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Friday, February 23, 2018

To unite and become Russia referendum will turn South Ossetia into Alania

April 9, in South Ossetia held presidential elections and a referendum about renaming of the Republic. It is proposed to return the historical name – the state of Alania. For the presidency of the struggling, incumbent President Leonid Tibilov, speaker of Parliament Anatoly Bibilov and KGB officer Alan Gagloev.

photo: kremlin.ru

Leonid Tibilov

Each voter was given two ballots. Residents of the Republic had to answer the question, whether they agree with the fact that the new name of South Ossetia will be: “the Republic of South Ossetia – Alania state”. The idea is clear: as you know, one of the Russian regions is called “Alania”. It borders with the former Georgian Autonomous oblast of the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania. Now on either side of the rather arbitrary borders are two of Alanya, inhabited by one people, and it is logical that they will seek to unite and ever connected. Especially in South Ossetia to 2017 has scheduled a referendum on joining the Russian Federation. Initially it was planned to hold in 2016, but then decided to move to the post-election period that the current government did not use it in the election campaign.

The main rivalry unfolds between the incumbent President Leonid Tibilov and the speaker of the Parliament Anatoly Bibilov. This is the second attempt of Bibilov to take the post of President. The first took place in 2011 and led to a split in the country, put it on the brink of civil war. Then in the second round Bibilov, who was considered the “Kremlin candidate”, lost to the opposition candidate Alla Dzhioeva. However, the elections were declared invalid, and in the spring of 2012 it was held the repeated voting, with the result that he became President Leonid Tibilov.

In this election, the Kremlin does not make obvious bets. By and large Moscow satisfied with any of the candidates, and any preference on the part of certain officials or influential circles of scientists, can be explained only by financial interests.

Certain aggravation of the situation in the Republic caused the failure of the Supreme court to allow to participate in the elections of former President Eduard Kokoity. His supporters staged protests, but soon Kokoity urged them to disperse and to maintain in the elections Anatoly Bibilov. So that part of the electorate Kokoity should add votes Bibilov, the other part was determined to boycott the elections. According to polls, the gap between the two major candidates is small, so it is possible the second round.

As for the referendum on the renaming of the Republic, the first Ambassador of South Ossetia in Moscow and one of the candidates in the last presidential election Dmitry Medoev believes that “this is nothing more than a propaganda move cibrowski political strategists focused on elections.”

— Leonid Tibilov, speaking about the purpose of the referendum, refers to the fact that we are a divided people, — Medoev said in an interview with “MK”. — As you know, there is North Ossetia — Alania within the Russian Federation, and renaming our state in South Ossetia — Alanya, the logic of the press release, “will create conditions and prerequisites for the occurrence of a single Alanya in the Russian Federation”. However, this is far from the truth, especially that in January alone Tibilov added to the title the word “state”… It divided the society into supporters and opponents of presenting the name of the country. It would be easier to offer people both options to choose from. As for my opinion on this issue, in all this I see a real threat to the security of the Russian North Caucasus. There is creation of prerequisites for the formation of a single Alania Republic outside the Russian Federation… Is a dangerous bookmark. It is common knowledge that the laws of the Russian Federation does not allow to create a United Alania within the Russian Federation.


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