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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bulk dispatched to the Communists

Nobody, except the Supreme court, it remains to be seen whether Alexei Navalny to participate in elections of the President of Russia, but it becomes obvious that the blogger found an alternate aerodrome to continue his political career. It is the Communist party. There is even a version that the Bulk of the marks not just in the Politburo, and directly to succeed the fading Zyuganov. And it is in this context that there is a very prominent allies in the Communist party. For example, the head of the Moscow city branch and a member of the Central Committee Valery Rashkin and head of the Communist party faction in the Moscow city Duma, the candidate in mayors of Moscow Andrey Klychkov.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Before the elections to the state Duma responsible for the campaign in Moscow was appointed Valery Rashkin. As the person creative, he tried to gain footing and even in the liberal camp. Then the city party office has announced that it intends to invite to participate in the debates and primaries, which the Communists will hold on the territory of Moscow, Alexei Navalny and his supporters. The bloc of Communists and Napalkova Rashkin poetically dubbed the “headquarters of the revolution”, which aims to create the front “changes”. After the announcement was made, there was a mysterious situation, which analysts interpreted differently. Some said that Navalny refused, although the blogger never confirmed. Others believe that at the last moment Zyuganov banned Rashkin this “revolutionary experiment”. Was and conspiracy theories: what is Klychkov, who is obviously struggling with Rashkin for supremacy in Moscow, we have advised senior companion Bulk to throw in rival anger Zyuganov, the lack of understanding of the electorate and substitute Valery Fedorovich. Anyway, those elections failed Rashkin, getting the worst result in the capital for all history of existence of the party.

Third, conspiracy theories, it seems, denies time itself. If Klychkov wanted to frame Rashkin Bulk, why would he now be substituted the most? After what was announced as a candidate in mayors of Moscow from the Communist party in the elections of 2018 will be Klychkov, Navalny said that he would support in the elections.

In General, the friendship between the Bulk and the second most important Communist Moscow at the regional level there is real and documented. When Navalny ran for mayor of Moscow in 2013 and was required to pass through the municipal filter, the Communists have dobrosel him the necessary votes to register as a candidate. And Klychkov and helped to write the election program for Navalny. But again unity on the question of Bulk in the ranks of the Communist party was not. At the same time, the Communists launched a public campaign “not one vote for Navalny.”

That is, Alex has become a kind of catalyst for the split in the ranks of the Communist party.

By the way, if you look at history a little deeper, the Bulk was held across the spectrum of our political spectrum from right to left and back. He was close to the Communists, was “Apple”, from which he loudly expelled for relations with the nationalists, he worked in the SPS, and worked assistant to the Governor, and that, anyway, is the party in power… the Fish is looking where it is deeper.

Navalny is one of the most driven politicians. In spite of the recurrent on bail he is fairly mobile and moves well informed about the situation in the country and our relatively poor party building. And the party for him is a promotion tool. In the “United Russia” it, apparently, not yet waiting, and of all other real, extensive organizational structure and hundreds of thousands of fake members only the Communist party. Well, where else is there to do a career? Especially given the fact that Gennady Andreevich is not a perpetual motion machine in the next few years could go on a holiday.

The only question is, will the Kremlin allow the introduction of blogger in the Communist party. Because if you multiply his talents public policy is already ready party resource — it can become a serious force. But Zyuganov something so good that no dangerous antics are taken.

Here we can assume the reverse option. Navalny has repeatedly been suspected that he executes the orders of the authorities. Maybe his public closeness to the Communist party designed to weaken the Communists to divide their electorate? And the signs are already visible, and behind examples far to walk not necessary. In the days before the state Duma, the Communists held a picket with a satirical poster on which was depicted Alexei Navalny, Gennady Zyuganov, Valery Rashkin, Andrei Klychkov and someone like Mr. Twister. Well, the slogan is clear: “Shame on this Union.”

Held this action is another contender for a high place in the Communist hierarchy — Andrei Karelin, who declared himself a member of the Central Committee of the United Communist party. The poster and the picket, he said: “This is a very strange symbiosis between the people who call themselves leaders of the Communist party and the liberal anti-Communists”.

In General, the likelihood that Navalny is just dynamite, which aims to break the Communist movement from within, there is.

However, one of the first persons of the party, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party Sergei Obukhov, a different opinion:

We support Navalny are good, — he has told to the correspondent “MK”. — Though the Bulk of us will support, though a Surgeon, though Spider — we will in any case welcome it. They are voters, as comrade said. And if they dare us to publicly support — and thank God. It’s our voices, and no commitment from us, their support is not required.

But the support of Navalny provoked a protest from the side of the Communists… Such assistance will not harm you?

— The Central Committee of the Communist party, this action is not organized. But if we know that this promotion is organized by our opponents (and we know it), it only consolidates our electorate. We have a rich experience of struggle with the ruling party, and we understand where all the self-proclaimed “United Committee”. The authorities in the fight against us is a very narrow range of performers, so forward we look, of course, without pleasure, but without the horror.

And if the Bulk is not limited to support Klychkov, and will take, and will apply for membership in the Communist party?

— Bulk fuels the interest in our election campaign, and it suits us. Well, in order to join the Communist party — we need to share our program to fulfill the Charter of the party. I have not seen that his actions are consistent with the program and Charter of the Communist party. We’re not taking all of the fence.

In General, at the very top of the Communist party of the threat from Navalny can’t see, but and to recognize his plan. However, whether or not Navalny in this case, it is a mistake to those who do not accept him? This “MK” asked the Director of the Center for political technologies Igor Bunin.

— I think that the Bulk has no such ambitions as to become a prominent person in the hierarchy of the Communist party or to usurp the place of Zyuganov. He is aiming much higher and looking for new ways to support and promote. He was the second person in Moscow mayoral elections in 2013. But how will voters react former Bulk, which in that year came to vote for him and created a sensation, that he began to support the Communists, will show only time. I fear that he is now making a mistake. The electorate, which wants European choice and real democracy, might not the Bulk of the campaign to the Communists and to turn away from Alexis. On the other hand, because the Bulk of person is flexible, he can find a way to use the game with the Communists in their favor.

In actual fact, from the Bulk is still a little that depends. The ball is on the side of the Communist party leadership. And make a decision about how to spread the party under Bulk or not at the moment have only Zyuganov. After the Council, with colleagues, of course.

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