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Saturday, January 20, 2018

“When the President proposes, it is completely different responsibility”

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that approved the composition of the Public chamber (OP) Russia. The first 40 members of the chamber decree appointed by the President, 85 push the public chamber of regions. Then together they will choose another 43 representatives of public associations and NGOs. List OP members invited by the President’s quota, there are many new faces.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that approved the composition of the Public chamber (OP) Russia. In addition, the head of state called the members of the presidential part of the new composition of the OP.

“Studies show that people want to protect their rights and interests, to the Public chamber is also involved in this”

Recall that the formation of OP takes place in three stages: the first 40 members of the house by his decree appointed by the President, 85 push the public chamber of regions. Then together they choose the 43 “public man” is a so – called third quota of representatives of public associations and non-profit organizations.

Earlier, instead of the third quota was practicing Internet voting in the formation of the OP. However, this format was a lot of criticism, because many experts themselves “social activists” stressed that Internet voting must be replaced by an open vote. This allows you to see who and what people choose.

Renewal of the composition

As reported by the official website of the OP, the procedure for its formation was initiated on February 21. Then Putin appointed candidates 40 Russian citizens who have special merits before the state and society, and invited them to join the Public chamber. Then 41 regional public chamber of the 85 nominated their representatives in the OP Russia. The first meeting of the chamber in its new composition should be held in June.

It is noteworthy that of the 40 members OP the last part, which was appointed by President Vladimir Putin, only 17 received an invitation to the new composition of the house. Among the remaining members of OP: Leo Bokeria, Elena sutormina, Iosif Diskin, Albir Krganov, Vladimir Legoyda, Lydia Mikheeva and others.

In addition, among the most eminent members of the new composition of the Public chamber proposed by the President include: Director Vladimir Khotinenko, Deputy Chairman of “Union of machine builders of Russia”, Boris Aleshin, Director of scientific research Institute of physico-chemical biology. A. N. Belozersky MSU Vladimir Skulachev, President of the “all-Russian rhythmic gymnastics Federation” Irina Viner-Usmanov, rector of MAI Mikhail Pogosyan, chief editor of the magazine “Expert”, TV presenter and public activist Valery Fadeev, the Russian chess player Sergey Karjakin.

In the “presidential list” – the hero of Russia Vyacheslav Bocharov, the Hero of labour (mentioned above Irina Viner-Usmanova), and three academician and academician of RAMS, four State prizes laureate.

Not just representative Assembly

Experts note that the number of representatives of the “expert community” has grown almost twice.

This suggests that for the President of OP – not just a representative Assembly, and experts from which the head of state expects the development of new public initiatives. More importantly, “public figures” will evaluate the development of these initiatives.

Being professionals in their field, they will implement these initiatives. Since every member of OP is a recognized expert, whose merits were highly appreciated not only the President but also population, public organizations are sometimes better than officials know what innovations are needed and how they should spend, experts stress.

“To compel the negligent officials to work in the public interest”

Recall that each of the “public men”, which were held in the new composition of the OP on the presidential quota, he personally received from the President a letter of offer to be part of the OP.

President of the Autonomous nonprofit organization “Center for applied research and programs,” Alexander Tochenov told the newspaper VIEW that the invitation of the head of state was perceived in two ways. “On the one hand, I know that for a long time in social activities that can and so-forth. But when it was proposed by the President, this imposes a completely different responsibility,” – said the source. He said that now all the last few days studying the research material, criticism and activities of the Public chamber, what was done, what was done, etc., communicating with colleagues from current and past rosters.

According to the rules of the OP, with a vote possible to work only in one Committee, and Advisory – in different.

In this regard, Tochenov said that now considering whatever topics he could do while well inclined to the development of the urban environment of rural areas. “Studies show that people want to protect their rights and interests, to Public chamber to do the same. There are small, local in time and territory the task that the local community unites and decides. They have to maintain. But officials often do not, and Vice versa, even interfere,” – said the source.

In his opinion, these “negligent officials” should also work. “If they interfere, do not understand and do not support civil activism aimed in the right direction – in the development, then these officials will need to force to act in the interests of citizens, interests of society”, – summed up Tochenov.

“We need support in the development of dialogue with the authorities”

Experts note that the new composition of the OP significantly increased the proportion of members of the house aged 30 to 40 years, indicating that demand for a new generation of political and public figures, both on the level of the government and of the governors and at the level of civil institutions.

Thus, on the one hand, the rejuvenation of the OP, on the other hand, it continues to work older people (e.g., academics, Vladimir Skulachev and Leo Bokeria), this creates a balance between the continuity, the preservation of institutional experience. All this will boost the social prestige of public works OP, experts say.

The new composition of the OP, along with the honored workers of culture, science and sports, was also taken and young men. For example, is co-chair of the Association of volunteer centres 23-year-old Andrey Metelev, who occupied first the post of supervisors on adaptation of children-orphans and people with disabilities all-Russian public organization “Union of volunteers of Russia”.

Earlier Friday, he told the newspaper VIEW that it was a big surprise to get a letter from President Vladimir Putin with a proposal to enter into Public chamber.

“First and foremost, naturally, I accepted the President’s decision,” – said Metelev. In the new structure OP “we will represent the interests of volunteer organizations and movements”, he added. He recalled that the volunteers themselves in our country there are more than 10 million people, according to various estimates. This large number of organizations “need support, including the development of dialogue with authorities, non-profit organizations,” said Metelev.

“OP gives opportunities that do not allow other sites”

Director of the Autonomous nonprofit organization “social information Agency” Elena Topoleva-Soldunova, who works in the Public chamber since 2010, has also accepted the proposal of the President.

“The public chamber gives possibilities which don’t give other sites. I would like first of all to engage in the development of NGOs, of public activity. People are becoming more active. Need to promote this activity, this self-realization. The public chamber could contribute to this environment was even more favorable,” – said earlier the newspaper VIEW Topoleva-Soldunova.

The General Director of charity Fund of support for the music art “Elena Obraztsova Foundation”, Natalya Ignatenko, also received a letter from the President with a proposal to enter into a Public chamber, in conversation with the newspaper LOOK, said: “As a man dealing with the problems of culture in Russia, I hope will represent the music community. We have a lot of interesting ideas. I hope that the OP will be using some of these ideas to lobby that they have implemented”.

She stressed that the Russian culture is rich in names, talents, and should be “to promote our art not only in Russia but also abroad.” She expressed regret that in classical music are paying less attention to the Russian composers and their works.

It is also worth noting the St. Petersburg priest, laureate of the State prize for outstanding achievements in the field of charitable activities Alexander Tkachenko, occupying the post of General Director Saint-Petersburg state Autonomous health care institution “Hospice (children)” and the Imperial Fund for cancer research, and Executive Secretary of the OOD “Search movement of Russia” Irina Zuyevo – Volgograd search engine engaged in military archaeology.

Newspaper OPINION wrote that over the years the Public chamber (OP) has become a powerful platform for solving various problems. But, despite the great potential, it needs to rethink itself. The thing is that when OP appeared was a different environment. And now a lot of sites for public control and expertise. For example, onf. “So you need to rethink your role”, – assured the community members that are invited to the new composition of the OP.

“We hope that our participation will help to protect the interests of users”

Vice President, corporate relations of the company “Yandex” Marina Yanina said in comments to TASS that he plans to raise at the site of OP topics related to the development of new technologies. “Yandex” develops technologies that affect the future of many areas, so it is important to make the discussion of the Public chamber of the actual problems of new technologies. The range of issues is broad: education, telemedicine, e-Commerce, transportation, geo-services, artificial intelligence and machine learning,” she said.

Janina explained that we are talking about new models of development that have an impact on society and quality of life of each person.

“I hope that our participation will help to inform all participants of the discussions, the opinions of the Internet industry and protect the interests of users,” she concluded.


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