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Monday, February 19, 2018

“The objects of the Syrian army attack not subjected to”

“Israel did not intervene in the Syrian conflict, and in the process of the transfer of high-tech weapons to terrorists, in this case “Hezbollah” – said the newspaper VIEW press Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Israel, commenting on the frequent attack targets in Syria by the Israeli air force. After one of these attacks the Israeli missile hit a Syrian missile s-200, released by the IDF fighter. What is the position of Moscow on the background of the Syrian-Israeli escalation?

Israel has promised to continue air strikes on weapons convoys to Hezbollah in Syria. The attacks will continue in the case of “possible intelligence and military points of view,” stressed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He noted that he had informed the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about his intentions. Furthermore, the Israeli Premier denied reports that Russia insists on cessation of Israeli military operations on Syrian territory. “Russia has developed a policy (relative to the position of Israel in the middle East – approx. OPINION), and it has not changed,” the statement quoted Netanyahu Israeli newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

“We are not planning to supply Syria advanced air defense systems, this does not negotiations

Israel stresses that the strikes on positions of the Lebanese group Hezbollah, which Israel considers a terrorist and the current Syrian conflict fighting on the side of the Assad government.

Last Friday, the Israeli air force attacked targets in Syrian territory near Palmyra, in response, it fired several missiles. Officially the targets are not reported, according to media reports, the attack was directed against the troops of Hezbollah, noted the media. In response to Israeli aircraft in Syria released “several anti-aircraft missiles.”

But increasingly, the messages referred to “contact” the Israeli air force and the Syrian government army. So, the portal Mignews reported on Wednesday: Syrian opposition claims that the bombings near Damascus, Israeli aircraft destroyed the base of the air defense of Syria on the mountain Casion.

In addition, Israel said that its missile defence system, Arrow-2 intercepted a Syrian anti-aircraft guided missile “earth-air” complex s-200. “Soldiers identified a rocket moving on a ballistic orbit. Instructions and orders in this case is very clear – to neutralize and intercept any threat to the people of Israel, and that’s what we did. I have no doubt that we are ready to repeat it in the future,” said Brigadier General, commander of the air defense of the air force of Israel Zvi Haimovich, who was quoted by MigNews. Haimovich said that Israel is very proud of the fact that joint development of Israel and the United States Arrow-2 was able to strike at Soviet missile, said U.S. Defense News portal.

On Tuesday it became known that Israel has lost in Syria, Skylark drone – it destroyed a Syrian air defense systems. The Israeli military said that the incident happened on Sunday, “circumstances of incident are investigated”. The loss of the machine has not led to “the leakage of sensitive information”, they said.

Three reasons

The press Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Israel Elina Bardach-Yalova, commenting on the newspaper LOOK to the frequent attacks of the territory of Syria by the Israeli air force, said the defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has clearly outlined three reasons why Israel does airstrikes.

“The first attempt to transfer high-tech weapons to terrorists, in this case Hezbollah. Let me stress that in this case Israel did not intervene in the Syrian conflict, namely in the procedure of transmission,” she said.

Second, noted Bardac-Yalova, if Israel knows that the planned terrorist act, in this case, he tries to stop the terrorists by any means.

The third reason for the air attacks is, according to Bardach-Yalova, the suppression of the attempted missile attack on Israeli territory.

“Let me stress that Israel is not interested to interfere in other people’s conflicts, we do not act neither on the side of Assad, or against Assad,” – said the interviewee.

“Moscow wants to avoid possible incidents”

The Israeli political scientist, a former Israeli intelligence officer, Yakov Kedmi, in his turn, said that, to his knowledge, the direct impacts in parts of the CAA Israel has caused.

“All the attacks were directed not against Hizbullah, but against the warehouses, storing weapons supplied from Iran, and the types that supply a terrorist organization is unacceptable, in particular missiles. Have also been attacking the caravans with these weapons bound for Lebanon. No military positions “Hezbollah”, especially objects of the Syrian army attack was not exposed,” Kedmi told the newspaper VIEW.

Who is friends with whom and the war in Syria and Iraq in addition, the expert noted, released by the Syrian air defense at Israeli aircraft missiles s-200 has gone beyond the territory of Syria, is clearly directed at Israel, and one of our missiles hit her over the Jordan valley. “Israel’s Ambassador in Moscow was summoned to the foreign Ministry,” reminded Kedmi.

Indeed, on Sunday it became known that the Israeli Ambassador in Moscow, Gary Koren was summoned to the foreign Ministry of Russia, what is confirmed by Russian Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. Counsellor of the Embassy of Israel in Moscow for media relations Alex Kagalsky these messages refused to comment, however, the media reported that the Ambassador discussed Israeli air strikes on Syria.

“I think it is because the last attack, the Israeli air force has occurred in the vicinity of the Russian Armed forces and Moscow simply wants to avoid incidents and misunderstandings – suggested Kedmi and added: – the Russian air defense did not intervene in the Syrian-Israeli relationship.”

As for the possibility of deliveries of modern Russian air defense, Kedmi noted that the Syrian army exists only conditionally, from a purely technical side, they are not able to service modern air defense system. “Besides, I think that Russia is not interested in exacerbating the conflict between Syria and Israel, this can be judged by the actions of Moscow. Besides, no matter what the service generally will be supplied Syrian army. We still destroyed,” he added.

“We are not planning to supply Syria advanced air defense systems”

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on defense and security, Federation Council Frants Klintsevich in comments to the newspaper OPINION noted that Russia is working in Syria in light of international treaties. “Everything about the Israeli air strikes, is a bilateral Syrian-Israeli relations. We are not planning to supply Syria advanced air defense systems, this is generally not the negotiations”, – said the Senator.

At the same time, Klintsevich said that Moscow is concerned about the creation of a system of tensions in Syria.

Hezbollah at the moment really helps Syrian armed forces in the fight against ISIL*. Naturally, the Syrian army in this fight has units of “Hezbollah” technical support. Israel is causing irritation. This contradiction between Syria and Israel prevents Russia to carry out anti-terrorism tasks,” – said Klintsevich.

According to the Senator, today in Moscow at the level of consultation suggests the need for harmonization and conclusion of the contract. “Confrontation with Israel and with Syria we have, but these contradictions need to be solved, at least at the level of negotiations between tel Aviv and Damascus,” – he explained.

“Russia warned Israel using s-300 and s-400”

Note, Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will continue to take action, if only to prevent arms shipments to Hezbollah. He noted that Israel has all the intelligence and operational capabilities. “It was and will be”, – said Netanyahu.

The Israeli defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman went further and stated that if the Syrian military “will again open fire” at Israeli aircraft, Israel will destroy the Syrian air defense systems.

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Diyar, commenting on the call by the Israeli Ambassador in the Russian foreign Ministry suggested that Russia made a warning to Israel and made it clear that “the game has changed” and he “will no longer be able to attack with such ease as before,” quoted МigNews Lebanese media. The newspaper added that Russia will use the missile defense system s-300 and s-400 in the case of the appearance of Israeli planes over the borders of the Golan heights.

Russia’s participation plays an important role in the conflict between Israel and Syria, said on Sunday the President of SAR Bashar al-Assad. He recalled that Russia’s actions are based on international law, the UN Charter and the resolutions of the security Council. So, “based on these criteria”, Russia can engage in dialogue with Israel and to play a role in the fact that Israeli forces “do not attack Syria,” he said.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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