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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Well, who is now not wrong?

Swept the country a wave of rallies and demonstrations – someone came “just happen”, someone, according to the social networks, lured by promises of 10.000 Euro damages for detention by law enforcement, but someone who participated in the protest in the sincere indignation from the celebrated and controversial film from Alexei Navalny.

The essence of the film and the idea that trying to convince all well-known opposition clear, saying that Prime Minister Medvedev – the owner of untold wealth – from shoes brands and up to multi-billion dollar real estate on the ruble. And transferred the property, allegedly close to the Prime Minister structures, “a grateful business” and seeking as if to thank the Prime Minister.

But this is the outer side of the film and is what causes outrage in the minds of the immature, especially the younger generation. And how are things going? Whether we are dealing with a global corruption that plagues our government. This matter and asked the journalists of the Rostov network of the publication “Business Community”, which conducted its own investigation according to the results of a controversial film.

What did you find? In fact, many curious things!

First of all, the authors of the investigation, in the film, a huge number of “far-fetched” information. For example – orders of the most haunting scandalous oppositionist sneakers. Well, not strange to make such orders “on the house” – this is all a cumbersome system FSO, protection and security systems. What Medvedev himself took the couriers? I don’t believe this picture. And where is the guarantee that such orders generally do them, but was not especially inspired? After ordering any item to any address and everyone can – and then to assure the public, they say, ordered the Prime Minister or the Pope.

Or all these triangles and squares numerous links numerous foundations, businesses and other structures – who checked, who said that they really related?

Or here is the same mansion that allegedly gave the Prime Minister a well-known entrepreneur. The price is according to the authors of the film a lot – 5 billion!!

But it turns out upon closer inspection.

In the Odintsovo district 636 for sale of land. Version Bulk all properties on line Rublyovo-assumption — the second assumption — the Mozhaiskoye motorway and the A-100 is Rublev Rublev’s manor or estate, that is, all sections of the elite. But you can find really rare deals. In the village Yershovo are offered two sites. Both with forests, meadows and water bodies. 28,5 Hectares over one billion rubles and 5 Hectares 270 million rubles. But the price of homeownership:690 million 862 million, 310 million. A lot of money, sure, but that’s only 5 billion and does not smell! Thus, the total cost of the estate — does not exceed one billion rubles. The evaluator or writer of the film is wrong?

Yes, a billion too much, but that’s only expected from such a blatant discrepancy of numbers is bad. But that’s not all. Someone really important to get to the truth can go to the map the Moscow region, the Odintsovo district. Move from Moscow on Rublevo – Uspenskoe highway (almost to the West) twenty miles to the sign. Between Znamensky and Znamensky-1 just above the map in the woods is this ridiculous construction No. 128 (not 129, as reported in the film). Can now purchase the helicopter DJI Phantom 4, namely, such a device is at all times in the background from the Bulk and go “hunt” for Prime Minister. Just don’t be surprised that we are talking about your favorite cottage Medvedev, on which as a Messerschmitt over Brest, kite circling copter Bulk, and none of this kite it’s not. Moreover, in the country of the second person of the state for a half-hour break did not reveal a single guard. In the Park with an area of 4.3 hectares — not a single gardener in the house with an area of 822 m2 2 — no one working — nobody cleans lawns, no one pushing a broom, no one watering flowers and is on a lovely summer day… the Summer? Like this summer? The grass is emerald green, the foliage on the young trees. In the film Bulk around the house № 128(129) early summer or late spring. A rally for the poor unsuspecting citizens of free Russia was held last week!

Would Alexei Navalny a year to hide from the police information about a crime? What silence, what the crooks at liberty to linger and to cover his tracks?

In General, strange is not the word. Turns out – the whole movie crumbles before our eyes, and the scandalous disclosures are transformed into far-fetched speculation from the author, who has not been caught in such “creativity”.

So what are seeking Bulk and the company? The protests have shown that we have a clear enough prototype system a la maydanovskaya mesh, working across the country. It’s a type of the future body, is able to turn the whole of Russia in a moment of weakness of the authorities. Last week there was a training of the nervous system. Not muscles, not fists, not speed or reaction, namely the nervous system. That is, the body’s ability to send and receive the order at the tip of the tail.

But in General – very unfair, when anyone can call the Prime Minister of Russia, “a Great skier in the hat with a pompom”. Yes, the trick with time zones is really funny, SKOLKOVO — new Vasyuki of our time, “you hold on” — all quote of the century, but the skier in cap returned gubernatorial elections, ordered officials to report income, has simplified the procedure for registration of political parties, reduced the number of army generals from 1300 to 900 people transferred from the army to a brigade principle of construction, and during the five-day war proved himself as a tough Manager who is a skier raised the salaries of police and for the first time openly spoke about corruption, it is the skier brought a result out of our most honest and non-corrupt Prosecutor’s office. I wonder if the result is still subordinate to the Prosecutor’s office, how many people are reading our stuff, would read it in jail? In General, it seems that the company has a strong foreign business executives, this skier tries to change something in the country and someone doesn’t like it much…


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