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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The head of the FBI acknowledged the investigation ties trump with Russia

In the United States on 20 March was held the first public hearing on the subject of the alleged intervention of Russia in last year’s election campaign, which ended with the election of Donald trump. During the meeting of the intelligence Committee (in the House of representatives – the lower house of Congress) before its members were made by the head of the FBI, James Comey. The usual practice, the FBI does not involve a review of unfinished investigations, but in this case, obviously, because of the attention to the subject, an exception was made. In addition to ties trump with Russia – and their presence was discussed prior to the Republican victory in the elections – it was about the accusations, voiced by the new President to address his predecessor, Barack Obama. The Obama administration, said trump, listened to “trump tower” in new York, where he lived before moving to the White house.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

James Komi.

According to Komi, the investigation for possible interference of the Kremlin in American elections and relationships trump (and his entourage) with Russia, the FBI began more than three months before election day in the US (8 November 2016). “I am not able to say when it will be able to provide the Committee with new information (investigation) and when it will end,” he said later in the meeting.

NSA Director Michael Rogers, also interviewed during the hearings, confirmed, without going into details, that Russia interfered in the electoral process in the United States.

Speaking about the possible relations of Moscow and the WikiLeaks organization, spread a Network of “leaks” of classified information, the head of the FBI said that directly the parties obviously did not communicate. He stressed that it is not known whether the investigation of the “leak” brought to an end.

While the Komi, in turn, refused to answer the question of whether the FBI reports that the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergey Kislyak has collected information on influential Americans. “I’m not ready to answer this question (as to whether the Russian diplomat spy) during the open hearings,” he said. However Qomi stressed that Russia is always interested in American election campaigns, trying to understand in advance who will become President of the country.

In addition, said the head of the FBI, in his opinion, “Putin loves those who love him.”

Unfortunately, many issues relating to the Komi Republic was forced to answer in the spirit of “can’t talk about it in open hearings” (including, citing the inability to discuss the actions of American citizens). So, unanswered questions about the ex-adviser to trump Michael Flynn, who in February was forced to resign – he was accused of concealing information about contacts with the Russian side (there is also information about getting his $45 thousand).

Hung in the air and provocative questions about whether Russia prefers, according to Komi and Rogers, the Republicans to the Democrats on a post of the President of the United States. Also the head of the FBI and the NSA did not comment on the appointment of Rex Tillerson to the post of U.S. Secretary of state in connection with his close relations with representatives of Russia.

“Russia’s intervention was extraordinarily loud. It seemed like they don’t care what we know about him,” he said, returning to the subject of Russian participation in the elections in Komi Republic. And the head of the FBI, and the head of the NSA, the question is whether Russia is an enemy of the United States, replied in the affirmative.

As for wiretapping trump the Obama administration, as stated by the head of the FBI, his office does not have the data to support this information.

“I have no information which would confirm these tweets, said Komi Republic, referring to the accusations against Obama that trump sent via Twitter. We looked at the FBI…”.

He told the congressmen that it has authority from the parent organization – the U.S. Department of justice to inform them of the absence of any evidence of wiretapping. He also stressed that no President could order wiretapping, because it is outside of presidential powers (listening in the U.S. is only on orders very sparingly and meticulously, demanding tangible evidence issued by special courts).

Interestingly, during the hearings in the personal microblog of Donald trump appearing messages. But in its official “presidential” microblog was published some clips from the broadcast of the hearings where the statements of Komi and Rogers served in the best American leader of the light. In particular,

Trump is clearly trying to shift the focus from investigation of the role of Russia in the elections and its relations with the Kremlin on leaks of classified information from intelligence agencies in the media. “We need to immediately find those who gives you the leak!” – he wrote. Party trump showed some degree of solidarity with the President: the chair of the Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives, Republican Devin Nuns announced the “determination to bring to justice before the law” those who disclose classified information.

As is known, the Kremlin has officially responded to the outbreak in the United States hearing. Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov called them “inter-business”. The fact of the intervention in the American elections Moscow has repeatedly denied.

Recall that following hearings in the House of representatives will be held on March 28. Hearings on this topic in the Committee of the Senate (the upper chamber of Congress) scheduled for March 30. Where they will ultimately lead is still unknown, but as said the leader of the Democrats in the Senate Chuck Schumer, “it is necessary that the FBI had the opportunity to follow the facts wherever they lead.” He alludes to the protection trump his party colleagues in Congress. But this protection is purely temporary phenomenon. Capitol nor the Republicans, nor anyone from the management of special services (repeatedly insulted by trump) put the head on the block for the President, around which all the same compressed ring serious suspicions.


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