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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Prosecutor’s office found Baghdasaryan something you don’t even know her father

The infamous stritreysery Mara Baghdasaryan is finally deprived of a driving licence. However, the reason for this decision was not committed many flagrant traffic violations, and medical grounds: the Prosecutor’s office suddenly found the girl’s epilepsy. Why the court stopped at this verdict, as the girl was able to get right and why her own father didn’t know about the disease?

In Savelovsky court of Moscow held a hearing in the matter of the acclaimed participants of street racing Mara Baghdasaryan. The court satisfied the claim of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s office and ruled on the indefinite deprivation of stritreysery driver’s license.

“If such a diagnosis is made, then to remove it is almost impossible”

At the same time, the court’s decision was quite original. The reason for the deprivation, he became a driving licence, contrary to expectations, not her numerous traffic violations, and medical conditions.

Mara Baghdasaryan was one of the figurants of resonant scandal of “reckless on the G”. She also repeatedly detained for traffic violations. For this reason, it was fined, the total sum of which amounted to almost 200 thousand rubles. For numerous unpaid fines, she was sentenced to 10 and 14 days of administrative detention and 600 hours of community service, which she tried to shy away, giving a fake hospital. She only further increased their time.

During the Prosecutor’s inspection has also revealed that she suffers from epilepsy. He in the case the Prosecutor provided confirming that a copy of the medical card and a certificate. The court also made the inspector of traffic police who witnessed the attack, which occurred in the process.

Epilepsy is a strict contraindication for getting a driver’s license. In particular, for registration of the medical certificate necessary for the issuance of a license, to be screened for its absence.

This was guided by the Savelovsky court, when handed down its decision on the indefinite deprivation of Mara Baghdasaryan driver’s license. In this regard, regain the ability to drive a car she can only the doctors, said the court’s decision. It is not clear why the court decided to rely on the numerous gross violations of stritreysera rules of the road, namely, on the medical evidence?

“This, of course, the precedent still was nothing like this to court on the basis of medical testimony any decisions were made. Probably, there was a desire to block the most tight tolerance of the citizen to the driver’s seat. But if we are talking about a disease that is curable, the cure of this disease means in fact the abolition of contraindications to the management of the vehicle”, – said the newspaper VIEW Chairman of the all-Russian public movement “Movement of motorists of Russia” Viktor Pokhmelkin.

State Duma Deputy from the faction “United Russia” and the leader of Russian political party “Automotive Russia” Vyacheslav Lysakov, in contrast, believes that it is not the first such case. He said the newspaper VIEW, a couple of years ago, “the Prosecutor’s office checked in some regions, a driver’s license in compliance with the medical status of the owner and found cases where people were given rights although they suffered from diseases that prevent it.” “So you should not doubt the legality of such decisions, especially in relation to the girl, whose deeds the whole country in front”, he added. The MP also believes that “if such a diagnosis is made, then to remove it is almost impossible”.

He in the case the Prosecutor expressed opinion that “from today on the roads will be less problems, at least less than one problem, whose name is Mara Baghdasaryan”.

At the same time, according to the results of the hearing have any questions. In particular, as suffering from epilepsy Mare Baghdasaryan failed to obtain a medical certificate to issue rights? The same question asked Vyacheslav Lysakov: “I Have no doubt that she studied [driving] to be honest, but there’s a presumption of innocence, I can’t directly blame”. Apparently, this question is now will remain unanswered.

Another oddity: the father Mary said that she intends to appeal the court’s decision, and noted that she had no epilepsy. “All parents know what disease is in children, and what is not” – he said and assured that he went with her examination and made sure that she is healthy.

Thus, this scandal is still a large number of open questions. And even the court decision did not put her point, giving rise to many misunderstandings.


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