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Monday, February 19, 2018

Lukashenka is trying to pass “parasites” over a “fifth column” and “militants”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has uncovered another plot against him. According to his testimony, the country arrested some militants who were preparing an armed provocation. However, there is every reason to believe that the “old man” again, wishful thinking, and the real problems of his country need to look elsewhere.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, was detained “several dozen” fighters who “trained in the camps with weapons.” “By the way, one of the camps was in Bobruisk and Osipovichi. The rest camps in Ukraine. In my opinion, in Lithuania or in Poland (I will not say, but somewhere in there). The money went through Poland and Lithuania to us. We are literally in these hours was detained a few dozen militants who were preparing a provocation with weapons”, – quotes the President of the Belarusian Agency “BelTA”.

“Came in Mogilyov 200 people in the area to work to ask. When they offered me the job, they all fled”

Thus the detention of “insurgents,” as said the head of Belarus became possible only thanks to concerned citizens: “Thank you that there are Belarusians and Belarusians are real, that being abroad in the European Union – warned us. A woman came to the Embassy and warned, officially wrote a letter: a provocation. And we began to understand. And really came at a very interesting things.”

The identity of the detainees, Lukashenko did not disclose, but promised that subsequently, the public will be provided with fuller information about this fact.

By the way, the Belarusian border guards, according to the same Agency “BelTA” has prevented a breakthrough of the car from the territory of Ukraine. According to the report, “in the area of the settlement Gavrilovka Narovlyansky district of the Gomel region with weapons the car was stopped, detained two citizens, their identity is established”. “According to available information, the car could be another unknown, which is currently being sought. During an external inspection of the vehicle discovered a TT pistol and two fully loaded magazine, as well as a subject, externally similar with TNT and detonators”, – says the publication.

But back to Lukashenko. In addition to the story about “dozens of militants”, he told the public about the “fifth column”, which is “stirred” in the country.

“You have to understand that in the world these people are not hundreds of thousands, but thousands are professionals who commit provocations. They, of course, controlled by the intelligence services of certain countries,” – said the Belarusian President. And told about how, in his opinion, are the color revolutions in Ukraine and other countries of the world:

“These provocateurs are usually in demand where the hot spots are. This video was shot, wowed the crowd. Panic, stampede, people at each other, angry and like a snowball, starts this outrage. Then the man shoved the weapon, ranging from knives and finishing small. And an ordinary man, who allegedly came to claim his own, becomes a Thriller. It is a technology of color revolutions”.

“Fifth column,” as expected, Lukashenka believes self-employed people of the country who came to protest against adopted in 2015, but earned only this year, the “law of drones”. “Came in Mogilyov 200 people in the area to work to ask. When they offered me the job, they all fled. That is, their work was not needed. Organized people together with the fifth column, and the wave in major cities,” – said the President of Belarus.

More recently, Lukashenko told the citizens about the terrible “pressure”, which Belarus has Russia, and arrested journalists working for Russian media. It turns out that in the Belarusian state propaganda Belovezhskaya Pushcha finally turned into a besieged fortress. Moscow is trying to “suppress” economically, and Washington, Brussels and Kiev are sending fighters and organize protests “parasites.”

Because all the accusations against Russia are not true, most likely, “dozens of armed militants” – it’s also a fantasy. Belarus – Libya and not Syria, to overthrow the government by armed force in this country, no one will. And a few marches “parasites” is not the millionth “Euromaidan”, as does “father” – not Yanukovych, went down in history as a weak and indecisive politician. That Lukashenko will give the order to shoot and will hold on to power until the last, no doubt.

Usually the state propaganda appeals to the image of “besieged fortress” only in those cases when the situation in the country quite heavy and need to immediately call in the citizens of the surge of patriotism. Despite the economic problems in relations with Russia and attempts to translate their own inability in the political sphere, Lukashenko is still everything is not a disaster.

The West looks very favorably on how “dad” shows his teeth Moscow – and this is another argument in favor of what to send fighters to Belarus from Ukraine and Poland, no one will.

It turns out that its main problem is Lukashenko really believes dissatisfied “parasites”. Even if they are few, but the Belarusian government really unaccustomed to serious criticism. Unaccustomed to the fact that her actions can cause popular protest.

Note that in Russia there were similar protests – for example, after the monetization of benefits. Of course, in addition to those on whose pocket do hit the reforms, among the protesters were those who tried to exploit the situation for personal political interests or the interests of their sponsors, including foreign ones. But no one thought to invent out of the blue some “militants”, as in the case of economic disputes with neighbors, Moscow, unlike Minsk, not resort to political blackmail. Flies separately – cutlets separately.

All people make mistakes, including politics. The question is how to correct mistakes. It is possible to adjust already issued a decree or law. You can spend explanatory work. And you can invent “militants” and to declare affected by the actions of the state of the people “fifth column”.

It even works more than once. But, as we know from a story by Leo Tolstoy, with impunity to shout “wolves” every day is impossible. Friends “parasites” is in almost every citizen of Belarus, and it is unlikely all of them will be able to write in Ukrainian-Lithuanian-Belarusian agents.

The state is not obliged to publicly admit their mistakes, but the fix was a failure the laws should be.

Otherwise “action” will become a reality, but it will not be “agents” and “fifth column”, and a simple angry men.


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