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Friday, February 23, 2018

To lick even deeper and below: fans of Putin creating a new organization

From the Russian popular front has a competitor. In our country there is an organization that claims to love Putin even more than the onf. Her name — headquarters the implementation of presidential programs. Formally, the founding Congress of staff only will be held on April 10, but the presentation has already passed, and versions of the Manifesto was published. This staff is going to fight for the good name of Putin and against the villains of the officials who interfere with the President to build a Paradise in a particular country. To fight against the “local kuschevka” as stated.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Among the co-founders of a fairly prominent lawyers and politicians, but to enter the headquarters while everyone can. It’s enough to gather 20 people at the place of residence or work, to make minutes of the meeting of the primary organization, select a delegate and send the documents to the organizers of the Congress. While one of the media from among the co-founders is a confidant of the President, the political scientist Sergei Markov. With “MK” and talked about why we onf No. 2. That is why we have several Pro-presidential parties — understood. In the “United Russia” did not take all, and the rest become “Patriots of Russia” or “fair Russians”. But in front of each take, and what then fans of Putin to create an alternative?

Markov explains: “the onf was created from above, Putin’s decision. And the headquarters is an initiative of the President’s supporters from the bottom. These are people who can’t wait to say that Vladimir Putin should be President after 2018”.

Well for starters understand. It’s one thing when you just asked me to join the fan base of power, and quite another special drive when you didn’t call, and you crept up and licked himself. Bottom.

Well, who are these people who sneak up behind you and make up the backbone of the popular front No. 2?

“This is mainly the representatives of small and average business of regions, which suffer from the fact that the policy of the President do not reach their small towns, — says Markov. And they want to convey to the President the truth about how they live in “potential kuschevka” that fifteen years by the same mayor associated with several businessmen who keep in fist the whole city. There are a few families who control everything and anyone else is not allowed”.

Well. Now it becomes even more clear. The task of activists is not just to sneak up and lick, but also hit a competitor. Listen, seriously, the government really should be monitored by the NGOs to the elimination of corruption. But if you want to knock on their parochial government, then what does the President? It is that in every town will come to understand? In fact, there are other structures: the Prosecutor’s office, for example.

According to Markov, the key difference headquarters of the onf is that first, unlike the second, will not be funded by the state. That is, the bureaucrats that come in a number of Putin’s supporters for the sake of state salary in this organization is theoretically not supposed to be. Well, let’s see, that might be true. Personally, I have a number of other versions. For example, such. It seems to me that funding from the budget will be, because that is the state creates extra structure, just in case. After all, Putin never said that he would go for a new term. And now suppose that in March 2018 from power will go to the polls not Putin. And, let’s not Medvedev. Then support that candidate from Putin’s onf would be embarrassing. The type of this future President again, not real, but simply the mouthpiece of Putin. And support from Medvedev’s “United Russia” — even dubious trump card. And here in this case will be ready and rebuilt the headquarters of the implementation of presidential programs. After all, the name of the President in the name of the headquarters is not specified.

“Yes, the headquarters will support the one who tells Vladimir Putin — agrees Sergey Markov. But it will be a little disappointed, because we believe that the President should be all the same Putin. And I am sure that the goals of the members of the organization not personal, and sincere support for Putin. After all, look what happens. All the mayors allegedly for Putin. And when vs starts the investigation, then they follow the path Boronenkov — flee the country and start to pop, that we have a fascist regime. Most of them are. And the headquarters is the organization which Putin’s human, and not bureaucratically. This will force headquarters. Existing organizations only pretend to love Putin, and our sincere will to support it. Putin can not cope with all problems. He’d deal with the Americans and Ukraine. And we will help you in everything.”

Well here such it turns out that the ambitions of the popular front No. 2. The sincerity of his love for Putin, time will tell. But the glove first (insincere) Onto, it seems, abandoned. Curious note: in the insincere of the onf Sergei Alexandrovich Markov is too.


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