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Sunday, February 18, 2018

“This is a day of pride for his country”

The day of the reunification with the Crimea, the Russians noted a massive part in the festivities. Only in Moscow the “Spring festival” was visited by about 150 thousand people. As told the newspaper VIEW, the participants of the events, the events of the “Russian spring” became for them a restoration of absolute justice.

On the day of the reunification of the Crimea to Russia have been dozens, if not hundreds of festive events. Their guests and participants willingly shared their impressions in social networks, and it is not surprising that the hashtag #Festivalwhen climbed to second place the top 10 in the Russian segment of Twitter.


The culmination of the festival “Vesna” was a concert in front of the main building of Moscow state University with participation of pop westcentral the all-Russia holiday in Moscow. Morning on the square in front of the main building of Moscow state University on Sparrow hills started student festival “Vesna”. Within it was the traditional race GTO “the Way home” with the participation of two thousand people, as well as various creative workshops and a rally. But the most numerous and spectacular event was the concert, which began at five in the evening. It was made by Russian pop stars, famous public figures, politicians. The leader of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasiliev, in his speech noted that the step, which three years ago decided the inhabitants of the Crimea, was true and correct. “We are three years later, we see what is going on in Ukraine, but it could occur in the Crimea. We’re being punished, we presented the sanctions, to weaken our political system, but it had the opposite effect. We have all become stronger,” – said Vasilyev.

In turn, Chairman of “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov has reminded that in 2014 Russia will not leave Crimea in trouble, and will always support “our brothers in Donbass”. And the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has noticed that this day the “native Russian land returned to home port.” “It is the Russian people, it is Russian land, now and forever, forever over the Crimea flying the Russian flag,” he said.

The festival ended with a fireworks display and a mass singing of the national anthem. According to the information of the MIA, the concert was attended by about 150 thousand people.

Note that the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, posted the song “Sevastopol – banner”, written by the Department of information and press of the Ministry Vasily Kharitonov as a gift from the Ministry Crimea.

“The restoration of absolute justice”

Among the guests of the celebrations on the Sparrow hills was Senator Franz Klintsevich. He said the newspaper VIEW that in 2014 with their own eyes saw and what happened in Crimea, what was the mood of the people and what the occasion for them was reunification with Russia. “What has happened is not only a historical event. Is the restoration of absolute justice. Crimeans have always positioned themselves as truly Russian people. Today nobody says that the United States considered the Crimea as the place to build its military base. For the Crimeans it was a complete tragedy. They knew that if this had happened, then will not deploy this mechanism, it will spin in the opposite direction from the direction of Russia”, – said the Senator.

He recalled that after the Crimea to defend their rights, Russia began to pressure, to impose sanctions. “This is all created artificially. It is the position of people who represent the criminal power. Crimea is a triumph. Crimea knows that Russia will rise. Made the most important thing: in Crimea, know that I live in the Russian Federation, and I know that they are at home. They know that their house is safely protected by Russia, and it’s really a celebration,” said Franz Klintsevich. On the “Spring festival” it was nice to know the rise of Russia and national identity. “Today Russia is a great country. We do not claim to superpower status, but we know that all able to say their word, to defend the sovereignty and to the word listen in the world” – summed up the Klintsevich.

Another participant celebrations – the Chairman of the all-Russian public organization “Combat brotherhood,” Gennady rustles – I am sure that Crimeans have always considered themselves Russians. “Many times I went to the Crimea since the times of the Soviet power. Every time felt that there is a part of the Motherland, Russia. It is felt in people’s attitude to history, conversations and even for symbolism: they have always been proud of and hung a Russian flag,” – said Shorohov the newspaper VIEW.

He recalled that in 2003, “Combat brotherhood” held in Sevastopol on the Nakhimov square concert which gathered more than one hundred thousand people. “What we are particularly surprised, then, is that all the flags that were in the hands of the audience, was a Russian and Navy! Not a single Ukrainian flag we have not seen,” he recalls.

With the advent of the new government in Kiev, according to him, a clear stance against the Russian population of the country. “As the population of the Crimea were Russian people, of course, they realized that after the change of government the attitude towards them is quite another. The Pro-fascist government with the first steps demonstrated what she wants and how to achieve their goals. Crimea held a referendum, and thereby he expressed his attitude towards Russia and to continue the path he decided to go. And the famous words, that Crimea has returned to home port – for them it was not just words, but the way the choice”, – said Shorohov.

He added that the organization now has active contacts with the Crimea. “In the Crimea proud to say that they are now Russians. For them it is very important. And we are proud that in the Crimea such wonderful people. Today it is possible to provide only the Crimea as part of Russia and nothing else” – says rustling.

“The head of state was not afraid to take responsibility”

Only positive emotions caused the festival and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the “Union of paratroopers of Russia” Valery Yuriev, who is convinced that the key to the reunification of the Crimea with Russia was the preservation of many human lives. “It’s justice, it is pride in their state which did not cast his people in a difficult situation and provided him protection,” said St. George.

He stressed that in Russia are proud of President Vladimir Putin, “because, first of all, in all things necessary political will, and the country’s leader was not afraid to take responsibility for the end result.” “In this case the combined will of the President and the desire of the Crimean people, which includes many nationalities. I am proud of the fact that Russia was able to protect its people”, – said Yuriev having “immense pride” over Russia’s Armed forces, “which, without bloodshed, provided the will of the people on the Peninsula.” “In fact, it is a day of pride for their country and confidence that we can do anything because we are together in one fist, to meet the challenge in difficult times,” he concluded.

As has been noted, in those days, the personal role of Vladimir Putin is huge. The President acted as the successor of Russian history, as a conductor of Russian national interests and as a tool in the hands of Russian civilization.

“Russia has found a new stage in its history”

No less vivid and memorable events were held in other parts of the country. In Simferopol, after the solemn meeting congratulated the Crimean entertainers. In Sevastopol in a festive rally at the monument “Soldier and Sailor” at Cape Crystal were three thousand inhabitants of the city, and among the invited guests was the leader of the biker club “Night wolves” the Surgeon. One of the participants of the Crimean spring Yuri Volodin stated that in Crimea now the world. “People hug each other, this atmosphere is impossible to create artificially. One has only to see how those who three years ago was in the army, happy to see each other, how they fraternize, it becomes clear their sincerity,” – said Volodin.

Among the guests of the event were former heads of the Sevastopol self-defense units that have received certificates of appreciation. The celebration continued with a festive concert on Nakhimov square with the participation of Joseph Kobzon.

Acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov in his congratulatory message said that “the value of Mar 2014 cannot be overstated”. But the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy, being in Sevastopol, said that “Russia has found a new stage in its history when the country no one can specify how it to live”.

In Yekaterinburg was held a flash mob involving 200 people. Participants of dance groups, veterans ‘ organisations and cadets danced the “Sevastopol waltz”. Later, at a rally-concert attracted about ten thousand people. Many people came to the rally in Chelyabinsk. Several special meetings were held on the territory of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, in particular, in Salekhard. Pleasing variety program in the Kurgan region, where in addition to the concerts held competitions in hockey, swimming and Greco-Roman wrestling. In Tyumen were seven interactive zones, including the “Heroic history”, where you could see models of weapons and artifacts.

“It’s justice, it is pride in their state which did not cast his people in a difficult situation and provided him protection”

In Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Gorno-Altaysk be happy for Crimea it’s twice more people than expected – more than 10 thousand people, and in Omsk more than three thousand. The main events were held at the library named after Pushkin, where the hawks came out on the festivities with their families. Citizens carrying posters “Crimea! Happy together”. Note that in Irtysh live more than 5 thousand ethnic Ukrainians, because many settlements in the area founded by settlers from Poltava, Kharkov, Kiev. In Crimea, almost every omich has relatives, friends and colleagues.

In Syktyvkar at Theater square came about 6 thousand people. Other events were held in other cities and regions of Komi Republic. “Sevastopol and the Crimea is native Russian land. We are one people, we have a common history, common roots, a common present and future”, – said the head of Komi Sergei Gaplikov.

In Chechnya, the local branch of the motorcycle club “Night wolves” together with the regional branch of the DOSAAF staged auto and motocross in the streets of Grozny. And in the Cherkessk people carried a 30-metre Russian tricolor with the penalty flag of Karachay-Cherkessia and Crimea.

In Petrozavodsk holiday guests were taken to the tents, where were treated with Uzbek pilaf, bacon Belarusian and Karelian pies with potatoes wickets. In Elista chose this beard (pastry dough) and Kalmyk tea, and the youth competed in the cutting speed, throw a piece of RAM and tug of war. According to TASS, the occasion with the national colors and was held in Orenburg, where the townspeople were invited in the ethno-cultural complex “national village”.

In Yakutsk on the Komsomolskaya square was attended by thousands of citizens, people held banners “Russia. Crimea. Unity”, “We are proud of our country, to Save unity.” In Vladivostok at the memorial “Battle glory of the Pacific fleet”, the meeting gathered about 17.5 thousand people. The Governor of Primorye Vladimir Miklushevsky believes is right to do Primorye and Crimea twinned regions, as both regions of Primorsko.

Finally, in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the center of the city gathered 3 thousand people. Many had signs: “Crimea! Russia! Forever house”, “the Crimea. Russia. Kamchatka”, “March 18 – day of national pride!”. In the schools of the Kamchatka region, as in many other regions, in those days was themed lessons.

Time was not in vain

Recall that for the past three years, the economy and infrastructure of the Peninsula was a significant investment. According to the Federal target program “Socially-economic development of the Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol until 2020”, the total amount of funding exceeds 760 billion. The positive trends in fiscal policy of the Crimea began immediately after the reunification with Russia. If in the best of times in Ukraine, the budget was just over 22 billion rubles, last year the consolidated budget revenues amounted to about 40 billion 600 million rubles of tax and non-tax revenue.

Significantly increased, and the financing of the social sphere, for example, created more than 11 thousand additional places in kindergartens. Full swing modernizarea Simferopol international airport. Ahead of schedule-built 400-kilometer gas pipeline that connects the Russian mainland with the Peninsula. Construction began on the key for the region of the track “Tavrida”, which will be held through the Crimea through the Kerch from Simferopol to Sevastopol.

In December of the next year it is planned to open movement on the bridge through the Kerch Strait. Construction is estimated at 227,9 billion rubles, of which 118 have already mastered. In addition to the already established bridge – cable-overhead power line for communication with mainland Russia – built thermal power plants in Simferopol and Sevastopol. Their input will turn the Crimea in energopromyshleny region with a good power supply. In General, a stable socio-economic environment had a positive impact on a population of just over 3 years it increased by more than 2% and amounted to 1.9 million people.


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