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Monday, February 19, 2018

A new plan for the US’s fight against ISIS: trump will fight “Obama-style”

Broadcaster NBC, citing its own sources revealed some details of the plan of the new US administration to combat the “Islamic state” (IG, banned terrorist group). According to the people familiar with the project, it is a little different from the tactics used by the Americans under Barack Obama. In particular, we are talking about the continuation of the bombing of militant positions and support the local forces. However, some recent reports demonstrate that the United States can significantly revise tactics in the middle East.

photo: youtube.com

NBC sources emphasize that the plan to fight ISIS, the Pentagon presented the White house is still not final. Previously, we recall, trump has repeatedly criticized Obama, in particular, for its policy in the middle East.

Whatever was the final project, under which will operate the us military in Syria and Iraq, course corrections are already being observed. Recently edition of the Wall Street Journal reported about the Pentagon’s intention to send to Syria an additional one thousand military. While the Americans be more engaged in the fight against ISIS on Iraqi soil.

News about the transfer of US Marines under Syrian Raqqa, which is now the “capital” of the jihadists, have appeared previously. Such a move is expected, said in an interview with “MK” orientalist Andrey SERENKO. And its purpose – to fix in the future, American influence in Syria. “Now the main job of exhausting the enemy forces make Iraqis (in Mosul) and the Kurds (Syria and Iraq). But when will come the decisive day in Raqqa will include the Americans, – the expert believes. – It is unlikely that IG will seriously resist. And hardly at Raqqa is something that we saw in Iraqi Mosul in other parts of Syria the group has already very quietly gave the occupied territories.

Thus the victory of the Americans in raqqa certain period is guaranteed. But, taking the city, they will not give up. The transfer of U.S. forces to Syria is not just a transfer of units who will fight. This transfer of forces, which will provide a new world after the victory. They will have to ensure an American presence in one form or another – in Syria.” In addition, the expert said, is for Bashar al-Assad’s raqqa after joining the Americans will be definitely lost.

In addition to the Syrian direction of the new US administration is actively involved in building relations with partners in Europe. His first meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, last week-end in Washington, Donald trump called “the magnificent”. However, this is not without its “fly in the ointment”, Recalling in his microblog about the “huge amounts of money that must be paid to NATO And the United States for the powerful and costly protection of Germany.” The theme of financial contributions to the work of the Alliance, we recall, was raised at the Munich security conference last month. After her trump said that “the money is already gone.”

Finally the third, but no less important for Washington’s foreign policy in the direction of relations with Moscow. They trump paid attention during the interview to Fox News channel. When the President asked how he could describe Vladimir Putin, he said, “I don’t know. But he (Putin) is exactly the “die hard” (literally – “hard biscuits”)”. As you know, trump has repeatedly declared its readiness to establish relations with Russia dramatically under Obama. The American leader assured that there is no new “reset” should not wait, and in the case that a compromise will fail, it will behave towards Russia even harder than it would Hillary Clinton.

We will remind, according to the press-Secretary of Putin, Dmitry Peskov, the meeting of the presidents of Russia and the United States may be held during the summit of “Big twenty” (G20) in Hamburg in July. So far, however, Washington has not confirmed a willingness to talk tete-a-tete. In January, U.S. and Russian leaders held only a telephone conversation. According to a post on the website of the President of the Russian Federation, “the conversation took place in a positive and business-like manner” touching upon a variety of topics, including, of course, and the fight against ISIS.


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