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Sunday, March 18, 2018

007: Boronenkov worked under the pseudonym Rasputin

Nine days have passed since the murder of Denis Boronenkov. A scandal around his name all does not stop. Russia’s investigative Committee a few days ago also opened a criminal case upon murder of the citizen of Russia in Kiev.

But the fact that there are two investigations, of course, is not indisputable. Given the fact that between our countries there is no proper interaction.

So who was in reality Denis Voronenkov?

The ordinary Deputy of the state Duma, beloved husband of Opera diva Maria Maksakova? Or a multimillionaire, a fraud and a liar? Maybe an agent of law enforcement agencies, undercover?

One thing is clear: many enemies as had Boronenkov, must still be earned.

Photo: facebook.com / Denis Boronenkov

“His operational nickname was Rasputin — Boronenkov chose it. And saying: “Debts give only cowards”.

A senior officer of the Ministry of internal Affairs Alexander Sharkevich is one of those who in their time had compromised the murdered Deputy.

After 10 years with this case removed a signature stamp “top secret” and Alexander can speak.

“I have the motivation to talk about Boronenkov: he’s the one who ruined my career. Because of him I was under investigation. Even the heads of the interior Ministry was somehow able to protect me. First there was the first verdict of acquittal; the second sentence, but he was able to cancel; after the third I came out of jail, but, alas, my mother could not stand all this, did not believe that it will end, and I couldn’t even bury her,” began Alexander, Sarcevic his story.

“To tell you about Boronenkov — my personal debt. When at one point, I from the officer, who was not even of the comments was the culprit, it was hard to explain to her daughter, family and friends what happened actually and who’s to blame.

I understand that his family knew him or wanted others to see those. But I treated him and treated exactly as he deserves. If Boronenkov killed actually… still can’t believe this… not alive, but once I started talking about him during his lifetime, I will try to be objective.”

What were you at the time of the meeting and Voronenkova?

I was a senior security officer for particularly important cases one of special secret police units. I had a Colonel’s position. More I cannot say now. In our building we could not get in MVD Central apparatus even if they didn’t have a guide or special insert into the business card. Many officers of other services in neighboring buildings, I thought that our deal seconded.

— Tell us about yourself.

— I am a professional military man, graduated from a military school. Then worked in some veterans ‘ organizations of law enforcement agencies. But all this is just part of the legend. In fact, at the invitation of senior management, I worked in the illegal exploration.

— SVR?

— No, this service existed in the Ministry of interior, but very apart. My responsibilities included exposing corruption in the highest echelons of power. Legend — that I’m a “fixer” in law enforcement.

— All boronenkov also called “fixer”.

— He was the “fixer” in your pocket. I solved the problems while under cover and for the good of the country.

— And you are afraid that you declassify?

In the end, it just happened. The risk of working with such as Voronenkov, and his corrupt friends and officials is very high. I’m still not fully rehabilitated, although I have no criminal record. Of course, I want to believe that now, in connection with all this, my case will be reviewed in order of supervision. I don’t know… But then, in 2001, when I was invited to the exploration of the interior Ministry, I believed that I would do the best job in the world, a real man’s profession. I was absolutely sure that they are protected, as was subordinated directly to the Minister of internal Affairs, considering it a guarantee of their safety. I guess I was too naive at the age of 32…

— Your family will know what you are doing?

— No. Neither wife nor friends. Guessed that I have a relationship to the bodies, but without details — it was part of the legend. My job was to infiltrate the upper echelon of officials and become their environment. For all I was a law enforcement officer who could help with links to a promotion or to terminate the criminal case, for example. But my real duties were stated in the secret instructions-legend, signed personally by the Minister. Except for the Minister and my direct curator, no one knew the truth.

photo: facebook.com

— What in your life has any Voronenkov?

— And Voronenkova I was introduced to the official, Lieutenant-General of the interior Ministry, then head of the management of the Affairs and confidant of the Minister. Voronenkov was already cynical, brash, outwardly confident but emotionally and psychologically unstable. It is a lot of money to spend on themselves; chose the most expensive clothes, the luxury expensive watches, expensive hair cut, and, oddly enough, understood in the business sense. Somehow he, as a friend advised me to change my hair, saying that my head is shaped like that, I go to get a haircut above the ears very short…

Since you follow his advice?

No, it’s just hair with age thinned (laughs). But is and not every woman will notice. And Voronenkov was extremely scrupulous in all that related to the appearance: manicure, styling, careful selection of accessories, colors of belt and shoes properly tied scarves… metrosexual is from the lower classes, who had conquered the capital and didn’t want to make a mistake even in fashion. We met with the Voronenkova mostly in restaurants, but sometimes his house and his cottage.

— What was the immediate cause of your acquaintance?

— Accused businessman Vyacheslav Shevchenko, he was in prison, his measure of restraint was asked to change, and then help him get a suspended sentence. Case Shevchenko was considered by the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow. For the solution of this question representatives of the accused were willing to pay a million dollars. 200 thousand — for the fact that his release from prison, the remainder in a sentence not connected with imprisonment. Boronenkov took up the case, received in cash 200 thousand.

— Dollars?

— Of course. It really helped Shevchenko to decide the issue on bail — he was released from prison a week after receiving the money. No one had any doubts about that sentence, too, everything goes smoothly. Boronenkov with his potential clearly deserved then our attention, especially because he had a real post: legal consultant of one of the factions of the state Duma.

— That is, there is not a Deputy?

— A Deputy he became in 2011, thanks to a troubled history with the sponsor’s help of the Communist party. As far as I remember the stories Boronenkov and its environment, assistance for the Parliament in the early 2000s Voronenkov had Franz Klintsevich, the former paratrooper, now a member of the Federation Council. Do not rule out that Voronenkov has managed to convince straightforward and honest Klintsevich in his Patriotic intentions, and already Klintsevich introduced Boronenkov with the leadership of his faction. They probably crossed paths at Ryazan, where Denis worked for some time, and Klintsevich has been associated with veterans of Afghanistan and the Ryazan airborne school.

— Boronenkov, according to him, also served in Afghanistan.

— He was only 17 years old when the war ended, how could he serve? Of course he lied, telling that he was badly wounded, and were taken to the American hospital in Paris where doctors literally pulled him from the world. In all this there is only one truthful detail that never write and do not speak. Boronenkov have had the motivation to be in Paris: in his own words, where he had an apartment in the center and the money in the account. And when he was unable to solve the issue with the release of Shevchenko — the Prosecutor asked for a suspended sentence, six years, but the judge gave the actual eight, and it was a shock to all, — the remaining amount should be returned to the Trustees Shevchenko and Denis offered to give me the money and even a little more than a clearing in France. I think that Voronenkov was another trick, might just have a trick, and I did not agree to this. However, some of the funds that he owed to Shevchenko, I still knocked — 150 thousand dollars, which I gave to the wife Shevchenko.

— How were you able to convince Boronenkov?

Dread that it will attract criminal liability that Shevchenko is friends with important people.

— You continued to believe him?

— Finally to break up with him, I could not. Boronenkov rotated too interesting circles. Until he was needed. Then he began to hide from creditors, changed phone, in the end, I was left alone with them, and in six years, not him, and I was charged just on Shevchenko. Voronenkov has testified that no money had been received and only provided legal advice on the case. During a confrontation, he openly grinned… But it will all be much later in 2009.

— Wait, if he had property and accounts in the West, with a fright he decided to flee to Ukraine?

— I can say that contacts with intelligence services of Ukraine have Boronenkov began long before flight to Ukraine, but certainly no later than 2011-2012. He was very close with the former head of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine; moreover, these contacts were also recorded by Russian security services. Second, he had business interests in this country. You’ve probably heard the story of Vitaly Kachur?

— This is the Kachur, who sits for Boronenkov in the case of raider capture of the building in the center of Moscow?

Not only because Boronenkov. At Kachura also had certain things in Ukraine, thanks to which he met with representatives of the local elite. It Kachur brought Boronenkov with the leadership of the Ukrainian special services, gave the contacts Boronenkov maintained until the last day of life. Why would he run to some other country if he knows nobody and does not speak the language? But in Kiev, he was familiar with serious people, and these people acted as a guarantor of its security. So that Ukraine was good for him.

— How did you develop your relationship further?

— First Boronenkov didn’t know who I am, just realized that I have related to law enforcement, because at the end of 2003, I introduced him to his sponsor.


— Boronenkov seemed actionable source. Considered the possibility of his work to us: either as a secret agent, or, if he passed a special test and have proven their valuable qualities and skills — an undercover officer.

— Cool!

When he realized that the second possibility in principle exists, it wanted to be… me. Like me. He’s just gone crazy from it all. He saw a special title to my car, the so-called spectralon without the right of inspection, which the car could hang any numbers, and you had no right to check the traffic police. He was jealous of my premium gun. One time we even used it for cans and bottles. Remember that Boronenkov was such a thin handle, very feminine, he even held a gun, not a man.

Good God, you’re like a completely different person talking. What, then, luxury Masha Maksakova, the feet of which were rushed and not as men see in him?

People he really knew how to draw. Was it some of the components for success and the fairer sex. The Deputy, Colonel, fabulously rich… I think he didn’t like anyone or anything except themselves, money and power. I remember once we arrived at his cabin in Zhavoronki-1, and he told, deliberately sticking out that this cottage belonged to shot to the Director Eliseevsky deli Sokolov. For him it was very important to have something that is inaccessible to the majority, to demonstrate the involvement of the elite.

Maria Maksakova with her connections and family — this is also elite?

— That’s it. Once I told him that Shevchenko, the one which he later threw, lives in the former summer residence of the Chairman of the KGB Yuri Andropov, in Barvikha. Boronenkov lit up: “Ask how much it costs?” He just could not find a place in waiting for a response… And there was even a moment when he was ready to take Shevchenko to pledge not money for the solution of his question, and this andropovskiy the country. But when Shevchenko was not enough Finance to transfer Voronenkov as security, the Trustees Shevchenko gave a collection of watches worth about $ 11 million. Boronenkov chose from it men’s watch brand Audemars Piguet pink gold, limited series and another ring with a huge 9-carat diamond. Then I knocked this Deposit back…

So, once you have failed Boronenkov to his leadership, and he liked it…

— Did not like. The scouts and investigators is no such thing. Boronenkov seemed to us a valuable source of information. But soon we realized that he would rather “throw.” In practice, Boronenkov we tried to take some of his personal enemies, but other information that he provided, a great weight had. Then he brought information about drugs, we don’t really need, gave the address in Moscow, a mansion that was visited by very important businessmen and officials in order to sniff cocaine and doing something related.

— Sparsely. That is, he did not work undercover?

— No. We — no. On top of that he provided service false information about himself that was not true. As a result, our selection he failed. Later, he strangely still leaked in the Federal service Russian Federation on control over drug trafficking, where he served, if at all possible so speak up 2009. He with amazing speed got some extraordinary titles, reached the Colonel. Maybe in FDCS have it handy anymore, especially given his awareness of where and who stored the drugs (laughs). His online alias was Rasputin, which he chose, replacing the real name when receiving wages. I think really worked for him by someone else. State awards he definitely was not.

— Do you consider that the investigation into the death Boronenkov and even in Russia makes sense if all the key witnesses and examination in Ukraine? For what it is then excited? And what is its ultimate goal?

— At the time of death Voronenkov was still de jure a Russian citizen under our laws. So all investigative and procedural activities can be carried out in Russia, as there is a large number of witnesses activities Boronenkov, which could also lead to his murder. Then his personal and work Affairs. And to question key witnesses in the Ukraine, for example, on the territory of Russian diplomatic bodies — this is common… But a court in Russia’s case Boronenkov is only possible in respect of other persons who may be convicted in this case in Ukraine.

…From the special forces of the interior Ministry and Federal drug control service Colonel to the fugitive Deputy of Ukraine. Who in the end could cross the road Voronenkov? And whether found customers of his murder in Russia or Ukraine, whether they want to find them…

More about that in the sequel.

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