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Monday, March 19, 2018

Putin has taught the officials, the academics, the lesson of discipline

The President stopped the “vanity fair” among senior officials – so experts evaluated the decision of the head of state to dismiss a number of officials and security forces, recently became academicians and corresponding members of RAS. Vladimir Putin has fulfilled the promise given last week: now the “great scientist” from the interior Ministry, defense Ministry, FSB and the administration of the President, nothing will prevent to devote himself to science.

On Monday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin dismissed from leadership positions a number of staff of the presidential administration, the FSB, the defense Ministry and the interior Ministry.

In particular, the President dismissed (with the formulation “at own will”) the head of the Investigative Department of MVD, the former chief military Prosecutor Alexander Savenkov.

“To consolidate the lesson we had someone to severely punish. Different, apparently, the lesson would simply not be perceived”

Lieutenant-General Vasily Khristoforov resigned as head of the Department of registration and archival funds of the FSB (with the phrase “upon reaching the age limit of stay on military service”). Alexander Fisun, left the post of chief of the Main military medical Directorate of the defense Ministry, and Konstantin Kotenko relieved of his duties as Deputy Manager of the President.

Exemption from the senior positions referred to high-ranking officials and law related to their election to the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

On Wednesday, President Putin has reminded that at the end of 2015 requested government representatives, including senior officials, to refrain from participating in the elections to the Russian Academy of Sciences. The President appealed to the head of the Academy of Sciences Vladimir Fortov and other members of the RAS with questions: “Why did you do it? They are the major scientists that without them the Academy of Sciences cannot do? And the second question: what do I do now?”. Putin said that the ban on election to the Russian Academy of Sciences includes the heads of regions. “Man can not occupy a high position and be a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences”, – said the President.

In response, the President of the Academy assured that the applicants met all requirements. As reported by TASS in the Russian Academy of Sciences, members of the Academy began this year, 14 government representatives, including the source of the Academy referred to the chief of the main military medical Directorate of the defense Ministry Alexander Fisun.

Last Wednesday, immediately after the critical comments made by the head of state, the administration of President has promised to make personnel decisions.

Meanwhile, the next day a high-ranking source in the Academy of Sciences announced that the Charter does not allow the wounds to deprive the official title of academician for his desire. Last Thursday, the President of RAS Vladimir Fortov said that after the President’s statement, nobody was asked to renounce the status of a corresponding member or academician.

“Officials at the Academy to elect not”

The VZGLYAD newspaper reported in detail about the significance of the request of the President to the officials that decided to enter in the Academy. In particular, the Federation Council member, academician of RAS Arnold Tulokhonov (repeatedly mentioned among the authorities, who became academicians), said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that he supports the request of Putin, but on his own account will not carry. “The President is absolutely right: officials in the Academy of Sciences to elect not to. However, the law says that people working in the legislature, that is, members of Parliament, can combine scientific and legislative activities. Therefore, Putin’s statement in respect of itself is not considered”, – said the Senator.

However, according to Tulokhonov, he is ready to return directly to his professional scientific work. The Senator believes that Putin’s statement for the newly elected academicians and corresponding members of Russian Academy of Sciences. “I think for the next election officials working in the presidential administration and the government, will be denied the right to be elected to Russian Academy of Sciences”, – he said.

Other science

“The President demonstrates a sequence, and the fate of these officials is a lesson for others,” – said the newspaper VIEW political scientist, the head of “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev. Apparently, the President isn’t quite happy with the perceived instructions that he gives, the expert said. “To consolidate the lesson we had someone to severely punish. Different, apparently, the lesson would simply not be accepted,” – said the expert.

However, he said, “the main thing with water child not to throw out”. The presence of the academic title does not mean that the person is fully immersed in scientific activities at the expense of the work, says the source. “However, it was necessary to somehow stop this endless chase officials for academic degrees and titles, defamatory Russian science”, – said Kalachev. He recalled how many officials were caught in that thesis was not written by them and are the fruits of plagiarism and compilation.

“The problem is not specific people. But everyone needs to do their job. This President is absolutely right, – said the analyst. – To someone, to others it was nepovadno, had to suffer, but unfortunately, in our country different often don’t understand.”

“Vanity fair” over the dismissal

“We need to share any science, or civil service, especially given that the President made an order that no civil servants had not practiced this combination,” – said the newspaper LOOK President of the center for social and political studies “Aspect”, member of the Public chamber, political analyst Georgy Fedorov.

He noted that the stay ran very distracting officials from the current operational work, but “discipline in the state apparatus is one of the keys to the health of the state machine”. Officials have not executed the recommendation of the President, so he has the right to fire them, “despite their rank and position,” said the analyst.

Speaking about why the election ran so attractive for officials, Fedorov reminded that any status can be monetized, at least given the financial premium to the overall performance. The analyst also noted that in the ranks of our officials is thriving “vanity fair”.

“We remember that it was a fashion, when the officer must have a science degree,” said Fedorov and recalled that there were many scandals in which the degree was phony, a fake. “It’s from the same series, when people want to obtain a certain status (they are not current enough), you also need a specific name in the scientific world, – said the analyst. – For anybody not a secret that a certain connection, a certain way of life, in General, the increase to all vanity”.


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