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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

UFO found on Mars house of tiny aliens

One of the photos made by one of the Rovers of the red planet, you can see the stone. As reported by some media, American ufologist Scott Waring drew attention to a hole in the stone and suggested that it is the entrance to the house of midgets living on Mars. The stone, based on this logic, is the home of aliens or Martians.

UFO researcher believes that if the picture you look very carefully, on the “aisle” you can see some semblance of the double doors of the hangar. At the same time and in the height and width dimensions of the openings does not exceed a few centimeters, from which it is concluded that a house designed for tiny, but intelligent beings, able to create buildings.

In all likelihood, in fact, “house of aliens” is nothing more than a stone with a hole that looks a little weird, but has a natural origin. The phenomenon that causes many people to see similar stones of a structure of living beings or other objects, is called “pareidolia”.

Ufologists punctually see in the rocks and shadows with unusual shapes on other planets, a variety of mysterious objects, whether animals or their remains, lurking aliens that belong to them, objects or traces of their activities. Recently, however, for some reason, a “popularity” got it “built in” aliens on Mars — in particular, in late March, various media reported discovered on the towers, and even a little earlier — about aliens built the statue.

It is worth noting that most of these “sensations” concerning the moon also represents the “discovered” fragments of alien bases. Most likely, this uniformity is explained by the fact that the pictures from orbit rarely allow you to see small sized objects, so the imagination of self-proclaimed experts sometimes have no place to “roam”.


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