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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Singer Vika Tsyganova showed the skeleton out of your closet

Star charts of the 90s, the once scandalous and now embodies the solid piety of the singer Vika Tsyganova decided not to revive old (to the old woman she have to live so live), and remembered more of a romantic youth, conceived a dashing cavalry assaults again to ride the charts. In any case, it is the impression, when Bohemians and music lovers gathered some time ago in luxury houses “Metropol” the presentation of the new single of the singer “red Summer”.

FIO Zanotti (center) found with Vika and her husband-producer Vadim Tsyganov not only music, but also the overall spiritual wave. Photo: press-service of the singer

All can be attributed to show-off and a strong quenching of the 90s, if not flashed on the presentation of the single head of white hair gentleman, something that looks like external absurdities at albert Einstein. When he called his name — FIO Zanotti, people in the music encyclopedias and Wikipedia zatsokal language: BA, the one that made half of the Italian stage, without which it is impossible to imagine the last thirty years of the musical career of Adriano Celentano?! The rest of the audience with curiosity just opened their mouths.

“Old man” seemed to even shy in front of cameras and microphones, “apologizing” for the unexpected to produce the next smash-hit Tsiganova. Vic was beaming cut his “musical diamond” so eminent a master. And not without pride has informed that this is not an experiment, but the beginning of a long and serious cooperation. All began to wait for the breakthrough unique coproduct in the charts, but week followed week, and no one did not wait…

* * *

“The genius — paradoxes the friend”, — wrote the poet. Vika Tsyganova woven of paradoxes — personal, creative. Hooligan, anarchist, cabaret singer, Pochvennye, tradicionalista — all together it makes it a rich background. The paradox to paradox. Still under her maiden name of Zhukov in a group of “Sea” in the late 1980s, she experienced the success of the stadium concerts. His first solo album already married Vicki Tsiganova “walk, anarchy!” blew up the charts in the bubbling 1991.

In addition to his musical enthusiasm, she enthusiastically carried the banner of the “Russian patriotiki”. In those years this idea has not yet become, as it is now, shabby bogey flawed state propaganda, and it is seen throughout as the singer grates present licentiousness jingoistic fervor. Her creative “pochvennichestvo” based not on isolationism and hatred around the world, and has always remained an integral part of the global trends and musical process. She enriched “purely” nation any bright colours: a rock-n-roll, Blues, current trends of pop music. Got in the early 2000s, even before the chanson in tandem with the iconic character of the genre Michael Around so that her rock a rebellious past, even forgotten.

But, pardon me, but what have Zanotti, this sophisticated aristocrat of sound, head of musical economy Adriano Celentano? Seriously if Ms. Tsyganov believes that to re-conquer the top of the charts is as easy as lifting recently on the balloon with Fedor Konyukhov, traveler, writer and artist, with whom Vick is the friendly half of my life and climbed with him for half the world, if not more? Why the artist became the first singer from Russia on “the Eurovision” and how did Melania trump appeared fur so dushegreyku logo VTS?

Surprisingly, for questioning Vicki Tsiganova “ZD” was the mass of actual occasions. The singer began his testimony with a strong statement: “Before you do anything, you should prepare well!” — and then explained in detail the meaning of this profound Maxim.

Photo: press-service of the singer

Nicolasa I do not!

The time that from the side might seem “oblivion”, was dedicated to actually a normal creative work. Though “oblivion” is very conditional, because the lack of news does not mean absence of reality. Concerts, performances, recordings I never stopped, regardless of the places in the charts. Besides, when I want to do something very well, then spend more time. The youth are spontaneous, and when Mature, it has detecives some things, there is “unhealthy” perfectionism, afraid to make mistakes.

It appears that you’ve gathered all in a bunch, to at once “to obesity” the public necklace of sensations. One Name, Zanotti! Trying to get back into actual music waves?

Is the classical formula when the quantity turns into quality, and this is the result of my entire team, which consists of great musicians. At some point it seemed to me that people can live on already earned the name, the authority recognized by the Grand hits, it’s time to prove something and to develop new areas passed. But then I realized that this deceptive story. To step twice into the same water to qualify for the fashionable actuality, of course, unrealistic. On the contrary, there is a big risk to expose themselves to ridicule. And to find new forms from the standpoint of Mature experience, — a task very exciting. Previously, it was Russian kitsch, folk, spiced with on Patriotic, spirituality and mental impulses, and all of this is already enough. And today, takes over, sorry for the pathos, professionalism and desire of aesthetic experiment. I’m talking about the voice and about a meaningful beginning.

– Thought, then, about the footprint of history?

So, if you want. But I would be a little different and said: for myself, the more I want to do. Because, I admit, sometimes lamentable to look at its past, some deficiencies can be emotionally hasty… Now we want more. What is the soul eternal? This is just momentary, which we live at any given time. To talk about the eternal, not the momentary feeling state — you, me, countries, the world — impossible. It is self-deception.

But more distant from each other planets in the musical cosmos than Vika Tsyganova and FIO Zanotti, even you can imagine. As your orbits together?

– This is an amazing story. We rushed through Russia and wanted good sound. Again, never want to, don’t want to be some nicolasa…

– Negocio?

It does not matter! Any popular name, you can put… You are remembered, as once all the charts have been for me. But there comes a time when you need to do something that sounded not only for the Russian audience, and for anyone who loves music, an Italian American… And it happened suddenly — started in the Crimea ended in Italy. I takes care for the priest, the elder of Elijah in the Crimea. Before the trip to Italy came to him for blessing. He has blessed. We arrived in Italy and an acquaintance came Zanotti — through Vadim, Golitsyn, a famous musician in his time group “pilgrim”. He’s still in the 80s she moved to Italy, got acquainted there with all the musicians, took place in the profession, made a good career, has won two awards in the festival of San Remo Rock’s. We encountered the Name in his house, which just hung with portraits of the most famous musicians in the world, with whom he worked: sting, Tom Jones, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, even the Pope… 12 platinum discs from this man. We talked, had a nice talk. His lawyer, as if anticipating, for some reason, we were warned that the Name of anything “outsider” no time… We have already started to say goodbye, and I finally…

– Picked up and sang?

– No, not so obvious, ha ha ha! I told him we would not have come if not the father Elijah, who has blessed us. And he suddenly began to ask me about this truly unique man with a gift of Providence, which heals in a word, the Confessor of the famous people. And the Name suddenly instead of farewell said: wait, I must see this man, I have such period in my life that I also need just such a Confessor. Go, and no excuses! Any money not important! Here’s how! I said, I feel that the age of Russia, and want to participate, because it will be new music. I thought a lot about it, and the very fate of you sends me.

– However! As the English say: the words I have left…

– Us too, you know. We stood completely stunned. Joyful, of course. And remained for a few days in Italy. Brought to him all our songs. He chose four things and said I’ll do it. Then he’ll write, but first needs to grasp, to understand your own musical self. And here we are working for the second year. The work goes slowly, and, in fact, only the first result we recently introduced the single “Summer red”. Did not expect that firmachi work that way. We had arranged by Goran Bregovic and Gypsy Kings, Gypsy by nationality, Nino. But it was very similar to how Russian works. Not to say that anyhow, but the emotions above all else, and this person (Name), of course, a mathematician. He thinks that music is math, he is an electronics engineer, knows all actual things, and believes that new music should be only trendy. Why write archaic? Despite his age — over 60 years! And his work is really surprising.

– By the way, not one person who worked with Western producers, I hear that they are composing the music as mathematical formula, and this concept always amazes us.

– Absolutely. He says: the hit is necessarily calculated, do the math. In the two years that we work, he changed the three models of Studio computers, electronic brains. Polish it up every step, gesture, detail, rhythmic build, voice pitch. Three times he flew out here just to record the choir of the Alexandrov — Armata Rossa, as he called it — which, unfortunately, died in a plane crash. Changed four studios, made the 38 tracks on the first song “red Summer”. It was anguish, and at the same time just professional admiration.

Photo: press-service of the singer

– Celentano is not jealous? You out that much time is spent in this venerable master…

– Adriano really like what we do. He is an actor and sees this work and my acting self. We constantly communicate through Name, give each other greetings. He occlusive our materials, and when you might hear something right for yourself, it is possible that it could sound even as a Duo.

– Duo Adriano and Tsiganova?! It’s not a bomb, it’s the end of the world!

– And now we think about it, and very seriously. Maybe someone else, and the young emerge. Because Name works with an incredible number of the most actual today in the world of the characters, he just shaped musical Klondike! This is a very special feeling when behind the drums, let’s say you are sitting on record the greatest Lola Milotti that beat just with all the great stars, or the winner of the “Grammy” Pinot Pinaka, the man who wrote for Michael Jackson, Prince, “Depeche mode”… Now we do a lot of preview samples, and ahead, I hope, will be already written together, and possibly the original tracks.

– But you explained to him that in Russia without a radio hit that vodka without beer — money for a wind?

– The hardest thing. And our math — again! — it will be the third. It’s always done. And will even tip top as convinced Name. He tells us about it… Approach it has surprising and profound. When he came here, then went with us to the regions. Says: I need to understand Russia not for the sake of curiosity, and to understand how to work with me, Russian singer. Incredible attitude to work!

Yulia Samoilova maimed soul

– Every year all exciting, “Eurovision”, now you see, what inflamed passions around Yulia Samoilova. You’re in the early 90’s almost went into this contest as the first Ambassador of Russia, if I’m not mistaken. Why have not reached?

– This is a scary story! Now we can talk about it with a smile. But done, by the way, was very much to forget about it. Which only labels at the time, I got it! I just lost this contest. But what happened in reality. During a tour of Germany, which we did Lyudmila Zykina, came to us and said that they were the representatives of “Eurovision” that they heard my song “Russian vodka”. And then it collapsed (Berlin) wall, began the rapprochement between Russia and the West, the borders were opened, there was a huge interest in the Russian style — And we perceived the world differently, and they have started to perceive differently. In General, these people with “Eurovision” to us speak: you a hundred percent win, if you will attend. Gave us the documents for the country’s participation in the contest. Take, say them to your TV, let them sign it. And our, supposedly, the only request that went you, the rest — a trick.

– What are the skeletons out of the closet fall out! You promised victory before the competition?!

– Yeah, terrible secrets is now open. We were told that it is not necessary to conduct any of the qualifying competitions, come specifically to you. The only contribution the country has to pay — I think 20 000 doychemarok at the time.

And?.. Who stole your evrotriumf?

– We have TV began then any disruption is someone with someone separated, channels and everything else, we were passed from one program to another until it is determined who will be responsible for this “contest”. Then he said: all you really fly, let going to be the competition, but you do not worry. Ask: what competition? “We need to spin this story to attract attention,” I replied. I agreed. Gave the song “Return to Russia” because “Russian vodka” it was impossible, she sounded like before. The competition was held, and then they took all night and povyrezali like I wasn’t even there. And went a completely different performer. (Masha Katz under the pseudonym Judith took 9‑th place at “Eurovision”-1994 in Dublin with the song “Eternal wanderer”. — A. G.)

– As is — cut from the competition?

– And so! Took and cut. Then all was recorded. Deceit is terrible. Moreover, required not to give on the subject of the interview under the threat that I “will forever close.” Was shaped collusion. There is still Aziz took part and then in full swing was due to the dismantling of the murder Talkov, and many artists made noise, boycott this qualifying competition. Lolita, remember, very loud, others I not announced a boycott, but also spoke and touched, it seems, those who had the time to do. Began gangster calls me on the phone threatening to “deal”, “shred” if I don’t apologize… I will Not now name names. All in the past.

Just like all mixed up in the oblonskys: Eurovision, Aziz, talc, “Russian vodka”…

The times were turbulent. 90. Ball. The jury of the television functionaries decided, apparently, not to aggravate the scandal, and I just cut from the competition.

– More attempts were not made?

Why? Pointless. I have my Europort, really cool, with FIO Zanotti. It’s worth thousands of “Eurovision”. And then, you know, the scrapping of the 90’s with me and remained for many years — never to appear calm to do their job, not to go anywhere, because it is pointless. TV channels for a long time stopped me to take “recovery” was impossible, and so on. Things progressed from there.

– However, this has not prevented you all these years rich live and work as if in a parallel dimension, right?

– Although it was sometimes very difficult. Sometimes arms fall, and tears choked… But when you get used to it, it becomes a phantom pain, it in reality anymore. Time passed, generations changed. To me, all opened, I opened. Ready for shows and competitions. No, I’m not talking about the Eurovision… I think it is already overworked and injured with a crippled soul will remain this girl (Yulia Samoylova), to be honest. She doesn’t deserve so much negativity, and deserve only love, respect, to take good care of it, like a crystal vessel, but we keep having some strange things. Would not want, but was implicated and politics, and war, and blood, and hatred. When shooting guns, Muse, alas, is silent…

But your Muse never shut up, you’re the eternal value of pop music?

To be timeless means not to be. I’ve never precipitated — that is what it would be archaic. I never aspired to be archaic. Genesis is forever linked after all with the present…

– Amen!


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