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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Pets protect children from obesity and allergies

Children, since early age in contact with cats, dogs and other furry Pets are less likely to suffer from allergies or obesity in later life. About the benefits of Pets told the canadian experts from the University of Alberta.

photo: pixabay.com

In the study, researchers analyzed this about 746 canadian children born in the period from 2009 to 2012. As it turned out, those children who from an early age had contact with animals and those whose mothers were the owners thereof at the time of pregnancy, often “caught” from Pets bacteria Oscillospira and Ruminococcus, the first of which, according to scientists, reduced the likelihood of obesity, and the second is the probability of occurrence of allergies. In 70 percent of cases examined in the role of the Pets were dogs. In General, experts note that their findings apply primarily to animals, covered with hair.

Experts say that some parents of children whose data were analyzed were house Pets before the advent of a son or daughter of the light, but immediately afterwards decided to abandon Pets, believing that this will help to protect children from developing allergies. In fact, according to scientists, the situation may be the opposite way — it is the excessive sterility of the environment in some cases may be one of the key reasons that a particular Allergy in humans is.

The work, compiled by the research presented in the journal Microbiome.

Last year, another group of researchers compared the Finnish city of Imatra and Svetlogorsk Russian and found that despite similar climatic and weather conditions in them and a similar power of people, residents of Finland are significantly more likely to suffer from allergies than those living ten miles away the Russians. Scientists tend to believe that this difference is a kind of “side effect” that the Finns often use different detergents and cleaners that kill bacteria. For all its virtues, excessive cleanliness can lead to the development of allergies, from which the Russians protects “live” the dust, the researchers said.


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