? Your feelings about this? And what’s your favorite role of grandmother — in theater and the movies?

— So hard to say about his first thrill grandmother on stage because I was taken to theatre, on tour — I spent there all the time. And I do loved to go with grandma to the theater, hanging out in her dressing room, something to do there, for example a powder mix or just to admire the costumes. I went crazy from the view of the mirror on her dressing table is such a magic thing. By the way, was and remains so for me.

As for the grandmother’s role… but a lot like. Here “Talents and admirers” or “Mad money”. Or here in the play “edge”: it only takes a hat and is just in a circle with his white hair — well, it would seem, so what? And that feeling crazy, can’t explain, but just know that you can not learn it. And in a movie like the role of it in the “Garage” and “Office romances”. There she goes unhappy with these packages, watermelon… How many times seen, but if again you see on TV, just hanging out. And I liked in childhood the film “Donkey skin,” the grandmother is there too, played.

— Tell me honestly, did your grandmother talk you out of it in Ocherki to go?

— Grandma never, but dad discouraged me terribly and I resented it: I thought then that he didn’t believe me. Now, when my younger brother Serezha preparing for admission, I understand that it was such a pain for a loved one, and therefore discouraged. After all, dad too, in fact our whole life, from his childhood years spent in the theater, knows a lot.

— By the way, what in the theater at all, am a grandmother, Svetlana or simply Sveta? In the acting families, as a rule, to dispense with the word “grandmother”, not to emphasize the age? Svetlana is a typical grandmother?

— I always called her grandmother and continue to call even at rehearsals, many think this is funny. And my grandmother she is the grandmother with fairy tales for the night, pancakes for Breakfast and talk about warm clothing in the winter. Even when your grandma — Svetlana Nemolyaeva.

Grandchildren always know the weaknesses of relatives. Did you know in childhood, a weak spot of his famous grandparents? Used?

— Despite her star status and relevance, for me, always had time and attention. Everything always worked a lot, but I often took with him on tour, at festivals, and any trip to the seaside is not complete without me. I actually grew up in an atmosphere of General adoration and worship little crook and used this position unconscionable. Everything revolved around me, still wonder how in such a corrupting environment I have grown ugly, spoiled girl? Just don’t understand.

Honestly, I was all lying there in bed that in 90-e years it was hard to get. It was possible to choke in the arms of a cat, and sometimes sleep on it, using instead of a pillow. You can ask the scarlet flower or the magic wand, and if ordinary magic for some reason I couldn’t give, compensated for toys, dolls and dresses, which was tantamount to a miracle at the time.

Is grandma a good cook?

— Nice, but today she was lazy. Except for the New year — Olivier there with grated Apple, grouse and, of course, pancakes — I know that no one in the world of pancakes does not. My brother and I go crazy in them.

— A favorite expression of my grandmother what?

— I don’t know. “Nasty girl” — as she calls me, if he’s mad at me. But honestly, we never quarreled.

Who in the family is your main teacher in life — parents or the grandmother?

Something happened in our upbringing that my neither my grandmother or grandfather never did, and it was believed that this is the parents. So all my time with them was a continuous holiday. But in General, over time you realize that the ability to love is also a special talent, I’ve watched it since childhood. And now, in adulthood, really want to recreate that feeling of absolute happiness. I am convinced that teaching only by example. In my case I admire my grandmother and in many ways dream to be like her.

— In honor of her grandmother in the Theater. Mayakovsky will be a holiday play, greetings or skit prepared. What song or song you sang for her? Everyone knows: Polina Lazareva gorgeous singing jazz.

— A difficult question. Maybe not quite jazz, and her favorite Foxtrot “the Tired sun”. She likes to recall how her dad this music loved to dance with her mom, that is my wife. On this day, I know first will be the “Mad money”, and then cook her a surprise, but I don’t know what — don’t tell me not to tell you.


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