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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The statements of Damascus about the US attacks on dams found an explanation

Us bombing in Syria turn into a “climate weapons, said Damascus. He warned that because of the air strikes on the dams on the Euphrates and Tigre can go under water peaceful city with thousands of inhabitants. The United States is silent on this issue. However, military experts regard such threats as a smokescreen to divert attention from another operation – the upcoming assault on Raqqa.

On Friday, the Syrian mission to the UN demanded an end to the strikes, which the U.S.-led coalition strikes on the dams on the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, told Reuters. “The destruction of these dams exposed to air strikes, will wash away and flood towns and villages, endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in these areas,” warned UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres, Deputy permanent representative of Syria, Munzer, Munzer.

“The Americans understand perfectly well: first of all in the case of the destruction of the dam will be flooded Kurdish settlement”

“The government of the Syrian Arab Republic calls on the UN security Council and the Secretary-General to influence the United States and members of the “international coalition” to cease to attack the dams of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, as well as the infrastructure of other adjacent areas to avert a looming disaster,” wrote Munzer in an open letter.

We will remind, the UN in February warned of the threat of a catastrophic flood. Dam on the Euphrates in danger of being broken due to sabotage by ISIS* and further damage from air strikes by the coalition, acknowledged to Reuters. The Agency has not yet received any review of the Pentagon for this reason.

However, according to the head of the research Department of middle East conflicts and the armed forces of the region of the Institute of innovative development Anton Mardasov, from dams on the Euphrates and Tigre really should not expect serious threats, “there may be some small-town destruction, which is likely to be patched”. Warning the UN not surprise experts. “UN officials warn always. If it happens any incident, and they have not been warned, they will blame that slept humanitarian catastrophe”, – he said.

Previously, some publications, and not only Arab, but also the West, made predictions about what the Islamists can even do the blow up the dam. “This is nonsense, since the destruction of the first location would be inundated by Islamists. Why do they need to drown yourself, I don’t understand” – surprised of Mardas.

“Even if the Islamists take up positions on the dam, it is unlikely that they will be there to bomb. Everyone understands that in the province of raqqa, a third of the hydroelectric power plants are the main resource in the Arab countries, especially in Syria. So, if the militants and will hold the object, it will complicate the operation, but not make it impossible. Military science has long figured out how to smoke out the militants do not only with explosives,” – said the source.

The expert recalled that in late 2015, when the Kurdish “Democratic forces of Syria,” stormed the dam, “tishrin”, on the Euphrates river, “she was taken by the Kurds very carefully”.

“The coalition did not bomb it, was only carried out RAID operations. Americans are well aware of: first of all in the case of the destruction of the dam will be flooded Kurdish populations. In this case, the Kurds will simply not be anywhere to attack, and will go about their business,” said the source.

He stressed that the Americans are still conducting operations in the raqqa province “fairly well”. Have repeatedly carried out raids, not only Americans, but also with the involvement of Arab forces in the coalition that train including Jordanian instructors, the expert added. The expert recalled that Iraq also sounded warnings about the destruction of the Mosul dam, which is also not true, since it very greatly strengthened during the Iran-Iraq war, it did not just fall of the rocket, but she stood, said Mardas.

“In Iraq and Syria have repeatedly cleared the dam, the dam. Everyone understands their importance, including the United States, and take measures that, in the course of fighting, they seriously hurt” – echoes in a conversation with the newspaper VIEW, independent military expert Anton Lavrov.

According to Lavrov, the militants also understand that the dam be used as climate weapon is not worth it. “Under their control in different periods of time in Iraq and Syria there were several very large and important dams, the destruction of which would cause very heavy casualties. They not undermined. This is technically difficult: the dam – a massive, powerful structures. But even such attempts, it wasn’t recorded”, – concluded the expert.

Lavrov believes that the statement of Damascus sounded only with a political purpose – “to prevent the United States, hinder their participation in the operation in Syria”.

We will remind, the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad in an interview Saturday called coalition forces led by the United States, “invaders” because they have not received his permission for military action. Meanwhile, the Syrian army supported by Russia in recent weeks has progressed rapidly to the Western banks of the Euphrates river.

In his opinion, the statement of Damascus is “purely a PR stunt designed to hurt once again the Americans” and the current hype associated with the rising information wave around the upcoming assault on Raqqa. “Who will take, who is bad, who is “good” and who is “the aggressor”. Here is the problem”, – concluded the expert.

On the eve of the “Democratic forces of Syria” has established complete control over the city of Raqqa, taking the city in a semicircle. At least, so says the representative of DSS Jahan Sheikh Ahmad. She said that the DSS forces tightened the noose around Raqqa, capturing some strategic heights, and reached the Euphrates from the East, and the successful promotion became possible due to the increased air support and the participation of the armed forces of the international coalition.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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