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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Goodbye Europe: Kiev has imposed sanctions against the members of the EU, visited the Crimea

Sunday in the Crimea is a large foreign delegation headed by the deputies of the European Parliament. In addition to representatives of the EU, the Peninsula was visited policy in Latin America, a number of CIS countries and even Ukraine. Closer to the heart of the visit was interpreted, naturally, in the Square, where already beginning to impose sanctions against members of the European Parliament. But most of all the authorities interested in the question: what Ukrainian politicians have dared to go on the Peninsula? The SBU will have to work hard to figure it out because the Crimean authorities, fearing for future guests decided their names and faces to classify.

photo: pixabay.com

The visit of the foreign delegation coincided with the third anniversary of the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia and can be regarded as introductory. From Sunday to Tuesday guests will show almost all the southern coast of the Crimea, will mingle with the locals and Crimean Tatars, whose rights, according to Ukrainian politicians, not prejudice just lazy. According to the Deputy of the Serbian radical party Milovan Basica, one of the main goals of his visit, he and his colleagues considers the breakthrough of the information blockade. Serbian parliamentarians noted that the double standards of Europe, they encountered repeatedly. As an example, was taken by the conflict in Kosovo and the bombing of NATO air capital of Serbia (then Yugoslavia) Belgrade.

So friendly and laudatory reviews of European parliamentarians in Kiev was seen as a blow below the belt. How else to explain the words of the Secretary of the Council for national security and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, who said that politicians who visited the Crimea, may be sanctioned, as well as criminal cases. Five foreign politicians have joined the “black list” of the Square, however, this does not disappoint. Among them were the citizens of the once socialist countries — Jaroslav Golik from the Czech Republic and the whole of the Serbian delegation, headed by Milovan Beecham. The news that they became persona non grata in Ukraine, a policy embraced with a smile, saying, that Ukraine is not going to go. A member of the British party “For the independence of the United Kingdom” Nigel Sussman has not yet hit the number of unwanted Kiev, but wondered about the sanity of the Ukrainian government: “How can I judge what is happening in the Crimea, not visiting him?” And noted that such measures Independence “show the real nature of Ukraine”.

However, most will get from Kiev by its own citizens, which has been dubbed traitors in the Square. The fact that the composition of the delegation include international and Ukrainian politicians, but their names are kept secret by the Russian side. As stated by the Deputy of the State Duma, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for nationalities Ruslan Balbec, the decision was made due to fear for their lives. The Russian parliamentarian noted that currently the visit of the Ukrainian policy on the Peninsula is akin to suicide. For complete security they are not included even in the General Protocol pictures.

Independent of the opinions were divided — some believe that Moscow itself has come up with “deputies invisible” in order to once again outdo Kiev. And some vengeance flexing his fists in anticipation of lynchings classified Russia “traitors”.

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