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Monday, February 19, 2018

Citizens, air-RAID alarm!

Mr. President, criminal organizations annually dump anywhere billions of tons of waste. People just can not live near these dumps!

Know? It’s your own words. You said 14 April 2016 on a Straight line with the people (us). Here’s another quote from your official website:

PUTIN. This process (removal of debris and illegal dumping) is uncontrolled and very criminalized… Need to increase the regional authorities ‘ attention to this work! Given the high criminalization of this sphere is a frontline job! Without any exaggeration!

Almost a year has passed. Garbage mountains rose, the regional authorities on the front did not go there after shooting.

How much weight is the problem? In April 2016, you said this:

PUTIN. Around 5.4 or 5.6 billion tons per year we producethem. Only half of them recycled, and the other half just buried.

And now, in March 2017, which you have declared the Year of ecology to you in the Kremlin came Deputy Prime Minister Khloponin. He was comforting, saying that the environment will rise.

KHLOPONIN. Just plan to spend 347 billion rubles. Activities will reduce emissions by 70 thousand tons per year.

You listened and nodded. After all, it’s good to reduce by 70 thousand tons!

Oh, Mr. President, you have previously been famous for their ability to multiply and divide in mind huge numbers. Surely Khloponin you hypnotized? He told you that the waste will be reduced by one vosmidesyatitonnye share (1/80000). This “victory” is easy to draw on paper, and to test in practice absolutely impossible. And the money is really good: 347 billion become 6 billion. You can even some great cellos to buy.

…Newspaper readers sympathize with us. Every day we receive letters, where the same thoughts, the same words, although different topics: medicine, rent, pensions, education… Readers write: “Your articles are useless! Don’t change anything!” What to say to them? After all, we are with you, Mr. President, in the same position.

That’s what you said to the government at the Novo-Ogaryovo four years ago in April of 2013:

PUTIN. The volume of accumulated waste in Russia is about 90 billion tons… We have to radically change the situation, to bring elementary order.

Well, put things in order? Your last year’s April speech about the very criminal process and the front-line work we have already quoted. But what you said about the bandit dumps on the forum of the Russian popular front in November 2016:

PUTIN. Indeed, 7 of thousands of landfills, 1.5 thousand polygons, license expired for many objects, 20 thousand illegal dumps. It just creates impossible conditions for life for many of our citizens near these facilities. I must tell you, frankly, I had, as for the Moscow region, some issues, personally. To move from a dead point. There and the crime around it goes around, and business is booming some. Citizens simply cannot resolve these issues. While my personal team was not up employees of internal troops of the national guard or — nothing couldn’t stop, even the local authorities had nothing to do.

Think about it, Mr. President, these are your own words. If we wrote that the Russian President is forced to deal personally with the garbage — we would be accused of disrespect, mockery. What if we wrote that the President was powerless (because the criminal has not disappeared landfill, working seven days a week) — I do not know what we would do. But you said yourself, publicly, openly…

Sorry, but the method you have chosen is doubtful. To put the National guard to guard the garbage is humiliating and the guards, both for you and for us. The point is not scored poor shoferyuga that night illegally dump debris “in nature” — they are hired to do this dirty in all senses of the work is not a good life. They aren’t even pawns in this game.

Criminal garbage in the hands of rich and powerful people. National guardsman couldn’t shoot even if I wanted to, because those rich and powerful near the forest dumps do not appear.

Know where to find them? They sit in front of you where you have been a solemn and important speeches. Some of them of the order “For merits before Fatherland”. You are talking about “crime dump”, “front work” — they sit with calm faces, sometimes nod, not afraid of anything. The front something in the garbage, and they are in the rear, and not even necessarily in the Kremlin. There is a more relaxed back in London, in Monaco…

photo: Alexander Chernushenko

* * *

Rich immoral bastard thinks only about his comfort. Two-legged locusts swoops down, eats all of it and flies away. Now in London, and then to Mars. They leave poisoned a city poisoned the country, will leave a poisoned planet.

Khloponin you, Mr. President, something else joyful said.

KHLOPONIN. The second direction: in the framework of project activities of the government today, we are implementing the project “Clean country”. In the framework of the project we will proceed in two main directions. The first area deals with the construction of five pilot plants for thermal treatment of municipal waste. Is the Moscow region and Tatarstan.

Don’t pay attention to creepy cunning lace: “in the framework of the project activities are implementing the project in the framework of the project”. Will not try to understand how the second direction is converted into the first; it’s the price of these areas is measured in billions of dollars. And we of them will not get a penny. On the contrary, a considerable part of this money will be taken (not to say stolen) from our pocket. And what, what is happiness?

“Thermal treatment of municipal waste” — it’s just burning trash. Plants that decided to build near Moscow (4 pieces) and Kazan (one) produce a very dangerous poison. In the language of the officials he is called “bottom ash”, but in fact it is disease and death.

In Europe refused from such plants. Four Moscow plan to burn 2.8 million tons of garbage per year. It will remain 900 thousand tons of ash. This ash must be buried in special burial grounds. They are repeatedly more expensive than landfills, where dumping regular trash. Whether respected technology? It does not follow, when placed asphalt, and what is easier. And the construction of factories and burial will be broken all that we have violated everywhere and anywhere: the quality of materials, quality of work.

In addition, the burning of it turns out fine dust that the factory filters (very expensive) can detect, and — the finest dust that the filters do not catch in principle. In this dust — dioxin — a lethal poison affecting including genetics, it does not decompose ever, he will poison people for thousands of years. He gets in the air, in the water. We breathe, we drink, will be born freaks…

In detail about — crime dumps and factories, of whose structure behind this — we told you a year ago in a letter called “Golden shit”.

Mr. President, we assume that the food from the store and water from the store. But the air we breathe in common. You don’t live in London, and here, a house near Moscow, working in Moscow. But even if you are in the office and in the bedroom are a special presidential filters, are you sure that they work well? You always report that everything is in order, and then “proton” would collapse, the stadium vibrates…

We bury at other people’s nuclear waste. Is a little poison? Is it really necessary to buy plants that produce a poison that first thing gets in genes and provides for hundreds of years ahead the birth of cripples?

“Straight line” Putin 2016. Chronicle of events

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