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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Russian “dad of all bombs” explodes four times stronger than the American “mom”

Thursday in the bombing of terrorist camps in Afghanistan, USA has pioneered a heavy-duty non-nuclear bomb GBU-43, with the result that they were destroyed warehouses, tunnels, storage, and at least 36 militants who were in them. Donald trump immediately called the operation “very successful” mission of the us armed forces. However, experts have expressed serious doubts as to the military necessity of the bombing, saying that the use of GBU-43, was rather like a demonstration of Russia US. A number of media, in particular American publication the National Interest, reminded Washington that Moscow is where powerful non-nuclear bomb — AVBPM (Aviation vacuum bomb of increased power), which by analogy is called the “dad of all bombs.”

photo: youtube.com

In this regard, the experts remind that the measure bombs with Russia is not the most advantageous to the United States the argument in the dispute with Russia about who is bigger militarily.

Read the story: the media compared to the American “mom” and the Russian “father” of all bombs

The prehistory of the American “mother of all bombs” stretches from the time of 2nd World war from the project (Shvartsenebel – “Black mist”). Its author was a railroad employee, by nature an adventurer Johann Engelke, who had behind only four-class city school. The basis of the project they were supposed phenomenon that was later called the effect of volume explosion. He presented his design to the Ministry of weapons of the 3rd Reich, which gave the go-ahead to carry out works, which Engelke worked until April 1945.

In 1945, Engelke was arrested by the Americans who, posing as a doctor in physics, also offered his services. For a time he worked in the States in the centre of the national nuclear programme, but was then exposed and disgrace expelled, and his idea of the effect of the dust explosion for military purposes was forgotten for two decades.

Later the US to see her back again. This time the development started, the designers of the company “Boeing” (the author is a developer albert Weimorts). In 2003, the authors presented a series of tests heavy duty 11-ton ammunition (TNT), enough to provide a guaranteed range of 140 meters, and partial destruction of objects and buildings are observed at a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the epicenter. This bomb immediately nicknamed the “mother of all bombs”.

The length of the bomb — 10 m, diameter — 1 m. the Total mass of 9.5 tons, of which 8.4 MT accounted for the explosives, consisting of a mixture of TNT, RDX, and aluminum powder, which is more powerful than TNT 1.35 times.

In 2007, the “mother of all bombs,” was the answer from Russia. On television was shown a news story in which our long-range aircraft Tu-160 dropping a huge bomb. She was dropped by parachute and exploded, the explosion resembled a huge distance on the lunar surface.

No further details about this ordnance was not reported. However in the report the test result was commented by the then Deputy chief of the General staff Alexander Rukshin. He said that the new aircraft munitions will allow our country to ensure its security and will contribute to preventing international terrorism in any region of the world. According to him, the tests showed that the bomb in its capabilities and efficiency are comparable with nuclear warheads, but at the same time, in contrast to all types of nuclear weapons, the effect of her actions is absolutely not pollute the environment. He also said that this bomb can replace a number of previously developed nuclear weapons of low power (tactical ammunition capacity of up to 5 CT).

Russian novelty by the Western media, similar to the us, once dubbed the “dad of all bombs.” Later from various open sources it became known that the Russian AVBPM smaller than its American counterpart, but the power of its ammunition is about 40 tons of TNT, which is nearly four times more than the American GBU-43. Besides, the radius of guaranteed destruction Russian “father” is superior to the American “mom” twice that, in fact, not surprising, since “dad” is always more and more “moms”.


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