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Friday, February 23, 2018

Chemical fake: what they say in Syria of a missile strike USA

After the missile attack of the USA on the basis of Syrian troops in Syria is shock. We got through to Damascus to learn what happened, what the sentiments of the common people.

photo: youtube.com

Throughout March, Damascus was rocked by the bombings. March 11 killed more than 70 Shia pilgrims from Iraq… 25 of the victims of the terrorist attack on 15 March, just as the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the Civil war in this country, in the Palace of justice. And nothing – the world was silent, avatars in social networks is not painted in the colors of the Syrian flag.

And now – strange, maybe even staged, live far from the Syrian province of Idlib villages high Shaykhun, located 100 kilometers from Hama, wounded and panting from the effects of the alleged chemical attack government air force people, children…

In response – the immediate aggression of the United States, the bombing of Syrian army positions in HOMS. Actually – the performance of America on the side of ISIS (an organization banned in Russia) and Jabhat al-Nusra. Which in this case were the winners of the situation. The provocation failed.

“We’re just terrified of what’s going on and can’t come to our Syrian colleagues-journalists. – In Idlib there is no Syrian army, for two years it is not there. Who and how could you believe these falsehoods? Why do we have to use there banned chemical weapons? To about it the next day the whole world accused of this monstrous crime of Assad? We have planes, there are tanks, rockets and artillery, why use chemical weapons?”

The Syrians said they are trying to shout to the whole world, to show what is really happening, but to no avail, no one wants to listen to them. “The West is somehow unproven believes that the Syrians are terrorists. We don’t even issue visas in other countries on this basis, I could not get a visa for this reason, although I’m a public official”, – told “MK” the mufti of Syria Dr. Hasan.

Some Syrians cautiously suggest that the reason why is that the trump does not own sufficient situation, including his could cheat and creepy photos of dead children and he fell.

“We can’t look at America the traditional classical way. I think now there are forces that work against each other and also they are against the new administration. Trump can’t do anything, also as in the time of Obama, who did not want to take part in the war” – suggests the analyst ANAS, Moshen.

“This made the militants, Turkey or the terrorists who secretly cooperate, for example, with France, some in favor of the Saudis. Is their a way to again draw attention to themselves” – outraged the Syrians.

“Yes, we fear how things turned out, and we don’t know what will tomorrow bring”, says a secondary school teacher of Kohath, the region of Latakia…

Two months ago, it seemed that the situation in Syria is beginning to stabilize, was released Eastern neighborhoods Aleppo, cleared our sappers ancient Palmyra, I quietly came to the city of HOMS, which has become now the target of U.S. air force, then people have already started to return to their homes and re-build their houses now, as our Syrian friends, travel in the rear of HOMS closed. And what will happen tomorrow, nobody knows.

Chemical weapons Assad, by the way, searching, in August 2013. Not found. Although it also led to a serious international crisis.

It so happened that then, supposedly in the vicinity of the chemical bombing, got my friends from Humanities Russian-Syrian Public Fund of the Apostle Paul, they remember how it was.

“It so happened that at that moment at the invitation of the speaker of the Parliament dined in the restaurant “Narsis”. Next to our table was that the UN delegation that arrived in Damascus with the mission to investigate the use of chemical weapons. Our delegation – imagine – even talked,” says the Vice-President of the Foundation Milla Zhukovskaya.

“No incidents at lunch time never happened – and all this friendly conversation, as it turned out, allegedly, happened in those hours, when the southern suburb of Damascus Guta is next to our restaurant allegedly doused with sarin… Yeah we could’ve all died, including the UN inspectors, if the clock of our lunch coincided with the time of this “chemical attack”. We have pictures with the exact time when to take pictures is direct evidence that the West lied shamelessly. Why did he do it is another question.”

The entire Internet then was Packed – and also speculated dead children… the evening of the same day to the Russian travelers have applied for a review all the world’s media. “Because we are almost the only Russian — not counting the Embassy — who was at that hour in Damascus. Then including with our help, was able to prove that himataki – lies,” continues Milla Zhukovskaya.

But the truth was different. In those days, in the suburb of Jobar, northeast of Damascus, destroyed bases of the terrorists, the Syrian army has found a warehouse with illegal drugs needed for the manufacture of chemical weapons and antidotes. It was just a warehouse of militants, they were hoping to use their stockpiles against the Syrian troops and civilians, spihnuv all on President Assad. Here in August of 2013, the provocation failed.

Read the story “trump dug up the hatchet: US strike on Syria has covered Russia”


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