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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The industrial revolution in the NPT: plants Akhmetov will launch in two months

Plants Akhmetov on the territory of the breakaway republics promise to again start only after two months. “MK” tracks the battle for people and metal in Donetsk, Yenakiyevo and Makeyevka.

photo: morguefile.com

In the Donbass all night there was artillery fighting. APU reports on 85 attacks and four wounded, and the acting head of Donetsk Alexey Kulemin — “very loud night” and restored power to the frontline of the Petrovsky district of the city and is de-energized Elenovka and the village Lugansk. But the fighting, local destruction and wounded almost a month, pushed to the periphery of the reported plants, the blockade, “external administrations” and other bright news. And then — disjoint universes!

On Saturday in Donetsk officially launched after two years of inactivity brewery “Sarmat”. Before the war he belonged to the Turks and, according to sources, the “MK” in the Ukrainian Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories, the management of the Efes-Ukraine led consultations on the capture of the enterprise, but on a “political level” in Minsk the problem make still not gone. Now from Donetsk in addition to running the production of vodka trademarks “Olimp” has been added and the beer “Zhigulevskoe”.

The current “introduction of external administrations” to the factories of Donbass was prepared long ago. The position of “foreign public administration” was made in 2015. It was introduced in 2016 on a very large enterprise of the Donetsk electrometallurgical plant or rope plant “Silur” in Khartsyzsk, and understanding what you have to face immediately when such processes are already there. The Ministry of industry and trade of the DNI, which just accumulates this experience created was a year ago, in February 2016. Therefore, there is now a clear impression that everything that happens with plants Akhmetov — operation with pre-calculated and well-thought logistics.

None of the officials on the theme of plants is not said is taboo! But sources “MK” in yenakiieve and Makiivka metallurgical plants say that March 17, both companies held meetings where it was presented the new leadership. The salary promised to keep in the same volume, but in rubles at the “Republican” the hryvnia exchange rate is 1 to 2. The factories promised to start by the end of may — “as soon as the supply of raw materials from new sources”.

“Under the carpet” is a tough battle for technical and managerial staff. The former head of the security Council of the self-proclaimed Republic Alexander Khodakovsky has published on his page the Director’s order CHAM EMZ, binding, in particular, the human resources Department to provide work for all who wish to move from Yenakievo on the plants until March 30. The press service of the management company of Rinat Akhmetov “Metinvest” talks about the possibility of ensuring jobs for all professionals from Yenakievo and Makeyevka at the company’s enterprises in Zaporizhia and Mariupol.

The film appeals to all not leaving without the threat: “the Return may not be!” According to him, “at the highest levels of the order requiring the Russian business to provide the Donbass assistance” to the region was able to survive the economic crisis. In turn, the sources of “MK” in the Council of Ministers of the DNI in this case refers to the situation quite calmly: “the people dwelling in Yenakiievo, school children, all life there. Everyone who wanted to leave in two years of war already dropped out. Large outflow of personnel now can’t wait.”

Interestingly, the order of people with Enakievo metallurgical plant in Mariupol signed by its General Director Alexander Podkorytov, a citizen of Russia, the Manager, invited the group in 2006 as the chief engineer of the Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant.

And what blockade? And the blockade is! All the “redoubts” Seeds Semenchenko stand their ground on the case, “if the trains go again”, carefully not noticing the statements Zakharchenko on the cessation of all trade relations with Ukraine. “Kostya Grishin (this is the real name Semenchenko. — “MK”) for all things — a very phlegmatic commented on a situation a source in the government DND from the “old Donetsk”. — While funding is not over, the tents will stand”. Blockade of “trading in blood” is a very domestic business, hence unostentatious indifference to this subject in Donetsk.

There is more “Crimean holiday” discuss. 18 Mar someone, “as in Moscow”, he ordered in Donetsk fireworks over Kalmius embankment. In the city on the front line “artillery blasts” with the “automatic shooting” almost caused a panic. Who knows, when firing in dense high rise building sound repeatedly reflects from the houses, and understand where and who shoots from impossible. Especially if you shoot close. But it’s another parallel reality of Donetsk.


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