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Saturday, February 17, 2018

DJ Armin van Buuren: “Music must restore the world”

Recently the show Armin Only Embrace was the most ambitious staging for more than 20 years of Armin van Buuren on stage. During this time he had not once become number one in the Top 100 DJs according to DJ Magazine version and for 5 years to stay in the top five in this ranking, to conquer the world and win many awards including a Grammy (Armin is one of four TRANS artists who received the award in the history of the American recording Academy). The artist revealed “MK” secrets “LP” popularity, shared his thoughts about what the mission of electronic music, and explained why the future of genre eclecticism.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

– Armin, hand on heart, can you say that in your music there is a certain ideology? Or is it electronics created just for dancing and entertainment?

Its uniqueness is that it can perform several functions, to cause different thought or emotions — to make people dance, feel happy, and maybe be inspired to create their own works of art. Such cases are not uncommon, besides, I am confident that the future for eclectic forms of art, and what is happening in the cultural world today — proof. If we talk about the last show, the audience could see what kind of work we have done. Perhaps, it was the biggest team I have ever went on tour. Every time I want to show something new, to take the height to which I have not yet been raised. Our team is involved in the training, was attended by about 40 people, including a number of different musicians – hip-hop artist Mr. Probz, the singer Simo Frankel, members of the Danish band Kensington.

– So you are open to collaborations with artists of all kinds — not only working in an electronic style?

– I have always followed this path. And since childhood I have been fascinated by different genres and directions, although, of course, attracted more those experimenters who mixed the unexpected “ingredients”, framing them with electronic sounds. I was 10 years absorbed music like a sponge. I love Ben Librand, which is considered to be the founder of the Studio DJing in Europe, I’m a fan of Jean-Michel Jarre destroyed all the boundaries and canons between styles and forms. When I started to make music myself, have not thought about what the future on this path is waiting for me, just did what could not do. Thank God I didn’t become a lawyer, though, and went on to study law.

Mass popularity came to you in 1995 when you released the track “Blue Fear”. Much since then has changed the trends?

– Contributed to the rapid development of technology. Today, almost anyone can become a producer or DJ, but not everyone has flair. Availability of all these features, dampens some of the guys, and some the contrary — even stronger light of the realization that in their hands is the whole world, and in it they as a demiurge able to create their own sound universe, unlike anything else. The main thing is not to go crazy and not get too excited it is important to first get background, to learn the basics, feel the harmony, to learn a lot of details before you will be able to create something really worthwhile. Although sometimes beginners luck, but it’s more of a random target.

– That is, electronic music is the higher mathematics? It is possible to build technically?

– I didn’t say that. I just said you should know your tools. Not every man who can cook, is a talented cook, not every performer, skilled, brilliant, besides when it comes to creating their own music, not just performing.

– Do you have any recipes you create hits?

– A paradox and a “recipe”, as you put it, perhaps, lies precisely in the fact that in any case not to think “I’m going to sit down and write a hit”. When you head immersed in the process, designated for such thinking simply does not remain, it begins a journey through new uncharted territories, and at some point was born the idea, the melody, find the methods to implement your plan to “score”. In addition, you should always leave a air for improvisation.

– You consistently stay in the top five of the world’s most famous DJs. Do you feel the competition?

– Create it numerous ratings published by magazines, websites, create a radio station. But I’m curious to learn something new from other DJs and producers, to cooperate with them, exchange views about what is happening on the world stage. For this I created more than 10 years ago, the radio show “A State of Trance”, to make the history of electronic music more open, to share with the audience new songs, tell them about new artists. I probably wouldn’t do that if they thought their competitors. And going back to the very first question — about the ideology of my music, it perfectly describes the name of the last show “Embrace”. In English it means “embrace”, and I want to hug the whole world when I write and play your tracks, to make people feel togetherness. In the modern world and in the context of all the events happening in it now is very important.


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