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Sunday, February 18, 2018

World day of happiness came up with for the poor

So he came, a moment of happiness. Or rather, not even a moment, and a day. How do you not notice? In vain! March 20 — world day of happiness: an official holiday established by the United Nations since 2012, is celebrated throughout the world.

photo: Alex geldings

Of course, this sounds highly absurd. It is obvious that the understanding of happiness each person has their own, individual, and if he associates it with some days, they are also completely different. For some it’s the day his child was born, for someone- when your loved one said “Yes” to someone- when “Spartak” became the champion, and for someone, when Putin — President. The expense here is in the billions, how many people — so many views on happiness, and on happy days too. Presumably, a high-ranking UN officials understand completely — after all, they are human beings too with their own individual idea of happiness. However, they do this weird holiday was established. And I assure you, it was a very intelligent and well — calculated move, both politically and economically.

After all, the world day of happiness has its own backstory. Came up with it in the middle of “zero” king of Bhutan — a tiny mountainous state sandwiched between two great neighbours — China and India. Bhutan is one of the most backward countries in the world, 760 thousand inhabitants mostly live on subsistence farming, growing rice and root crops. All the annual production of the country is worth 2-3 billion dollars, most of which bring curious tourists.

In General, the citizens, the local king heavy and, frankly, hopeless life. And to make enterprising monarch came up with this trick: not considered traditional economic indicators, like gross domestic product (GDP) per capita (according to this index, Bhutan is about 160 th place out of 200 countries in the world), and specially designed ratio of Gross National Happiness. What is it — impossible to explain reasonably: a figure who through cunning techniques brings together the personal feelings of people about how happy they are or not. Nevertheless, the idea was a great success. The struggle for the improvement of the luck factor became almost the official philosophy of the country and very quickly it became clear that the Bhutanese are the happiest people in the world, as to measure your life of some ephemeral substance, which, unlike the money in your pocket, can be heaps…

That was then, and involved in the process of the wise officials of the United Nations. Because poor countries with a predominance of poor population of the world is full. To achieve an economic growth of these countries, as well as prosperity for the good of a billion people that inhabits them, is a very heavy task. Much easier to throw a fake reference type of the luck factor and convince people that it is improving it, and we should strive in their impoverished and half-starved existence.

That is something for them, the poor, primarily the UN and established the holiday. They say, look, you too can be ahead of the rest — if not prosperity, then at least happiness as trying to convince us Proverbs and sayings in different languages, not “in the money”.

In General, the idea of happiness in Bhutanese fell on fertile ground. In an unknown Kingdom frequent economists of world renown, who happily studied the experience of Gross National Happiness. And since 2006 reputable organizations began seriously to consider the international index of happiness. Want to know the names of the countries today, according to this index, the most happy? Here You Go: Costa Rica, Vietnam, Belize, El Salvador, Jamaica. And I bet you thought USA, Germany, France? Nothing like a well-fed Europeans are in the fifth-sixth-seventh dozen in the world ranking, and “Pindos” and even 108-th place. I suppose the whole of America dreaming, they would Wake up in a happy country Costa Rica…

As for Russia, it is the accelerated pace towards the happiness of the Bhutanese recipe. Our economic life in recent years is getting worse: the GDP falls, the incomes for the last two years decreased by 10%, the average salaries are already lower than in China, the number of poor is over 20 million… But at the same time, as shown by last year’s survey by ROMIR, the majority of Russian citizens (56%) quite happy, and only 5% are dissatisfied with life. So the worldwide day of happiness and our day. It is in the sense that invested in this concept the cunning king of Bhutan, happiness for the poor. Happy holiday, dear compatriots!


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