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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The occasion for the cadets: “MK” spent the day in the army

Saturday, April 1, journalists “MK”, headed by the chief editor, head of the Public Council at the Ministry of defence Pavel Gusev, as well as famous athletes and artists, in the framework of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” in the army” visited the Moscow higher military command school, which this year celebrates its 100-year anniversary.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

On the threshold of the school, the guests were met by the commander of Land forces, Colonel-General Oleg saliukov. He immediately surprised us by greeting each called by name, knowing who that writes about. There was even some feeling of awkwardness: it turns out that on here we know more than we about those who invited us?

The awkwardness immediately smoothed the chief of school the General-major Alexander Noskin, which the hospitable owner gave us a tour of all the buildings, talking about school. He said that today a student here 1238 students, including 85 foreigners. The faculty of the University 173, 30% of them women.

And our delegation, meanwhile, was moving toward the pool. Once inside, I noticed that the thermometer said the water temperature is 28 ° C, air — 30. “We’re in Bali and want in Miami” — joked someone in the military.

On the water surface of these subtropics, then ducking, then appearing out of the water like dolphins and swam with powerful guys with athletic torsos.

— You specially for our visit such beauties picked up? — I asked.

— God be with you, it’s our triathletes train, — said one of the officers.

Such a gorgeous pool — a military school? — I was perplexed. — And like more recently we were told: no money, no money… Now where they are?

— Strict monitoring and recording, ‘ said the commander of the Land forces. — Our Minister is able to prudently use the funds. Here, for example, estimates of this pool three times I have defended and defended… Even as everything has changed, — the General noted, — compared to the time when I was learning! Now everywhere there are showers, washing machines, cook in the dining room, three first courses, three second. And do it the same organizations and experts that prepare food for restaurants. That’s great! But still, when you need in the box to go, we have guys out there that deal with food.

— This question we asked the former Minister of defence and who will feed the soldiers, when they start fighting? — said the chief editor of “MK”.

— Now, — said the General Salyukov, has revived the school cooks, who at one time ruined: say, why would they, if solid outsourcing! We then they too carried away, without thinking: who is a civilian going to the field on exercises?..

We journalists need to recognize, too fond of war stories, which took us through the Museum, showed samples of the latest military equipment “Warrior” and told him about the created in 2014 on the basis of school scientific company. During this time it received service 120 recruits — graduates of the various civilian universities. Subsequently, 15 people became officers, and 34 are now working in the enterprises “oboronki”.

— A doubt — I am interested in Colonel Takhtamirov, Deputy head of school for academic and scientific work, is that these training your mouth will be something worthwhile. Is this some kind of military initiative. There are military research institutes, various centers — here they even engaged in developments and inventions. Right?

— No. Research company — a very promising direction. Gives a lot of creative, innovative approaches. For example, we recently received a patent for the so-called smart mine. When using the simplest of electronic components has made sound direction finder — dual sound and vibration, which allowed him to hit the enemy in the direction where it moves.

— What is new here?

— You know, the mines have a blast. But in order to use it effectively in advance should be aware of where the enemy is moving. And if you do not know? Or he would turn and approach from the other side? So, we had made a simple device that detects the enemy and directed the blast towards the approaching enemy.

…This day the military are still a lot of interesting things to tell about his school, about the troops, including funny army stories. So, you can say that this April fools day for journalists “MK” army under the sign of humor.

The meeting ended in the hall of the school performances of Theatre Serpukhivka, of the ensemble of Vladimir Devyatova and the group “Dr. Watson”, as well as journalists and athletes CSKA. In addition, editor-in-chief “MK” Pavel Gusev for his great contribution to Patriotic education, was presented the award — a medal “For difference in service in the army”.


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