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Saturday, March 24, 2018

“New plan,” trump was the old Obama plan

The new strategy of the Pentagon to fight ISIS, developed by decree of the President, contains the same techniques used by Barack Obama, who trump has been criticized for failing to defeat the jihadists. In military circles of the United States doubt the effectiveness of the “new plan”. According to Russian experts, the blame for this inefficiency lies with the lobbyists.

The Pentagon gave the US President Donald Trump has just developed a plan with recommendations to combat the “Islamic state*”. The plan is, of course, secret, but some details revealed on NBC, citing sources – officials, already familiarised with the document.

“Plan B is that we follow the plan “And” just try harder”

During the election campaign, trump talked about the desire for a speedy defeat of the radical Islamists, accusing the Obama administration of being slow and unwillingness to deal with the radicals more effectively. However, the new recommendations of the Pentagon do not differ from those methods used by the previous administration.

By and large, is only offered to strengthen measures to continue bombing rebel positions, more intensively to support local forces during a special operation in the Iraqi city of Mosul and the Syrian Cancer, performing the role of “capital” LIH*. At the same time proposed to prevent the channels of financing of terrorists and to stabilize the areas already liberated from Islamic radicals.

“New plan” to defeat ISIS trump instructed to develop at the end of January, giving it 30 days. At the same time he demanded from the Ministry of defence to find new foreign partners to intensify the fight against the group. In February it was reported that the Pentagon sent its first recommendations in this respect in the White house.

That to fulfil the promise of trump’s proposed measures will be insufficient, experts on military strategy, on condition of anonymity, criticized the announced measures. For its part, the former commander of the United armed forces of NATO in Europe, as retired Admiral James Stavridis expressed hope that the President will return the plan to the Pentagon for revision.

“The current plan to destroy the group “Islamic state” is similar to the old saying, “Plan B is that we follow the plan “And” just try harder,” said Stavridis NBC.

Other status military – General, a retired air force Dave Deptula responsible for air attacks during the first Iraqi campaign, called to use in the fight against radicals more firepower. “If you compare with the body, then we shoot them on the fingers of the hands and feet,” he said. He also noted that when the air attack koordiniruyutsya generals of the land forces is “fundamentally not true”.

It is noteworthy that during the development of the plan by the Pentagon discussed the idea of a fairly radical measures, in particular, the holding of short-term ground operation in Syria, where there had been a limited group of U.S. special forces that helped diverse factions of the Syrian opposition. According to official data, in the fighting, the special forces did not enter.

In addition, the Americans have four military facilities under the control of Kurdish territory. For example, a runway near Ramjanam (in the northeastern province of hasakah). In total their number is estimated at several thousand people, including as group supplies and military engineers and special forces and air controllers.

This week it was reported the Pentagon plans to send to Syria up to 1 thousand troops to support the offensive in Raqqa. In particular, Americans will support the Kurds and Syrian opposition, helping them with mine and guided air strikes. However, the trump and the head of the Pentagon James Mattis still has to approve this step. At the same time, it was reported that the United States placed on the airfield Rumeilan in the Syrian province of al-hasakah squad of Marines.

In Syria are already 500 fighters of special forces, Ranger 250 (elite part of the army), and 200 Marines. Thus, if the Pentagon’s plans received approval, the number of American troops in Syria could double.

Military expert, Professor of political science and sociology REU them. Plekhanov Alexander perendzhiev emphasizes that when it comes to real action to defeat ISIS, inevitably “raises the question of economic interests.”

“Suddenly it turns out that the “Islamic state” has been created in the interests of certain entities that are major lobbyists in the U.S. political system. To adopt a new strategy – it means to cross the interests of these lobbyists. The money already paid once, so change strategy to no one. All the people who create the plan, get a clear political order and fulfill it” – said Perendzhiev the newspaper VIEW.

In his words, to strengthen the fight against ISIS, the United States could at the expense of cooperation with Russia, but “the defense Minister rushed’re not in Moscow, and in Saudi Arabia” and it immediately became clear that the plan “will be the same.” In the beginning of March it was reported the reluctance of a trump to work on agreements with Russia on the fight against ISIS and other national security issues.

“The question is not who is currently the President, and – what is a political order. The political order does not come from the President and from the elite political groups that are lobbying for this order and control its execution. Therefore, it can never vary in principle”, – concluded the expert.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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