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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Putin should be Tsar: who

Only a third of Russians voted for Putin to become king. The rest, with all their respect to GDP, were against it. This event, experts have called the main for a week. Although, of course, the theme of this week was a cynical political games around Julia Samoilova, and murder Boronenkov. Introduce readers with the most vivid statements of politicians and cultural figures of the traditional weekly poll “MK”.

photo: kremlin.ru

Opinion, politics: the Carriage tore off the mask of Kiev

Valery RYAZANSKY, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy:

— Of course, the murder Boronenkov became the loudest event of the week, but he has already said too much.

I shook his scandal with a girl in a wheelchair that Kiev is not allowed on the Eurovision song contest. The Ukrainian government this decision finally ripped off his mask. And in Russia, regardless of this case, week was dedicated to people with disabilities. Held the presidency of the Council of legislators on the subject of social policy in the area of disabilities. Now I’m talking to you from the Kursk region, where public Council discussed the issue of creating an accessible environment for “people in wheelchairs”. Look here: on the one hand the inhuman decision of the Ukrainian authorities, and on the other topic that the Russian authorities and NGOs to discuss on a daily basis. That’s the difference between the two countries.

I would like to mention another event that has become an information bomb. Almost nobody noticed, but it has historical significance. To us in Russia began to “back brain” from the West. Opened a new research and production cluster. This time — pharmaceutical, Petushki district of Vladimir region. To work there came about 60 gorgeous specialistov from Europe and the United States. They will develop and produce the domestic medicines of the modern generation. These are our Russians who earlier left the country in the process of “brain drain”. And here they return Home. And not even in the capital and in the hinterland. Because already our province began to give the creative person more opportunities than the Western cities. This cluster became twenty-sixth of the number of open the most recent.

The opinion of the writer: King and Julia

Alexander Chistyakov, Chairman of the Russian literary society.

– When I heard that Feldman spoke about the monarchy, I thought that a folk hero of the Crimea somewhere fucked up. This is our long tradition to justify legodacta personal loyalty to the sovereign. Remember Menshikov.

But, in General, we have a monarchy was never interrupted. She’s such a special election. In 862 (no thousands) of Rurik of Novgorod themselves called Mikhail Romanov was elected by the Zemsky Sobor. Elizabeth, Catherine and Alexander Nikolayevich “selected” guard. And XVII century, and the XX is not without its Palace coups. So it is when the king the power to keep not able, when he people, and most of the nobles don’t like that it was removed quietly, and the last was lucky – no scarves, no snuff as impeachment was not used…

Oh, from the dynastic point of view the de facto Yeltsin had just appointed an heir, and the people approved…

And that is not relatives became heirs – so how many drops remain Romanov or just Russian blood in the DNA of Nicholas II?

So we’re 17 years ago have already chosen a king by popular vote in the best traditions of ancient Russia. And now the Emperor every five years, gathers the people and asks: “Dear you, the Russians?”

“A pleasure! A pleasure!” – responsible people by going to the polls. What the boyars lihoimstvo, so for. And who really latestbuy, that the Emperor is not only the province, but the patrimony can deprive, and even on the rack… And the tradition is to escape to Lithuania or somewhere, and from there the Emperor revile and find fault with not also started yesterday. The ionic V. Kurbsky even in those letters to respond graciously.

But still these encroachments servants to the Royal authority is, of course from the evil one. They want an heir to choose, without a national local Council. Not going to work. Tradition still twelve hundred years held.

But from the point of view of syntax, Aksenov rights. You just have to give the name in accordance with the content. But from the point of view of sociology was that — no. In the survey, this week the vast majority of Russians were against the monarchy.

The second is Julia. I participated for the first time in network flashmob with the hashtag #Alapoe and #Gulamistabas. There’s even the writer censorship of words is not enough. Eurovision is the same as the Olympic games out of politics. However, it seems that today only we remember this. Ossetia too, with the Olympics match, and first blood on the Maidan. So personally I traditionally expect from Eurovision something abruptly: the invasion of Transnistria or in the Crimea.

Speaking of Crimea. The money saved from a trip to Kiev, if you add a little bit may be good cars-party to stir up for all the Eurovision participants anywhere in Yevpatoriya. Let them celebrate their victories and defeats and a concert in Sevastopol – the same, but without the competition.


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