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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

“The Russian hunting witches” in the United States has reached a new level

A former adviser to Donald trump, Michael Flynn “caught” in a conversation with a citizen of Russia. Another round of “witch-hunt”, which in Russia itself already characterized as an exacerbation of paranoia, is associated not so much with the desire to annoy Flynn personally, than with the desire to prepare public opinion for a possible offset of the trump.

“In the United States retired Flynn has been charged with “contact” (!) a citizen of Russia: he spoke to her at some reception. A new level of paranoia” – the member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov commented on another “Russian scandal” in the United States.

“The final goal of those who are behind the campaign against trump and his team, is the offset of trump as President of the United States”

Earlier, American media reported that former adviser to trump national security Michael Flynn told the Pentagon about the meeting with the citizen of the Russian Federation that occurred in 2014, when Flynn was the head of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense.

As explained in the Wall Street Journal, we are talking about a certain Svetlana lokhova from studying the history of intelligence services of Russia and for some time worked in the branch of Sberbank in London. Lokhova from familiar told reporters that she and Flynn spoke at the workshop on security issues in the University of Cambridge. The conversation lasted about 20 minutes.

The newspaper is outraged by the fact that Flynn did not put their leadership informed about the meeting with the citizen “be unfriendly to the United States, as Russia”.

According to TASS, the representative Flynn Price Floyd confirmed the meeting, but stressed that the meeting was nothing untoward. “The inference that the conversation of General Flynn and the Russians should be regarded as something other than completely random, is simply untrue,” said Floyd.

This is not the first case when the media accused the former adviser to Donald trump on national security “in damaging relations with Russia.”

So, on Thursday, The same as The Wall Street Journal, citing documents of the Committee of Congress reported that shortly before taking the position of Advisor to the President of the United States Flynn allegedly received from several Russian companies more than 50 thousand dollars. Among these companies are called, in particular, “Kaspersky Laboratory” and Russia Today TV channel.

Previously, Flynn was forced to resign in connection with the scandal around his phone talks with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. The newspaper VIEW studied all the circumstances of this sensational case.

The same “method Kislyak” opponents of the tramp trying to shift another member of the team of the President – the head of the justice Department Jeff and Roman sessions. Vs and Roman sessions was filed from the country’s largest Association of lawyers who suspected the head of the justice Department of lying. In the US, and Russia claims to Sesso, who was in the center of a scandal after reports of his meetings with Sergei Kislyak during the election campaign, called the “witch hunt”.

However, the scientist-americanist Victor Olevich believes that in this case formal occasion “dig” to Flynn’s.

“The fact that, as head of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense Michael Flynn really had to report on their meetings with foreign nationals, especially Russians. This is standard procedure for officials of this level, well accepted in Russia too”, – the expert said in comments the newspaper VIEW.

At the same time, said Olevich, this implies that in 2014, Flynn was already under close surveillance by the security services. “About his travels knew, but put this story in a drawer to get out right now”, he added.

Americanist emphasizes that political opponents of trump inside the American establishment and intelligence agencies, it is important to keep the pressure on the President and his administration. “The final goal of those who are behind the campaign against trump and his team, is the offset of trump as President of the United States. They need in the eyes of the American people, the voters, to create a stable picture of trump as a person associated with Russia and advocating Russian, not American interests. So will cling for every information on relations with Russia, members of his team,” warns the expert. As such, the resignation will not save Michael Flynn from the scandals. Especially next week will begin hearings in Congress on the issues of Russian influence on the team trump.

“Flynn was an adviser to trump during his election campaign, he was appointed to one of key posts in the power unit. He had to resign under pressure from the us “deep state” of disgruntled trump. And this news now creates the necessary background information for future hearings. You need to understand that by performing a blow to Flynn, representatives of the American establishment in the first place aim at trump. The final goal of the people behind such publications in the American media, is the offset of Donald trump,” – says americanist.

Also, according to Olevia, it should be borne in mind that, while working at the Pentagon, Michael Flynn had a very, to put it mildly, a complicated relationship with the then head of the Ministry of defense Ashton Carter and other members of management. “Even now in the Pentagon there are many people who are not against to annoy Flynn personally,” he says.


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