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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

State Duma Deputy Selimkhanov: “the Place of gay people in two meters under the ground”

In Chechnya, the place of gays is under two meters of land, and the journalists who slander the Republic, will be punished by Allah. In particular, the Chechen mufti Salah mezhiyev said he believes representatives of the “Novaya Gazeta” people, and creatures that overtake the inevitable retribution of the Almighty. In this case the priest does not care how his words would perceive the publication as afraid needed before they began writing articles about the gay Republic.

Magomed Selimkhanov

In an interview with “MK” politicians and public figures of Chechnya defended his mufti:

Kheda Saratova, a member of the Council on human rights under the head of Chechnya: “the performance in the “Heart of Chechnya”, I watched on TV. I don’t know of a single Chechen who would condemn the incident in the mosque. The mufti was calling for the murder of journalists or any other terrible things, and punishing those media who are spreading slander about our country.

There were journalists who unproven told about the presence in Chechnya of a huge number of members of the LGBT community , even though they knew the traditions and customs of our people. Residents of Chechnya believe that under the law of the Russian Federation, these people should answer for his slander. For Chechens such accusations are a profound insult if he is not gay.

Personally, I think people sexual orientation should not be persecuted. On them do not need to think. Everyone has the right to live your life, but you don’t need to expose this to the public, especially when you consider that in the Chechen culture it is not customary to tell even the traditional relations.” (We will remind that earlier the head of Saratov said the company “will not condemn an extreme measure” against people based on sexual orientation. Then she admitted she was “a little loopy” when he said this in an interview).

Magomed Selimkhanov, the Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia”: “I Fully share the position mezhieva. These journalists should be a short conversation. No one is allowed to insult an entire nation, so they should answer for their words. We will achieve this by legal means. In Chechnya, no gays, so they did not belong. Personally, I think that their place is two metres under the ground.” (Version a audio recording of the interview – “MK”).

The press service of the President of the Council of Muftis of Russia Ravil gaynutdinova “MK” has stated that they will not comment on the conflict. They believe that “Novaya Gazeta” made the only right move, he turned for help to law enforcement authorities, who must determine who is right and who is wrong.

In turn, senior researcher of the Centre for ethno-political studies, IEA RAS Akhmet yarlykapov believes that if you wish the conflict could be resolved very quickly, “According to all Abrahamic religions, including Islam, sexual relations are a sin and are condemned. But in this situation troubling, stirring up conflict, which is not conducive to the normal discussion in the society on this subject.

Statement mezhieva can be perceived by some Muslims as a call to action, even if he didn’t want to. However, to soften his position, no one will, because its parts, including the leadership of Chechnya. In addition, the Republican government could the next day to refute the content of articles “the New newspaper”, giving to serve those who allegedly imprisoned, but they didn’t do it”

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